8 Cardio Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, burning calories is not the only thing you achieve from cardio workouts, the benefits of cardio exercises are far more than just consuming the extra calories.

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, it indicates that cardio workouts are in some way relevant to your cardiovascular health. A cardiovascular exercise is something that helps you improve and maintain the health of the heart and circulatory system that carries oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues in the body.

The alternate name for cardiovascular exercise is aerobic exercise or “with oxygen” exercise, as you would be controlling your breathing and maintaining the oxygen supply during the exercise. During a cardio workout, you get your heart rate up by some extent and keep it elevated throughout the exercise session.

All these facts about cardio workouts indicate that these are very important elements of your fitness regime and care must be taken while choosing a cardio program for yourself.

There are more cardio workout programs in existence than any other type of workout. This may be due to the fact that almost everyone has to follow some cardio plan at some point in his/her life. Even if you are following any other fitness plan, you need to supplement it with a cardio plan for actualizing the gains from the other program.

To help you pick the right cardio workout routine easily, we have included the best cardio routines ever made on our website and for convenience, we have mentioned all of them right here.

Cardio Workouts

Lucy Liu’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If one has to make a list of super-fit moms around the world, the name 'Lucy Liu' will surely be on that list. Lucy Liu is an actress, director, producer, and human rights advocate. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to ...
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Jonah Hill’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Most of us know Jonah Hill for portraying the character of Donnie Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. But this American actor, comedian, and filmmaker has also displayed his brilliant acting skills in numerous movies including ...
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Miranda Kerr’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Miranda Kerr has one of the best bodies in the world. She started her modeling career at the young age of 13 years. But she garnered worldwide fame and admiration from 2007 ...
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Demi Lovato’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

We all like to read the life story of underdogs who beat all the odds and became an inspiration to millions. Demi Lovato is one such person. Apart from being a great actress and singer, she also receives great admiration ...
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Dakota Johnson’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Dakota Johnson is a well-known Hollywood actress who has starred in numerous movies. She rose to fame after portraying the character of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades series. Her on-screen persona was admired by both men and women alike ...
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Channing Tatum’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Channing Tatum has starred in some of the renowned blockbusters of Hollywood such as 'Magic Mike', 'G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra', '21 Jump Street' and many more. But it's not just his acting and dancing skills that mesmerize his fans ...
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Chris Pine’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Chris Pine has never failed to impress us with his acting prowess. Starring in movies like 'Star Trek', 'Wonder Woman', and 'This Means War', Chris has made a prominent presence for himself amongst Hollywood biggies. Chris is also admired a ...
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Alexander Ludwig’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Alexander Ludwig has a massive fan following all over the world. People have loved his appearance in 'Lone Survivor' and 'Vikings'. But it is not just his acting prowess that gives him so much attention and admiration. Many of Alexander's ...
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Charles Melton’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Charles Melton is an American actor who gained massive popularity after portraying the role of 'Reggie' in the second season of 'Riverdale'. He had started his career as a model and modeled for numerous popular brands. Apart from his million-dollar ...
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The number of cardio exercises one can do with or without any gym equipment is only limited by one’s imagination. The choices are many, you can use an advanced elliptical or can just climb the stairs of your building, both the exercises if done correctly can perpetrate similar effects on your body fat and cardiovascular health.

You can randomly choose any combination of exercises and sweat it out in a gym club or at home, but if you wish your efforts provide you some significant results in terms of weight loss, muscle gain, or fat loss then you need to find a cardio workout plan that suits your goal.

A structured cardio workout program helps you accelerate the result and enables you to do it without overstressing your body or risking any serious injury.

All the cardio routines included in our portal are prepared by experienced and renowned coaches and athletes. You can choose any of them based on your fitness level and exercise goals. You don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of the programs as we have included only those programs that are tried and tested by many users in the past.

The cardio workouts provided above are self-explanatory about the equipment needed and the result that the program promises to deliver. There are time-bound routines that have the program cycles that last few weeks and there also some programs that have a single week schedule designed that you can stick to as long as you wish.

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