110+ Beginner Workout Programs

If you are someone who is just started or wishing to start working out you are going to receive a lot of unwanted advice from every gym-goer who has started even one day before you did. Beware, such pieces of advice from people with limited knowledge and experience in fitness training and its effects on your fitness can be dangerous.

So, where you should look for advice on what to do and what not in the gym as a beginner? Well, for guidance on how to safely use the gym equipment, or how to do a particular move in the proper form, you can reach out to your gym trainer.

And when it comes to preparing a workout schedule suitable to your fitness level and fitness goals, or when you are looking for suitable workout programs to follow for faster results, look no further than this website. We are the most reliable source to provide you with beginner workout programs that have proven to be helpful to many fitness enthusiasts in the past.

All the beginner workout routines that are on our website are either developed by world-renowned fitness trainers or our most experienced contributors. All these workout routines are tried and tested for the results. These are safe to be performed by beginners with or without the guidance of personal trainers.

Beginner Workout Programs

Naomi Campbell’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Naomi Campbell has defied aging in a real sense. At present, she is in her early 50s but the body of this long-legged beauty still exudes the perfection that it was famous for in the 1980s. Owing to this reason, ...
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Gabrielle Epstein’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gabrielle Epstein is one of the most famous bikini models of the current era. Her beautiful body exudes perfection in every sense and inspires many of her fans to get in awesome shape. To sport such a beautiful body year-round, ...
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Emma Stone’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Emma Stone is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. And her acting prowess never fails to blow the minds of her fans away. We all have seen her in movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, Battle of the Sexes, ...
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Flat Chest Workout (Get a Flatter Chest)

Chest fat is a common problem for most men, even if you are only slightly overweight. Every man has a different body structure. For some, most of their fat is stored in their gut or the belly area. Others struggle ...
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Courtney Cox’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

We all know Courtney Cox as Monica Geller from the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She is an actor par excellence who has never failed to entertain the audiences with just her screen presence. Her character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S garnered Courtney a ...
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Hailey Bieber’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Hailey Bieber has the physique of a goddess. She never fails to inspire us with her social media posts where she is often seen hitting the gym or enjoying a beach vacation ...
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Blake Lively’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Blake Lively is a well-known Hollywood actress who has always been admired for her amazing performances. One of her most notable performances was in the drama television series 'Gossip Girl'. She has also starred in numerous other movies such as ...
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Elle Macpherson’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Elle Macpherson was one of the most celebrated models in the 1980s. After getting featured on the cover of five different sports-illustrated swimsuit issues, she was nicknamed 'the body'; all thanks to her well-developed physique that still exudes perfection in ...
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Sofia Richie’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sofia Richie is a well-known face in the modeling world. She enjoys a huge follower base on her social media handles. Sofia has been the face of numerous top-notch international clothing brands. She is a fashion designer as well and ...
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Each training routine we have included on our website has step by step explanation of every move you need to perform during the workout plan. This eliminates the possibility of mistakes or bad form and the resulting injuries.


Every workout routine for beginners is designed considering their probable fitness level. So, any beginner workout plan won’t feel too tough to complete. Most of the programs have customizable progression plans so that your plan moves with you as you progress. This prevents you from being exposed to overuse injuries and at the same time finds the optimum progression rate.

When you just begin working out you are supposed to progress very fast in the initial stages in terms of weight lifting capability for each lift till you reach your natural limit.

Just performing some workouts randomly won’t be much beneficial for you. To optimize the results of the efforts you are putting in the workout sessions, you need a workout plan that pushes you in the right direction with the right amount of intensity.

All the programs have been fully vetted by experts before making their way on our portal. All the information about the weights, sets, reps, progression, exercises, session duration, resting time for every beginner program is backed by historical results, and science. We have also mentioned the sources wherever needed.