Though it might be gaining popularity only recently throughout the world, Yoga is said to be in existence for centuries. For many practitioners of yoga, it has been instrumental in helping them achieve harmony between mand body and helped them improve physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Derived from the ancient Indian scriptures and spiritual discipline Yoga includes but is not limited to the acts of breath control, meditation, different body positions. It helps you improve your strength, flexibility, stability, control over your body, heart health, and also helps you manage mental stress.

Doing yoga practice means following the yoga discipline and performing at least three basic parts of yoga on regular basis. The three parts of yoga are yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

The yoga asanas are the different body poses which stretch different muscle groups and limbs depending on which pose you are doing. These yoga poses might look easy from a distance but when you actually try doing them, it needs a lot of practice to get into the right posture.

The pranayama part of the yoga covers yoga exercises related to breathing control. It is not just about taking deep breaths it has much more meaning to it.

The mediation part is about concentration and feeling the mind and body connection.

The amount of energy, flexibility, and mobility you can obtain by doing the simple yoga postures regularly is unmatched by any other exercise routine. Unlike the other workout routines, you won’t need separate exercise days for yoga practice, you can easily add it to your existing workout plan. If you are following some heavy lifting workout plan, you can start doing yoga exercises on your rest days which would help accelerate the muscle recovery.

What you have learned about the benefits of yoga till now is just the beginning. We have gathered and streamlined loads of information about yoga that will answer all the questions you might have about it and would help you start your yoga practice routine.

What are the different yoga poses? What’s ashtanga yoga? How can we form our workout schedule around yoga exercises? Is doing yoga enough for a healthy mind and body?

Aren’t these some of the questions in your mind right now? If yes, continue on our site to get the answer to these questions and learn more about this ancient spiritual tradition.

We have detailed articles to help you learn about different yoga poses and the ways to achieve the flexibility and mobility to effectively and comfortably get into those poses. We have also included information about the meditation and breathing exercises that are an essential part of yoga.

Get benefitted from all the elements of yoga with help of our articles. These will be guiding you to perform the yoga exercises exactly how you should perform them. You might find information about some parts of yoga scattered over the internet, but this is the only place where you can get the streamlined and well-structured guide to yoga asanas, pranayama, and mediation.


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