45 Strength Training Programs

No matter what your fitness goal is, or what type of physical activity you perform, there must be some type of strength training included in your routine. Be it an Olympic powerlifter or a long-distance runner, everyone needs to work on their strength through some strength training programs.

There are different strength programs for different fitness levels and, fitness goals. The approach for strength training programming for a track athlete would be different from programming for strength for a powerlifter.

The training program for strength improvement for a novice would have faster progression, while the strength training programs for intermediate or advanced lifters would have comparatively slower progressions as these lifters are lifting very close to their max limit, they need more training to develop the strength to push beyond that limit.

You need to pick the right program to be able to reap the benefits from it. A best strength training program for someone else might not even be suitable for you.

It can be a tedious task to search for a genuine strength training workout program that suits your needs. To help you in this matter, we have segregated the best among the hundreds of strength training programs that ever existed. Here you can find all these programs that we have shortlisted based on the merit of the program and feedback from the users who have already experienced the program.

Strength Training Programs

Thor Bjornsson’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

It doesn't matter whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, you must have either seen or heard about Thor Bjornsson. He played the character of The Mountain in Game of Thrones and the reasons behind it are ...
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Brian Shaw Workout Routine

If you are someone who gets mesmerized by men who exude monstrous size and superhuman strength, then you would have surely heard the name, Brian Shaw. He is a famous American strongman. Standing tall at a towering 6 feet 8 ...
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James Harrison’s Workout Routine

If you are a football fan and watch the NFL matches, you definitely don't need any introduction to James Harrison. He is one of the best players who's not just fearsome, but also unbeatable. Watch him playing in one of ...
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Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Workout Routine

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a well-known Polish Strongman champion and MMA fighter. He has 5 World's Strongest Man titles under his belt and he has also won 12 out of 19 duels in his MMA career. Mariusz Pudzianowski is known for ...
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Eddie Hall’s Workout Routine

Having an aesthetically pleasing physique is something that we all admire. But some amongst us like to challenge our limits. Eddie Hall falls in that particular category. He is a world-renowned former professional strongman who is also known for having ...
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Brock Lesnar’s Workout Routine

"Here comes the pain", this statement still instills a threat in the eyes of WWE wrestlers as it marks the coming of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar stands tall at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs around 266 pounds. Despite having such ...
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Alan Thrall Program Spreadsheet (Untamed Method)

The Alan Thrall Program, aka Untamed Strength Program, is a 13-week long program. It has been created by Barbell Medicine for Alan Thrall of Untamed Strength. As its name only suggests, it is a workout program intended towards facilitating strength ...
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All Pro Simple Beginner Routine [with Spreadsheet]

If you are a beginner and looking out to get the best workout program for you, then you are at the right place. This workout program is called the 'All Pro Simple Beginners Routine'. As its name implies, this workout ...
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Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

William Scott Goldberg, aka Goldberg, has always been a prominent figure in the world of wrestling. He also acquired a position in the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2018. He is known for his monstrous physique that exudes ...
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For all the strength training routines listed above, you can be sure about their effectiveness. These are developed by experienced trainers and tested by many.

There are different strength training programs for different needs. It is important you choose the right workout routine for yourself. It is not so difficult to do so, as the title itself of these programs are self-explanatory about the program goal. Also, in the description of each strength training program, we have explained in detail for whom that program is designed and what to expect at the end of the program cycle.

Every program has a workout plan that defines the number of workout sessions, its frequency, exercises to be done on each session, and each detail about the exercises down to sets and reps. You don’t need to remember all these details as you can refer to these at any time on our website.

To further help to follow the programs effectively and track the progress, most of the programs have a downloadable and customizable spreadsheet included in them. You can just fill in your details, take a printout, and carry it to the gym for every session.

We have selected the workout programs considering every need. You can start as a novice and progress with our programs to the advanced level. You won’t need to go anywhere else for finding a suitable workout program at any stage, we have everything you need right here. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a workout program that matches your desired goal and fitness level and start working out.

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