Types of yoga mudras, meanings and benefits

10 Powerful Yoga Mudras and Their Benefits (With Pictures)

The origin of the yoga mudras is not known it has been in the practice from the thousand of the years in Hinduism ...
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Yoga for Degenerative Disc Disease

Yoga Poses for Degenerative Disc Disease

Are you troubled because of Degenerative disc disease? Well, here’s what to do! If you are also suffering from degenerative disc disease, doing ...
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Yoga Poses for Mental Health

Best Yoga Poses for Mental Health

Introduction Having a good stretch in the morning feels is great. But there’s a lot more to stretching that we know. Yoga exercises ...
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Yoga Poses You Must Do During Pregnancy To Have A Normal Delivery

Best Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Normal Delivery

Having a child is one of the blessed feelings in the world. You are all ready to step into an all-new phase of ...
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Yoga Mudras for High Blood Pressure

Effective Yoga Hand Mudras for High Blood Pressure

  When you practice yoga, you get strength for the body and peace for the mind. More importantly, you gain control over your ...
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Yoga Poses for Stress and Depression

10 Yoga Poses for Stress and Depression

  Yoga is not a type of exercise like other workouts. It is a way of life. Everybody knows yoga is an effective ...
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Everything you need to know about hot yoga

The Hottest in Yoga: Is Hot Yoga the Real Deal?

Yoga is often perceived as a calm and soothing workout--until you add heat in the picture. What is hot yoga? What is the ...
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yoga vs gym for weight loss

Yoga Vs Gym for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

  To those people who are loyal to exercise at their Gym, as well as exercising day-to-day routine may find the Yoga is ...
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Yoga Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Yoga for Eyes: 9 Yoga Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Yoga is a set of disciplines initially practiced by gurus in ancient India. The word of ‘Yoga’ is derived from a pre-historic Indian ...
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5 Yoga Poses that can Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  None of us lead a stress-free life these days. Everything has become so fast paced, and we humans are unable to catch ...
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5 Ways to Incorporate Yoga Into a Busy Schedule

The article intends to suggest five different ways of conveniently making Yoga an integral part of a highly-occupied schedule.The life of a modern ...
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Yoga for gas trouble

Yoga for Gastritis

    Gas trouble is the inflammation in your stomach lining. Gastritis is a common problem nowadays. It can occur due to many ...
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Complete Guide to Sun Salutation

12 Steps of Surya Namaskar

Is there a universal kind of exercise, right for all ages, for children and women as well as for men, costing nothing, and ...
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Best 10 Yoga Poses For a Flat Stomach

The Best 10 Yoga Poses For a Flat Stomach

  Crunches can be bad for your body. Too much training will disrupt the natural curve in your spine. Also crunches only focus ...
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How to do Dolphin Plank

How to do Dolphin Plank or Inverted V Plank

The Dolphin Plank and Inverted V Plank is an intermediate level yoga posture that helps tones the abdominal muscles. The Inverted V Plank ...
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