80+ Hypertrophy Workout Programs

Doing anything randomly in the gym won’t help you gain muscle mass and improve muscular size. All types of exercises and workout plans might help you gain muscles in the initial phase when you are enjoying the beginner gains, but even that won’t last more than a few weeks.

If your main or even secondary aim is to grow muscle mass or tone them, then you have to look out for the workout routine that can trigger muscle hypertrophy.

A workout program designed aiming for muscle hypertrophy usually includes high-rep sets and allows sufficient rest time for recovery to trigger the growth efficiently and effectively. A hypertrophy workout is different than a strength training workout or powerlifting workout in terms of reps per set, weights used, frequency, and the accessories selection. Thus, you can’t select any program and expect it to work for muscle gain.

You need to extend the sets beyond five repetitions, you should use moderate but challenging weights, there should be an optimum rest period between two workout sessions for the same muscle group. These are just some of the principles used in the development of hypertrophy specific workout programs.

There might be questions on your mind like, how to identify that a training program is hypertrophy triggering or not? Or, how to pick the right hypertrophy training program for me? If you have these questions, you have reached the right page. Here we have provided the best hypertrophy workout programs.

Hypertrophy Workout Programs

Chris Elkins’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan

In the world of iron and muscle, where sweat and determination forge greatness, stands Chris Elkins, a colossus among men. A revered pro bodybuilder in the prestigious WNBF realm, he wields his sculpted physique and boundless expertise as a personal ...
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Iain Valliere’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Iain Valliere is a pro bodybuilder hailing from Canada. His journey into the world of professional bodybuilding commenced in the year 2010. Every single year whenever he steps on the stage, he ensures to come up with a physique that ...
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Brandon Curry’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Brandon Curry has emerged as an insurmountable force in the bodybuilding world. His massive size and impressive aesthetics never fail to impress the judges whenever he steps on the bodybuilding stage. Such an insanely developed physique also made him win ...
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Victor Martinez’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Victor Martinez is an IFBB pro bodybuilder. He has been nicknamed the Dominican Dominator as he is the second Dominican in the history of bodybuilding who has turned pro. Victor's physique is an amalgamation of both muscle mass and aesthetics ...
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Tom Platz Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tom Platz is a well-known old-school bodybuilding legend. Even though he has retired from bodybuilding long back, he is still very much into the sport. Tom Platz was nicknamed 'the Quadfather' owing to his monstrous leg development. His YouTube videos ...
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Miloš Šarčev’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Miloš Šarčev is a renowned old-school bodybuilder. He is primarily known for his brutal intensity techniques. There are many YouTubers who have uploaded videos of training under him on their channels. He intensifies each and every workout session to such ...
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Kevin Levrone’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kevin Levrone as we all know is one of the most celebrated bodybuilders of all time. His muscular development is freakish and owing to that reason, he has been nicknamed Maryland Muscle Machine. Throughout his entire career, Kevin has won ...
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Dallas McCarver’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Dallas McCarver as we all know was an IFBB pro bodybuilder. He was also a sponsored athlete from Tennessee, USA. During his early days, Dallas used to play football. But later on, he got inclined towards bodybuilding. He used to ...
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Dennis Wolf’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Dennis Wolf is a famous German bodybuilder. He is an IFBB pro and is also quite popular in bodybuilding. His posters have been on the walls of numerous gymnasiums around the world. Some of his fans even call him the ...
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Each of these training routines is designed to trigger muscle hypertrophy and has proven effective for many users in the past.

We have chosen these programs on the basis of effectiveness, flexibility, efficiency, and safety. There are different routines for different target muscle groups, for different fitness levels, and there are equipment specific programs. You can choose the one that suits the resources you have, your fitness level, that targets the muscle group you want to work on.

The programs describe main exercises, accessories, and warm-up moves along with sets, reps, and weight information. There is a well-planned schedule in each program that optimizes the frequency of workouts with the rest period needed for recovery.

Almost all the programs listed above have a link to the spreadsheet included in it. This spreadsheet can help you follow the program schedule to the T, it can also help you track your progress and make the adjustments accordingly.

All the workout programs that made this list have gone through a thorough check. These are developed by renowned trainers and bodybuilders. These routines have been followed by thousands in the past and they have achieved the results.

You can start working on improving muscle size at any fitness level. You just need to develop enough strength to perform every exercise in the correct form first. Once you achieve that, you can start hypertrophy training and work towards developing the toned, muscular body shape that you always dreamt of. So, what are you waiting for? select a suitable routine and start working now.

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