10 Yoga Poses for Stress and Depression

Yoga Poses for Stress and Depression
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Yoga is not a type of exercise like other workouts. It is a way of life. Everybody knows yoga is an effective tool for both mind and body. It is scientifically proven that, practicing yoga can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yoga in general seems to have a calming influence on mind. Yoga not only helps you to relieve from stress, it also reduces physical tension.

Anxiety and depression is a growing and significant social health problem that results in important physiological, emotional, social and economic consequences to individuals, their family and the community at large.

In Australia, a study was conducted to find the ability of yoga in reducing stress, about 131 candidates with mild to moderate stress were participated in the study. The research team found that, the health status of participants comprised levels of stress, with mild to moderate levels of anxiety, which improved by the end of the intervention. That is Yoga is an effective relaxation technique in reducing anxiety, stress and increasing physical and mental health and sleep ability.


A randomized comparative trial of yoga to reduce stress and anxiety by Caroline Smitha,Heather Hancocka, Jane Blake-Mortimer and Kerena Eckert

So you want relieve from stress and depression. Here we listed the best 10 yoga poses having super awesome ability to reduce stress and depression. You can practice them together or individually. Step by step instructions are given under the image.

10 Yoga Poses for Stress and Depression


Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

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How To: Step by Step Instructions

How to Do Easy Pose


Sukhasana (Easy Pose) 

  • Extend legs in front of your body. Sit straight, cross your legs at the shins. 
  • Place each foot under the opposite knee and fold knees toward torso. 
  • Place hands on knees, palm down 
  • Balance weight evenly across sit bones. Aligning head, neck, spine and gaze ahead with soft eyes. 
  • Hold up to one minute and come back to initial state.
How to Do Child’s Pose


Balasana (Child’s Pose) 


  • Kneel on the floor with legs together, sitting back on heels 
  • Bent forward until chests rests on thighs and lie your forehead on the floor. 
  • Curl your shoulders forward and let hands rest with palms up near to the feet. 
  • Hold this position for 5 breaths.
How to Do Paschimottanasana


Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) 


  • Sit straight with your legs stretched in front of you. 
  • With an inhale raise your arms 
  • Now exhale and bend forward 
  • Stretch out your arms and try to reach your toes 
  • Rest your head on the knees and hold the pose 
  • With an inhale come back to the sitting position.
How to Do Puppy Pose


Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose) 

  • Begin with shoulders stacked over wrists, hips stacked over knees. 
  • Slowly stretch out arms while lowering the chest downwards, keep the hips over knees and rest your forehead on ground. 
  • Palm down. lift forearms and shoulders from the ground. Raise your hips towards the floor. Stretch your spine. 
  • Remain in this pose for 5 to 10 breath, then slowly lift forehead and walk palms back and come back to initial position.
How to Do Cat Pose


Marjaryasana (Cat Pose)



  • With an exhale draw the belly back to the spine as shown above. 
  • Round your back toward ceiling 
  • Release your head toward the floor (don’t force)
How to Do Dolphin Pose


Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (Dolphin Pose)

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How to Do Bridge Pose


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana ( Bridge Pose)

  • Lying on back, bend your knees, hips width apart. 
  • Rest arms along side with palms facing down. 
  • With an inhale lift hips from the ground. 
  • Pressing arms down lift chest from the ground. Rolling spine off from the ground. 
  • Hold this pose for 5 to 10 breaths, then release on an exhale.
How to Do Standing Forward Bend


Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) 

  • Begin by standing straight, fold your torso over legs by slightly bending knees. 
  • Place hands nearer to feet. 
  • With an exhale straighten your knees, slowly spiral your upper back. 
  • Release the crown of your head towards the ground. Using your upper body stretch the back of legs. 
  • Stay in this pose for 2 minutes.


How to Do Garudasana

Garudasana (Eagle Pose) 

  • Begin by standing straight 
  • First bend your knees and cross your left foot over the right foot and hook it behind right calf. 
  • Maintain balance for one breath. 
  • Now bend the elbows and bring the palms together. 
  • Hips down, maintain your spine straight. Keep gaze at the tip of your fingers. 
  • Hold this pose for one minute. Then slowly unwind arms and legs. 
  • Repeat for other side.
How to Do Corpse Pose


Savasana (Corpse Pose)

  • Lie flat on back with arms at side with palms facing up. 
  • Eyes closed, legs together but not touching each other. 
  • Think about each part of your body starting from top. 
  • Stay in this pose for 5 minutes.

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Cheers! If you have any doubts regarding these yoga poses feel free to ask below. You can ask anything. We are here to help you. STAY TUNED!