40+ Powerlifting Programs

Contrary to popular belief powerlifting is not only for advanced level lifters. Even the novice can perform powerlifting moves.

The squats, bench press, overhead press become a part of your routine early in your fitness journey. Deadlifts might take a while to join the list. But once you become strong enough to perform the lifts in the correct form you can start performing all powerlifting moves and can also start following one of the many powerlifting programs.

The powerlifting training programs are in principle designed to work on your strength. Thus, the main lifts in all the programs are having low rep high-intensity sets.

Though all the powerlifting routines aim to work towards improving your rep max capacity for all powerlifting moves, more than eighty percent of the workouts are done at moderate intensity. Different workout programs follow different methodology but the basic nature is to perform moderate-intensity work at high volume then to utilize the strength for successful progression.

A powerlifting training program helps you to break the plateau and continue the progress in terms of your lifting capacity. If you are stuck at the same level of strength and cannot go past your personal best in spite of your best efforts then it is time that you start following a powerlifting workout plan. And if you want to start a powerlifting workout routine, you don’t need to search all over the internet for suitable powerlifting programming, you can find one right here.

Powerlifting Programs

Greyskull LP (GSLP) Program Spreadsheet

Doesn’t matter if you start weight training with or without a specific goal, you need a good plan to gain something out of it. A simple yet effective training method like Greyskull linear periodization program can be the best way ...
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Inverted Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

The Juggernaut Training method has helped many lifters and athletes improve their muscle strength and size. The method is suitable for intermediate to advanced level lifters and not recommended for the beginners. The Juggernaut method utilizes sets of 10 and ...
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Juggernaut Training Method Base Program Spreadsheet

If you are an intermediate to advance level lifter or even a beginner with fairly good form and knowledge about lifting and wish to follow a single training methodology instead of changing it every few months for continual strength gains, ...
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GZCL Method Spreadsheet Collection [Resource Page]

GZCL method is developed by competitive powerlifter and strength coach Cody Lefever.  GZCL is highly effective in strength building, versatile and works with a variety of volume and intensity ranges. Due to the adaptability and flexibility offered by the original ...
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Madcow 5×5 Program

Before starting any new workout regime, you need to know where you stand. The Madcow's 5x5 is designed for the intermediate to advanced powerlifters and bodybuilders who are stuck at strength plateau. The Madcow 5x5 workout program is designed by ...
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Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method

Squat, bench and deadlift, yes, it is all about powerlifting. The Cube method focuses on the improvement of your loading capacity for these big three. Your total of the three lifts is like your status in the powerlifting game. While ...
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Korte 3×3 Program

Heavily influenced by the Olympic weightlifters, this program is so specific about the target and conduct that it has no accessory work in it. Throughout the program, you will be performing the same lifts with different weights and reps. During ...
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Ed Coan Deadlift Program

Unlike most of the other programs, you will be doing much of real deadlifting volume in the Coan/Philippi deadlift routine. This program is designed specifically to elevate your deadlift, this is minimalist and one of the most effective program. The ...
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Russian Squat Program

Designed for improving the Olympic lifters’ performance in principle, the Russian squat program does wonders in developing your leg strength. This simple yet highly effective squat program is much popular among the powerlifters looking to improve upon their best unceasingly ...
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All the powerlifter workouts and routines mentioned above are developed by professional powerlifters, Olympic level athletes, and world-class trainers. These programs will definitely deliver what they are designed to do if you follow them correctly. And it won’t be a task to understand how to follow these programs exactly as they are supposed to be followed since we have included a comprehensive guide to each of these programs on our portal.

Following the training routine of a powerlifting program would do wonders for your lifting strength. For most of the program, you will be training your big muscles through the main lifts and supporting muscle groups through accessory work.

The structure of the program, weekly schedule, exercises in each workout session, weight selection, progression, and other relevant things are explained in detail in each program document. Even the link to a customizable spreadsheet is included to make things easier to find. All you have to do is choose the suitable powerlifter training program as per your fitness level and target and start following it.

You will find thousands of results if you search powerlifter workout routines over the internet, many of them may look like they are suitable for your requirement, but you can never be sure about the effectiveness of these programs as you don’t know their source. To avoid getting disappointed after wasting weeks on some unreliable program posted on some random website by some nobody and to save time needed to search for a genuine powerlifting programming that satisfies your need just look at the programs mentioned above, pick one, and start working out.

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