80+ Bodybuilding Programs

Any good workout program can help you optimize the efforts you are putting in the gym, it would help you improve the overall results to some extent. But if you have a clear goal in mind then you can opt for a workout routine that is designed for that specific goal and matches your fitness level. This will optimize your efforts in that specific direction but also help you reach there quickly.

If your aim is to improve muscle mass and build a well-defined physique then you need to find a suitable bodybuilding program that would help to stimulate your muscles in a way that would induce muscle hypertrophy.

There are hundreds and thousands of bodybuilding programs that you can find over the internet, in fitness magazines, and even at your local gym clubs. Not every program is suitable for you. You need to choose the right one depending on your fitness level, focus muscle groups, weak muscle groups, and available resources.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced level lifter, it can be difficult for you to separate the effective bodybuilding workout plans from the fake or ineffective programs without trying out the program for a full cycle. To spare you from the tedious task of going through many programs to reach the right one we have taken the efforts to segregate the bodybuilding programs.

All the programs you can find here are tried and tested by hundreds of bodybuilders. You just have to check the suitability of the schedule and fitness level to pick the plan that is perfectly suitable for you.

Bodybuilding Programs

Sergio Oliva’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The golden era of bodybuilding produced numerous legends that simply transformed the sport of bodybuilding. One such legend was the great Sergio Oliva. Sergio Oliva was nicknamed 'the myth' and he indeed was an anomaly. The monstrous muscular size that ...
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Jo Lindner’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you are a bodybuilding and social media fanatic, you must have surely come across the video of a bodybuilder who can ripple his chest fibers. That person is none other than Jo Lindner. Jo Lindner sports a lean, muscular, ...
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Hunter Labrada’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hunter Labrada is a well-known pro bodybuilder in the current scene of bodybuilding and fitness. He is the son of Lee Labrada and we must say that by winning numerous reputed bodybuilding titles he has made his father proud. Hunter ...
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Regan Grimes’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Regan Grimes is a pro bodybuilder, fitness coach, and social media influencer. Fitness freaks around the globe admire him a lot for his well-developed muscular physique. Regan earned his pro card just after training for 5 years at 22 years ...
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Gym Machine Workout Routine for Beginners (with PDF)

Free-weight exercises often require a lot of technique, strength, and stability for optimal results. Fixed machine resistance exercises, on the other hand, work on a stable pattern. They’re easier to do, provide better results, and decrease the risk of injuries ...
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6 Day Workout Split Routine (with PDF)

Working out six days a week can be a challenge. However, it allows you to train all muscle groups at least twice a week, which is the scientifically recommended frequency for effective bodybuilding. Moreover, one day of rest is good ...
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Jon Skywalker’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jon Skywalker is a bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness coach, and social media sensation. He often posts his physique pics on his social media handles which keep on increasing his ever-growing fan base. Jon has also been a source of inspiration ...
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Gabe Deutsch’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabe Deutsch is an American bodybuilder, fitness influencer, and model. Even at 25 years of age, he has been able to build a great physique which he often displays on his social media handles. This in turn has fetched him ...
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Aaron Reed’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Aaron Reed is a renowned pro-bodybuilder and an ex-WWE wrestler. His name currently tops the list of the tallest bodybuilders who have won a Men's Physique competition. His gigantic and perfectly developed physique also landed him a role in Ryan ...
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Any bodybuilding workout you perform will produce some results for you. Some bodybuilder workouts are designed to focus on a particular muscle group and some are designed for overall muscle mass growth.

The ones that target all the muscle groups simultaneously are mostly aimed at beginner or intermediate level lifters. The routines designed for the advanced level lifters are usually focused on few muscle groups.

To make it easier for you to choose the appropriate bodybuilding workout routine we have segregated the programs on the basis of fitness level, target, and equipment required. Whether you are working out from a gym club or you do it from your basement gym we have a suitable bodybuilding workout program for you. Most of the bodybuilding workouts we have on our portal are flexible and customizable to your requirement.

If the only equipment you have in your home gym is a barbell and weights, then you can choose the barbell only programs. Similarly, if you wish to concentrate on leg muscle size, you can opt for a lower-body focussed training program.

When you choose a bodybuilding training program from our website, you can rest assured about its source, accuracy, and effectiveness as we include only the programs that are developed by experienced bodybuilders and renowned trainers. So, stop wasting your time and efforts in searching for a workout program on unfaithful resources. Choose a bodybuilding program from the ones mentioned above and start working out.

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