15+ Powerbuilding Programs

Having a well-built plan is necessary for the success of any fitness goal. When it comes to selecting a workout plan, taking up any random plan and following it believing it would yield the desired result for you is unwise. You must choose a goal-specific and result oriented program.

It is needless to say that for choosing a goal-specific workout routine, you need to have a specific goal first. The goal can be anything like losing weight, gaining weight, growing muscle mass, improving strength, etc.

The two popular fitness goals are strength gain and bodybuilding. Most of the lifters have either of the two as a target of their training routine. While these are not mutually exclusive targets but they sure need a different approach than one another.

You may have been told in the past that you should focus only on a single goal at a time. That may be true for the competitive powerlifters or professional bodybuilders, but for beginners, intermediate lifters, or enthusiasts of any level we can target both strength improvement and bodybuilding goals simultaneously.

The powerbuilding programs are made to help you work on your strength and muscle hypertrophy at the same time. These are hybrid versions that are created by borrowing knowledge from powerlifting programs and bodybuilding programs.

We have tried to make it easy for you to access the workout programs so you don’t need to spend your time and energy searching and researching about the powerbuilding programs and can concentrate on what matters the most, that is following the routine with commitment. So, if wish to accelerate the results of your gym workouts, let get right into the powerbuilding programs section.

Powerbuilding Programs

Ronnie Coleman’s Workout Routine

"Yeah buddy, lightweight baby" What name comes to your head when you hear this? Undoubtedly, it's one of the most iconic figures in the world of bodybuilding, none other than Ronnie Coleman. He claimed the most coveted bodybuilding title "Mr ...

Extended Russian Power Routine Spreadsheet

If you are looking out for a comprehensive training program to improve your performance on the competition lifts, then you have landed at the right page. In this Russian workout guide you will learn about the Extended Russian Power Routine ...

Bill Starr Power Program

It doesn't matter whether you are a powerlifter, a bodybuilder or a weightlifter; strength and power are surely the most important components of your game. Ask any athlete of any of these sports and they will let you know that ...

Sheikburn Program

As its name suggests, Sheikburn program is a hybrid of the Sheiko program and the Hepburn program. The Hepburn program basically focuses on building up your strength. On the contrary, the Sheiko program presents a more high volume approach which ...

PHATburn Powerbuilding Program Spreadsheet

Powerbuilding, as you know, is a hybrid of the basic training principles that are followed in powerlifting and bodybuilding. This training protocol was first established by Doug Hepburn who was a renowned Canadian strongman. His Powerbuilding program made use of ...

Hepburn Method Powerbuilding Program

For people who are regular gym-goers, it is quite obvious that they would be willing to choose training sessions that on one hand promote strength building and on the other hand support hypertrophy. So whether you are a skinny hard ...

Reddit PPL Spreadsheet (Metallicadpa 6 Day PPL Program)

When you start working out at a gym, you most probably don’t have a defined workout plan or even a specific goal in some cases. You hit the gym to stay fit, lose weight or to build strength and muscles ...

Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (PHUL) Workout Routine [with Spreadsheet & PDF]

PHUL workout program is a great transition workout to gain more strength and muscle like never before by using your knowledge of your own body. What is PHUL workout and how it works? The term PHUL is the short form ...

You need to lift heavy for growing muscle mass faster and you need to improve strength to be able to lift heavy. This is the basic concept on which the structure of a powerbuilding routine is based.

There are several types of powerbuilding programs that have diverse workout schedules. Some have separate days reserved for powerlifting exercises and bodybuilding workouts. Some others accommodate the exercises targeting both in every workout session.

If you are a beginner, you need to choose the workout routines that help you to build strength in initial phases and then moves to utilize that strength for bodybuilding focussed moves. Further in your fitness journey, you will have to choose the workout programs based on your strengths, weaknesses, what you wish to achieve that season, your gym setup capabilities, etc.

There are thousands of powerlifting programs scattered over the internet. You can’t choose any random workout plan and expect the best results.

To spare you from the tedious work of going through all the workout programs in order to choose the one for you, we have picked the best ones with proven results and brought those right here on our portal.

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