30 Upper Lower Split Routines

Your muscles need about 48 hours to fully recover without loss of strength. That means you can’t train the same muscle group two days in a row if you wish to have an effective workout. This limits the weekly frequency of the exercises.

Among the many ways that have been tried in the past as an attempt to optimize between the rest periods and frequency of the workouts, the upper/lower split is the best way to do that.

In the upper lower split workout plan you segregate the exercises in the upper body and lower body movements. On any workout session, you perform either upper or lower body exercises only. This arrangement makes it possible to squeeze in a higher frequency of the exercises without compromising its effectiveness.

A U/L program is much more than just splitting the exercises into two types. A training program based on upper/lower workout split can be an effective strength improvement program, a bodybuilding program, or a powerbuilding program. The structure of the workout program depends on the ultimate fitness goal.

Utilizing the split of upper lower workouts in these U/L programs promises you faster results as the training routine can accommodate optimum frequency or the exercises without compromising on rest periods.

We have brought the popular upper lower split workout plans together on our website.

Upper Lower Split Routines

4 Day Cable Machine Upper Lower Split Workout Routine (with PDF)

Many fitness enthusiasts have started testing cable workouts to grow in strength and hypertrophy. The advantage of using pulley-based systems for resistance training is that there is a decreased risk of injury. When performing cable exercises, the path of motion ...

4-Day Machine-Only Upper-Lower Workout Routine (with PDF)

Devising a structured workout plan is essential for achieving your fitness goals efficiently. The key lies in figuring out the perfect training frequency and intensity to challenge the targeted muscle groups. In resistance training, training frequency basically refers to the ...

Justin Woltering’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Justin Woltering - a true fitness guru! This multi-talented American is not just a fitness expert but also a well-known fitness model, author, and actor. With a massive worldwide following, he has truly made a significant impact in the fitness ...

Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ashley Nocera, a one-of-a-kind bikini model who stands out from the rest! Not only is she a pro bikini model and athlete in the prestigious WBFF, she's also super active on social media, where she has a huge following of ...

Steve Weatherford’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Steve Weatherford is a former NFL athlete. He used to play as New York Giants' punter. This incredible athlete has always been in amazing shape and serves as a huge inspiration for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Owing to his phenomenal physique, ...

Kristi Noem’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kristi Noem as we all know is a politician from South Dakota. Currently, she is serving as its 33rd Governor. She is a renowned political figure known to be the first female governor of South Dakota. Apart from her glorious ...

Tom Ellis’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you are about to read this post, we can be pretty sure that you must have watched the famous series Lucifer and have been impressed by Tom Ellis' phenomenal physique. Well, there is not even a single person who ...

2 Day Split Workout Plan

Keeping up with your regular workout routine is not always possible. Irrespective of your enthusiasm at the gym, other demands and requirements always catch up. In such situations, when you’re undergoing a busy period, a 2-day split workout plan might ...

7 Day Workout Plan (with PDF)

If you’re an ambitious or an advanced bodybuilder, a 7-day workout plan can benefit you immensely. A fixed flexible routine will keep your progress consistent and your body engaged and challenged for the best results. It will make more sense ...

Among all these programs listed above, you can choose the one that suits your training requirement. Every program we have included in the list above utilizes the upper lower split workout plan. These programs offer you a workout plan that can accommodate optimum frequency and delivers the results in the shortest possible time.

If you see the list above, each program makes use of the upper lower split as a base of the program structure but differs from each other in terms of the number of workout days in a week, duration of the cycle, program goal, target users, etc.

Before choosing any workout routine from these, you need to first examine where you stand and where you want to reach in terms of fitness, strength, and bodybuilding goals. This will provide you a base to select a suitable workout program.

If you are a novice and can spare time for just two workout sessions per week, we have a workout program to match your requirement. If you are an intermediate or advanced level lifter, who can take high-intensity workouts at a higher frequency then there are workout plans that have 5 or even 6 workout sessions per week.

You can choose the workout routine depending on the intensity and frequency of workouts, your fitness level, and the resources available to you. Almost all the workouts in the above-mentioned workout programs can be performed at a home gym or a gym club.

For any program you choose, you will find a comprehensive guide to it on our website. Even the spreadsheet needed to follow the program and track the progress is included in the program guide. If you choose to follow a workout routine from our website, you don’t have to look anywhere else for any information regarding that program. We have taken care of bringing every bit of information in one place for you. All you have to do is read and follow the program and relish the results.

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