35+ Bodyweight Workout Routines

Arguably the most popular excuse for not working out on regular basis is not having easy access to the required workout set up. But you know the truth, that’s just a baseless excuse, you can achieve many fitness goals without entering any gym club or even without owning any expensive equipment.

Choosing a bodyweight workout program is as complicated as finding a needle in the haystack. Most of the bodyweight movements look similar to each other but target different muscle groups. Moreover, grouping multiple exercises to form a workout plan is not as simple as listing them down on a sheet.

To incorporate the right kind of workout programs in your training routine you need to first understand the program’s capabilities, space and time requirements, and expected outcome of the program. It is practically impossible to try out every bodyweight workout program you see on the internet or in fitness magazines to know these things.

To make it feasible for you to easily select and follow the most suitable bodyweight training routine we have picked the best programs ever compiled and described everything you need to know about these on our website. We have even highlighted the things you really need to know so that you could understand the program is suitable for you or not even before reading it thoroughly.

All the programs are sorted according to the focus muscle groups, specific goals, suitable fitness levels, need for the equipment, etc. Though there are hundreds of bodyweight moves that can be performed without any gear but adding some things to the mix like a power tower, push up handles, or sissy squat stands increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout by much extent.

Whether you want to just start out on your fitness drive and need to find some workout routines that can be done without spending a penny on the equipment, or if you want to up a level of your routine and need some advanced workout plan, we have something for you.

Bodyweight Workout Programs

Lauren Conrad Workout Routine

Lauren Conrad is a renowned American TV personality, fashion designer, and author. She rose to fame after her appearance in 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County'. She then went on to make a successful career in the fashion industry as ...
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Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine

Kaley is one such person whom people of all generations love. It is not just her lovable personality but also her incredible body and abs, which have always been in the limelight. She is one of the most relaxed and ...
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Zendaya Workout Routine

We all know her, we all love her, and she is no other than Zendaya. Her accomplishments are a testament that you can do a lot, even at a young age. She has been a star right from a young ...
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Frank Medrano Workout Routine

Indulging in the same old workout plan can probably get you the same old physique you always had. In order to get a perfect shape, or stretch your new T-shirt sleeves, it's time to follow a more scientific approach just ...
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Alexis Ren’s Workout Routine

One of the trailblazers in Instagram modeling, Alexis Ren is inspiring young women across the globe to follow their dreams. Her modeling career took off when a photo of her in bikini went viral on the internet. But what's more ...
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Kylie Jenner’s Workout Routine

The name of Kylie Jenner is enough to give us some major fitness goals. She stays in great shape throughout the year and that is evident from her pics which she often posts on her social media handles. Undoubtedly, millions ...
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Kendall Jenner’s Workout Routine

Who doesn't know about Kendall Jenner? At present, she is a well-known social media sensation who enjoys a massive fanbase. She came into the spotlight after appearing in the popular reality program Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She then went ...
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Charlie Hunnam’s Workout Routine

Charlie Hunnam is a British actor who garnered massive attention from his fans around the globe for portraying roles like King Arthur and Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. People were not only fascinated with the ease with which he ...
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Chris Heria’s Workout Routine

You don't necessarily need to hit the gym to acquire a muscular and athletic physique. World-class calisthenics athletes exemplify that statement. Chris Heria is one of them. He has been a Pro Bar Athlete, Street Workout Champion, and is a ...
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There are many bodyweight-only exercise programs that can help you lose weight, get lean, grow muscle, or improve your strength. These programs can help you achieve all your fitness goals without spending a penny on the gear or club membership.

It is very easy to incorporate bodyweight training into any fitness routine you are following. Most of the bodyweight exercises are compound movements that can be complimenting to your goal specific efforts or can be the main driving force in achieving your fitness goals.

As you are used to carrying your own weight, there is comparatively very less chance of getting injured performing a bodyweight workout than any other type of exercise. That makes it safer to perform for long-duration sessions.

It might not be that obvious but if you use your imagination you can do thousands of moves only using your body. It is just a matter of placing them strategically in a particular order to form a goal-specific workout program around them.

Due to the possibility that you can perform the bodyweight workouts anywhere, anytime, with or without partners and trainers, these are a popular choice of many fitness enthusiasts. Considering this popularity many renowned trainers and coaches have developed workout routines using bodyweight only.

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