14 Lift Specific Programs

Every lifter has a favorite lift and at least one lift that he/she dislikes. Likewise, almost all lifters have a lift that they can perform with perfection at better efficiency and higher weights than many counterparts at the same fitness level, at the same time, there’s a lift in which they are not so good.

In such cases, you want to work on your weak points and balance your development. You need some lift specific program to guide you in improving the move which you are not performing well.

Apart from that, lift specific powerlifting programs can be utilized effectively to prepare for a competition. These training programs would help you improve that specific lift you are going to compete for or the lift for which you want to set a personal record.

The main powerlifting moves like squats, overhead press, deadlift, and bench are the most popular choices for choosing a lift specific workout plan. In that case, your workout plan would include exercises that are aimed at improving your performance at one of the lifts, and the whole workout program would be designed around that lift.

If the program is squat specific then throughout the program your main lift would be squats and other exercises would be predominantly elements of squats and supporting accessories.

Here are the most in-demand lift specific workout programs that can help you improve your lift performance and strength and size of the muscles involved in that lift.

Lift Specific Programs

Omar Isuf Pull Up Program Spreadsheet

A wide and muscular back is one of the most noticeable muscle groups of an aesthetic physique. Numerous exercises tend to work on the back muscles. But the one exercise that lays the foundation for a big and strong back ...
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6 Week Russian Bench Press Peaking Program

If you are an intermediate or advanced lifter and want to increase your bench press strength, then the 6-week Russian Bench Press Program can serve you pretty well. The Russian bench press program is a 3-day bench press peaking program ...
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Benching the Monolith Program Spreadsheet

Jim Wendler had designed the Building the Monolith Program. Benching the Monolith Program is an extension of it. It primarily targets upping the bench pressing numbers. It helped many lifters to break off their plateaus along with getting stronger on ...
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Candito 10 or 14 Week Advanced Deadlift Program Spreadsheet

The deadlift is the most preferred yardstick in determining one's overall strength. Strength is always tested by the amount of weight that you can lift off the floor. Jonnie Candito has designed a 10/14 week advanced deadlift program that can ...
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Candito Advanced 9 Week Squat Program Spreadsheet

Squats have always been regarded as the "undisputed king of all exercises". Squat hold this position due to its ability to enhance the strength of lifters along with letting them pack on dense muscle mass. Talking specifically about the advanced ...
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Jonnie Candito 6 Week Advanced Bench Press Program Spreadsheet

Who doesn't want a bigger bench press? Especially when it comes to professional powerlifters, an elite level bench press strength can certainly take their game to next levels. But the main problem lies in the fact that as a lifter ...
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Deathbench Program Spreadsheet

It hardly matters whether a person is a gym bro or a professional lifter, a bigger bench press is something that every gym-goer craves for. If you are one of those guys who has already set up some decent PRs ...
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Mag Ort Deadlift Program

If squats are to be considered as the king of all exercises, then deadlifts will surely be considered as the undisputed prince. Deadlift is known to be a hinge-oriented lower body movement that helps in developing your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, ...
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3 Cowboy Method (Big Texas Method) Spreadsheets

The Texas Method has undoubtedly been designed for intermediate and advanced lifters. If you are a beginner, you won't be gaining much if you follow the Texas Method. Also, experiencing failure during the completion of certain sets might take your ...
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You can choose any training routine listed above depending upon which lift you want to work on. There are multiple programs for a single lift. They differ on the fitness level, duration, and equipment required. You need to consider all these factors while choosing a program for yourself.

Any workout routine from the list can be performed either in your home gym or a commercial gym club. The required resources, workout schedule, sets and reps for each exercise, weight selection, and weight progression is detailed thoroughly in each program document. The programs are explained so in detail that even if you have a little lifting experience you can follow them without the need of a fitness trainer.

The lift focussed programs mentioned on our website are all developed by professionals and tested by hundreds of users. These programs have a proven record of delivering results to the followers. So, you don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of the workout plan if you choose one from our portal.

To make it easier for you to follow the program and track your progress, almost all programs have their spreadsheets. These programs are customizable to your need. The initial weight selection, progression, and incremental weight can be selected depending on your current fitness and available smallest weight plate.

There are many workout routines that would work on a single lift, but we have chosen only those that are effective and has the ability to deliver the results in the shortest possible time frame.

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