Yoga Poses for Degenerative Disc Disease

Are you troubled because of Degenerative disc disease?

Well, here’s what to do!

If you are also suffering from degenerative disc disease, doing yoga will greatly help you to recover. It will not only stretch and strengthen your muscles, but create a holistic aura in your body, mind, and soul.

Although yoga is related to peace of mind and soul, it is greatly effective for proper working bodily functions. According to a study by the American college of physicians, yoga is among the potential treatments to reduce degenerative disc disease.

Therefore, let us take you to the meditation lifestyle with these top yoga poses (asana) for treating back pain. Eternal peace coming at you in 3… 2…1…

Yoga for Degenerative Disc Disease

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Yoga Poses for Degenerative Disc Disease

Thread the needle

Your back needs some relaxation and this pose certainly fits the bill. This pose will not only strengthen your spine but make it supple too. Moreover, the practice of this pose is a cakewalk. All you need to do is get into the tabletop position and follow these afterward:

  • Firstly, lay down your face with your right cheek in contact with the floor.
  • Secondly, stretch your right hand in the direction you are facing and support your body with your left hand’s palm on the floor.
  • Lastly, hold tight in this position for 10 seconds and revert to the tabletop position.

Afterward, repeat this pose in the opposite direction to get even results. You can do it as many times as per your comfort.

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Child’s pose

Sometimes, it’s just good to lose yourself like a child. This pose helps in loosening both your mind and spine. Therefore, spread your floor mat and get into kneeling position to start:

  • Join your toes and spread your knees. Take your hands forward and let your forehead touch the ground.
  • Push your torso to the ground and exhale for a while. After that, increase the length of your tailbone and broaden the sacrum.
  • Take a deep breath and feel the essence of pull over your shoulders.
  • Hold this position for few minutes and then release.

Practicing this yoga asana regularly will greatly relieve you from your degenerative disc disease.

Downward facing dog

Your problem is internal and the prominent solution is to strengthen the inner core. This pose stretches your leg, thigh, and back muscles to strengthen them. Moreover, it is splendidly effective for arresting the spinal disc decay. To practice this asana, get into the tabletop position and follow these steps:

  • Keep your legs straight and touch the ground with your palms. Lean the legs a little forward to maintain a space between legs and hands.
  • Your head must go parallel with the direction of your hands.
  • Take deep breaths and feel the inner strength you get through this pose.
  • Keep up with this position for ten seconds and then get back to the tabletop position.

Do this asana daily and repeat it as much as you want. You will surely get the results you seek – relief from degenerative disc disease.

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Cat and cow pose

If you have just started with yoga and are looking for something easier to practice then this yoga pose is just for you. This pose encourages you to move your spine. Moreover, this pose is also considered as a warm-up practice because of its easy procedure and gentle massage of the spine. Here’s what to do:

  • First of all, keep your hands and knees on the floor at a distance and make sure they are straight to the ground and parallel to each other.
  • Inhale fresh air while you move your belly up like a cat and look up in the sky during this. Exhale and feel the air going out, taking away all your worries while moving your belly downwards like a cow.
  • Do this for around five to ten times according to completed breaths

You can repeat it as many times as you want and can practice as per your level of comfort.

Yoga Poses for Degenerative Disc Disease


How Yoga Helps in Preventing Degenerative Disc Disease?

Several studies show the effectiveness of yoga in eliminating degenerative disc disease, a condition that causes chronic back pain and other ailment. The European Health Journal published a comparison of spines for a time frame of 10 years.

The comparison was among people who practice yoga and non-practitioners. As a result, the people who practiced yoga were resulted to have lesser degenerative disc disease than the people who didn’t practice yoga in the 10-year frame.

Moreover, an estimation says that 80% of millennials will suffer from degenerative disc disease in the future. Hence, it will become a major problem and the most obvious reason to pay a visit to a doctor after a common cold.

Degenerative Disc Disease accounts for several other disc-related ailments like ruptured or bulged discs. Moreover, it also contributes to some major back ailments like facet joint disorder, osteoarthritis, and even spinal stenosis that can be really painful.

You might be currently safe from degenerative disc disease and assume that you will never suffer from it. However, there’s a higher probability of you catching this disease. The degenerative changes involve no symptoms and can happen really often.

According to a study by MRI, one-third of the people aging between 20 and 39 are suffering from degenerative disc disease. Moreover, the figure doubles for people aging between 39 and 60. Furthermore, the results are 80% for people above the 60 age bar.

As a matter of fact, degenerative disc is more of a condition that gets worse as you age. Furthermore, as the deterioration grows, the problem is likely to spread in other parts of the spine too. Therefore, it is so common that doctors now call it a natural part of aging.

A research conducted in Taiwan selected yoga practitioners for practicing slow form of yoga for some time. The resultants were that the practitioners had lesser spinal degeneration that the people of same age group.

  • The study also suggested that the slow yoga practice (also known as Hatha yoga) intervened with the natural process off aging in the intervertebral discs. The reason for such an intervention was the stretching and positioning of the spinal cord through the yoga poses.

Moreover, the reduced weight-bearing in the yoga also enhanced the nutrients diffusion to the disc. The people who became a part of the study never suffered from degenerative disc disease and continued living a healthy life.

In conclusion, the study stated that practicing yoga for the long term can help you get rid of the degenerative disc disease and cure it from its root cause.

Straighten your back in 1 minute and 30 seconds with yoga

Just 90 seconds of yoga is sufficient to get rid of spinal problems. The fact is proved by a study conducted by Columbia University of physicians in which several candidates were asked to practice a yoga posture named VASISTHASANA.

The candidates were distressed from degenerative disc disease. Before the test was conducted, the patients suffered from a bend of 6 to 120 degrees. After examining them, the researchers taught them the posture and its practice.

As a resultant, a practice of only 1 minute and 30 seconds reduced the curves caused due to degenerative disc disease. Therefore, you must also practice yoga for as low as 90 seconds to get desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some common questions asked by people who suffer from degenerative disc disease:

Can yoga help with degenerative disc disease?

Yes, yoga can surely help you with degenerative disc disease. The various asana in yoga helps the spinal cord to strengthen. Moreover, yoga provides flexibility to the body and the backbone that results in relief from an on-going deterioration and prevents any similar ailment.

What foods help degenerative disc disease?

Any healthy diet that contains vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, beans, meat, and healthy fats like olive oil can help you with degenerative disc disease. The reason is that these foods do not lets you put on weight. And as we all know, higher weight can put more pressure on the spine.

Can you slow down degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc disease will happen every now and then at some point in your life. However, you can avoid it or slow it down for a longer period by reducing the strain on your spine, practicing yoga movements that challenge the back, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking.

Can weight loss help degenerative discs?

Yes, losing weight can surely help you with degenerative disc disease. In fact, one of the major causes of this ailment is obesity itself. Therefore, if you are overweight then you must lose weight to get rid of degenerative disc disease.

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Bottom Line

So these were some yoga asanas for degenerative disc disease, these poses can surely help you with degenerative disc disease. Just make sure that you follow these asana daily and you will see gradual results in no time. That’s all we have for today.