55+ Full Body Workout Routines

Other than the small period of time before any competition or sports meet in which you would need to use some muscle groups more than the remaining, it makes more sense to follow a full body workout routine than a routine focussed on some muscles.

Following a full body workout program doesn’t mean that you need to perform exercises for all muscle groups on every workout session. It does mean that the program is designed to target overall body development through various exercise sessions planned throughout the cycle.

Similar to all other routines a full body workout plan has a specific fitness goal. Some programs are made for weight loss, some are designed for bulking, and some are designed to improve your muscle strength. The only thing common in these programs is that they work on all muscle groups simultaneously instead of focussing on particular muscles or moves.

Among the full body workout routines, some utilize muscle group split structure while some programs have full body workouts planned for every session at a lower frequency of the sessions. Depending on the time you can spare from your schedule and the workout intensity you can handle you can choose the suitable structure of the workout schedule.

Here are all the best full body workout programs that are proven to be effective for many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts in the past.

Full Body Workout Routines

Gabrielle Epstein’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabrielle Epstein is one of the most famous bikini models of the current era. Her beautiful body exudes perfection in every sense and inspires many of her fans to get in awesome shape. To sport such a beautiful body year-round, ...
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3 Day Full Body Workout Routine (with PDF)

Bodybuilding is like a sport, where to be successful, you need to give 100% to training, diet and mental approach. Heading to the gym every day with the same zeal and dedication can be challenging. A lot of us even ...
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2 Day Split Workout Plan

Keeping up with your regular workout routine is not always possible. Irrespective of your enthusiasm at the gym, other demands and requirements always catch up. In such situations, when you’re undergoing a busy period, a 2-day split workout plan might ...
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Priyanka Chopra’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Priyanka Chopra is undoubtedly the heartthrob of millions of people around the globe. After winning the 'Miss World' title in 2000, Priyanka went on to build a successful career for herself in Bollywood. Even after achieving so much, she wanted ...
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Brandon Carter’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Brandon Carter is a well-known certified personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, and author. He has garnered a massive follower base on various social media platforms. At present, he is also the CEO of his own supplement company. Even though his ...
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3 Day Full Body Dumbbell Workout Plan (with PDF)

You don't necessarily have to hit the gym to build a good physique. Although the ambiance of a commercial gym gives extra energy to most people, with the right motivation, you can also chase your fitness goals from the comfort ...
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Victoria’s Secret Workout Routine

There are only two types of people, ones who like Victoria's Secret models and others who envy them. It might be controversial whether you should be as lean as Victoria's Secret models but you can't deny that everyone would like ...
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Lady Gaga Workout Routine

Lady Gaga is a renowned American singer, songwriter, and actor. Her artistic skills have garnered a massive fan base for her all over the world. Her creative prowess has made her acquire a prominent position for herself in the world ...
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Stephen Amell Workout Routine

Is there anyone who doesn't know the Canadian actor,  Stephen Amell after the release of the blockbuster show Arrow? Everyone thought he's dead in the previous season. Surprisingly, he's back and now has blown everyone's mind with his athleticism. The ...
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Every full body workout routine has something unique to offer. Some programs offer a way to squeeze all the exercises in two sessions a week and some accommodate as many as six sessions a week without training the same muscle group twice within its recovery period.

If you go through the list above, you can observe that there is a full body training program for everyone. No matter how unique your need is we bet there is a full body workout plan that can match your requirement.

Among the countless full body workout programs that ever existed, we have chosen the few best for each fitness goal, fitness level, and resource availability. If there is a “no equipment” program for beginners then there is also a program for advanced level lifters and athletes that might need a fully loaded gym to complete. If there are weight loss focussed full body workouts then there are workout plans for bulking too.

We know we haven’t missed anything. We have included a workout routine for everyone. Not just the description and the schedule of the full body workout, in some cases we have also included the spreadsheets to help you follow the program effectively and track your progress effortlessly.

You don’t need to look anywhere else than our website if you are in search of an effective full body workout routine. That saves you from the tedious task of searching all over the internet to find a suitable and reliable workout plan. All the programs are segregated so well that you won’t need to spend more than a minute to find what you are looking for.

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