130+ Intermediate Workout Plans

If you are getting in the gym for the first time in your life, it is possible that you would have made significant gains by following any basic workout routine. You just need to be regular and perform the moves in proper form to avoid injuries.

This happens in the beginning stage of your fitness journey because your body is not used the load you put it under the resistance training hence it hyperresponsive and thus the changes in strength and size of the muscle occur faster.

Once your beginner phase is over your body is stronger than what it was at the start and it starts responding differently to the training. it is the time when you stop making significant gains with your generic workout routine.

Most of the gyms and trainers want to target the beginners to their club or class because they can be easily attracted and there are too many of them. That’s the reason you would find a lot of training routines developed for beginners.

When you hit the plateau for the first time and stop making those newbie gains you need to consider switching to a more advanced approach towards workouts. You may not find too many workout routines for this stage so easily because there aren’t as many as the ones for beginners.

The addition of compound exercises, heavier weights, and a planned weight progression to the plan is what makes an intermediate workout routine different and more effective than the generic beginner plans. An intermediate workout plan is designed to get you out of the phase where all your efforts going fruitless and deliver you results in terms of strength and mass gain in the specified time frame.

Intermediate Workout Routine

Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Dacre Montgomery’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Christian Bale’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Greg O’Gallagher Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Haddy Abdel’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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The intermediate workout program you are following must be capable of accelerating your growth. The frequency of the workout sessions and the intensity of the exercises should be so planned that you get enough stimulus for pushing the muscles to limit and enough rest for allowing them to grow in size and strength.


There are many sources that would just put together a few exercises and call it an intermediate level routine. To save you from such undependable plans we have compiled a plethora of workout routines that would suit your requirement. Each session in these routines would be truly an intermediate workout.

There are many intermediate level workout schedules to choose from on our website. You can choose any workout plan among these to suit your requirement.

The workout programs are segregated on basis of goals, equipment needed, focus muscle groups, etc. whether you wish to work on your strength or you want to focus on growing the glamour muscles, we have at least one intermediate level program for you.

If you have been lifting or performing bodyweight exercises for a while now, then you must check out these intermediate level workout programs. These will not only quicken your growth but also make things interesting and motivate you to put in more effort.