40+ Bro Split Routines: The Ultimate Guide

The Bro split is one of the most popular training programs followed by professionals and amateurs. It is followed not only by bodybuilders, but also by fitness enthusiasts with a wide range of physique goals. 

So, what makes Bro split unique? Well, unlike in a Full body workout program where one trains their entire body in one session, the bro split workout program allows training individual muscle groups separately. 

That is, while following a bro split routine, you will likely be training your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs on separate days. 

Here is what a typical bro split routine looks like:

  • Monday: Chest day
  • Tuesday: Back day
  • Wednesday: Shoulder day
  • Thursday: Leg/Lower body day
  • Friday: Arms day

And some will train their biceps (along with the forearm) and triceps on separate days. In such cases, it will be 6 days of workout per week.  

As we have mentioned already, a sizable majority of fitness enthusiasts follow the bro split. That includes bodybuilders, athletes, celebs, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable workout program, the bro split program is worth trying. 

And to help you learn more about this popular workout program, we have a collection of 20+ bro split workout routines followed by some of the most successful icons from different fields.

Go through them, and find out how your fitness role models work out following the bro split program. 

Best Bro Split Routines: The Ultimate Guide

Bro Split Routine

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As you can notice in our articles, the bro split is a proven concept in the sense that it has given phenomenal results.

That being said, bro split is not the only type of workout program around. There are multiple other training programs that bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts follow, such as the Full body and push pull programs. 

Unlike these programs, the bro split way of training allows you to focus more on individual muscle groups, especially upper body muscles. That comes as an advantage, especially for competitive bodybuilders or those who aim for faster muscle growth. 

But does that mean the bro split workout plan is perfect? Absolutely not. It has its own possible drawbacks. For instance, you will be training your individual muscle groups only once a week, while some experts argue that you need to train a muscle group at least twice a week for great results. 

However, as long as we have proven examples of legends who achieved great heights in bodybuilding through following the bro split workout routine, that argument ceases to be wholly true.

But at the same time, using the proper technique is crucial when you follow the bro split program. Usually, when you train just one muscle group a day, there will naturally be a tendency to overdo your workout; never do it.

Training at the optimum volume range is the most important thing. Never go for bigger volumes, nor lower volumes than the optimum range, because both can hamper muscle growth. 

Another factor to keep in mind is consistency. You need to have discipline, and follow your workout routine with discipline. If you go through our bro split routine articles, you can notice the consistency they follow. 

Besides consistency and discipline, you need to have determination, dedication, and the willingness to work hard if you dream of success in bodybuilding.

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