20 PPL Split Workout Routines (3-6 Day)

If you have been working out, reading the fitness magazines or the fitness blogs for long enough then you might already know that the PPL stands for Push/Pull/Legs. The fact that you have landed on this page indicates that you have a fair knowledge about the PPL routine and here to find out more about it.

Even if you don’t know anything and landed here accidentally, stay for a while you are going to learn a lot about a very beneficial workout regime that would help quicken the results for the efforts you put in a gym.

The basic notion behind the push/pull/legs workout program is to split the exercises into push, pull, and leg groups and then design the workout sessions and plans with different combos of these groups. The push/pull/legs split is tried tested workout split that has proven to be effective and convenient for many lifters around the globe.

The PPL is not a workout program, it is a methodology based on which many workout programs have been developed. Every workout plan based on the PPL split can be called a PPL routine.

Each PPL workout plan on our portal has a big following and has proven effective for many lifters in the past. We have done the research and only picked the ones that we understood are the best among the available alternatives. Get in now and start a suitable PPL routine earliest possible and we are sure you will be pleasingly surprised by the result.

PPL Workout Routine

Nick Jonas Workout Routine

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Dylan McKenna Workout Routine

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Chris Bumstead Workout Routine

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Michelle Rodriguez Workout Routine

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Charlie Cox Workout Routine

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The push type of exercises are aimed at targeting the pushing muscle in your body. You use the push type moves to work on your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

The pull-type exercises are those in which you would be pulling the dumbbells, barbells, or the cable pulley handles instead of pushing them. You utilize the pull muscles in these moves, thus these moves are effective in stimulating the pull muscles like the back and biceps.

The deadlifts are also a pull type of exercise that helps you develop the posterior muscle chain. Leg exercises are there to target your quads, hams, glutes, and calves.

Most of the exercises in the push pull legs workout routine are compound lifts, and those are performed with heavier weights. Thus, almost all the workout programs developed around PPL split are for the intermediate or advanced level lifters. But all the PPL routines can be customized to fit your need and some of them can even be tweaked to suit beginners.

The PPL workout routines can have separate days for push, pull, and leg exercises and can have three work day a week schedule, or some high-frequency plans can have up to six workout days a week with any combo of two types of exercises performed on each workout day.

There are several PPL workout programs developed by experienced lifters and made available for everyone to access. These workout programs differ in terms of the desired outcome, frequency, and intensity from each other. You can choose the one that suits your needs, fitness level, and available resources.

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