Zendaya Workout Routine

We all know her, we all love her, and she is no other than Zendaya.

Her accomplishments are a testament that you can do a lot, even at a young age.

She has been a star right from a young age, a budding actress in a Disney show to playing a significant role in the Spiderman movie. She is shining and growing more than ever.

We are all in awe of her fluid dance moves, intense and breathtaking fight scenes, her energy, her athleticism and passion for her art make us love her even more. An icon in her own right, we know Zendaya for her tall slender figure and impeccable style.

Her magazine cover-worthy physique is an aspiration for many people and in this article, we will see the workout routine that keeps her at the top of her game.

Zendaya’s Workout Principles

Zendaya Workout
Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
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Like many of us, Zendaya is not a fan of Gym, but she has an active lifestyle which helps her to be in top-notch shape.

Primarily for her acting work, which involves dancing and performing choreographed moves that keep her very much active. The movies and the tv shows she stars in are very demanding in terms of physical ability and involve different physical training.

Zendaya understands the importance of working out on her journey and incorporates daily exercises to stay healthy and lean.

Zendaya Workout Routine

Growing up, she was an athletic kid and has played many sports, including soccer and basketball. She has an ectomorph body type, which means her body is naturally slim and makes it tough for her to gain weight and muscle.

At this point in life, Zendaya doesn’t follow any regular workout routine and doesn’t plan out her regular workouts. Usually, her family members or assistant will remind her to work out.

She hates going to the gym but stays very much active. Her acting roles combined with her dance and other activities help her stay lean and healthy.

She gets most of her exercises from practising choreographed fights for her shows and her dances. She also likes to do plyometrics and high-intensity aerobics.

Below is the workout plan Zendaya has incorporated into her day-to-day life :

Zendaya Workout Routine

Zendaya’s workout plan


Sets x reps




15-20 minutes


800 meter

Knee Pushup


Air squats



3 sets of 60 seconds each

Jump squats


Wacky jacks






Wide leg squats






As you can see, Zendaya’s workout plan is simple and you can do it at home with little to no equipment. It requires minimum time anyone can do it, especially if you want to have simple movements and want to keep your heart pumping.

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She grew up playing sports

From a very young age, Zendaya started playing soccer, basketball and running tracks, which she continued into her teen years.

She was also a part of a hip-hop dance group from the age of eight. From this, we can say that she was always athletic and was into one or another form of exercise.

Make fitness Fun

According to Zendaya, fitness should be fun. She knows she won’t enjoy her workouts if she doesn’t have a good time. Exercise should be fun for her to stick to it.

When she doesn’t have any activity throughout the day, then she attends dance classes or dances by herself, which she really enjoys.

The actress has shown that you can be ripped and healthy without even going to the gym.

Make fitness a priority

A lot of young ectomorphs avoid working out as they are naturally slim because of their high metabolism. But as they age, their metabolism will slow down and they have to work out to stop them from looking skinny-fat.

As Zendaya is getting older and getting roles in big movies, she has made her fitness a priority and she shares her workouts videos on Instagram.

Mix it up

Zendaya doesn’t stick to only one form of workout. She likes to mix other things in her workout routine like yoga, pilates and hiking.

She tries to do yoga at least three times a week. She does total body yoga, which not only targets all the body muscles and helps her get toned, but it increases her overall flexibility.

Zendaya takes part in hiking in the Los Angeles Hills once a week with her friends and family.

Take care of yourself

Because of her body type, age and active lifestyle, Zendaya can get away with not having a structured workout routine. But as she gets older and her metabolic rates slow down, she would have to get more structured with her workout routine and stick to it.

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For now, Zendaya still lives an active lifestyle and tries to incorporate some exercise into her routine. She has the energy and the athleticism to perform her stunts.

As you’ve seen, Zendaya’s workout is simple and can be easily done at home and requires little to no equipment. The workouts are great for keeping your heart pumping. They make you sweat, thus improving your mood and boosting your energy.

Zendaya’s workout program is best for people who hate going to the gym and have a very busy schedule. Try this at home and see the changes in yourself.