95+ Best Advanced Workout Programs

If you have been lifting weights for less than five years, don’t try to follow some random advanced workout plans.

You can pick advanced workout programs listed here and bookmark them for future reference, to understand where you need to reach in each phase. But for following any of these without risking a serious injury you must have extensive weight training experience plus the stamina and strength required to handle the intensity and volume of these programs.

Every advanced workout routine is high on volume or intensity. Some of these even ask you to work out twice a day. Even the warming up towards your main lifts is done with heavier weights. But that’s what you are looking for, right?

We have the kind of advanced workout programs you are looking for. These programs are intense, demanding, and as effective as you expect them to be. You can see significant gains in your strength and muscle mass with the completion of a single cycle of the programs. Most of these programs last about 8 to 12 weeks.

The weight training workout routines included in these advanced workout programs come with a detailed explanation about sets, reps, and recommended weights at each stage of the program.

Advanced Workout Routine

Neymar Workout Routine

Neymar Jr, the famous Brazilian soccer player, is a heartthrob of the current generation. He has earned the folks’ love not only for his excellent display of sportsmanship and team support but also for his dashing and attractive figure. These ...
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Jason Statham Workout Routine

Known popularly for his action-packed roles in Hollywood flicks like Crank, Hobbs and Shaw, The Transporter, and many more, Jason Statham has carved a niche for himself in the world of action-oriented cinema. His onscreen swag and high-flying kicks are ...
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John Krasinski Workout Routine

The most challenging part about being an actor is to transform one's physique in a short period to portray certain roles. John Krasinski found himself in the same situation when he had to portray a Navy SEAL in 13 Hours: ...
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Ross Edgley Workout Routine

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Ross Edgley is the epitome of athletic excellence in the current times. Not only does he have a strong and muscular physique, but he has also been an excellent swimmer. Well, his ...
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Rich Piana Workout Routine

Rich Eugene Piana was a testament to the massive success the gym grind can produce. He always aimed to be a bodybuilder since his childhood and started his journey at 11 after being influenced by his mother. He had successfully ...
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Kali Muscle Workout Routine

You can find a plethora of fitness influencers on YouTube. But Kali Muscle is one such fitness YouTuber whose overall persona makes him stand out from his contemporaries. He is a muscle monster who trains like a freak and also ...
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Alex Rodriguez Workout Routine

Alex Rodriguez is an absolute monster on the baseball field. He is a powerhouse with loads of constant energy and a huge physique. Most of us know him as “A-Rod”. Being one of the most successful basketball players is difficult, ...
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Jackie Chan Workout Routine

When it comes to performing well-choreographed fight sequences and gravity-defying stunts, there is only one man who can do all that stuff with a smiling face. That man is none other than Jackie Chan. He is a well-known actor, action ...
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Brian Shaw Workout Routine

If you are someone who gets mesmerized by men who exude monstrous size and superhuman strength, then you would have surely heard the name, Brian Shaw. He is a famous American strongman. Standing tall at a towering 6 feet 8 ...
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At the advanced level, it becomes more tedious to remember the number of sets, reps, weights, etc, and thus becomes difficult to follow them exactly without a proper personalized scheduler or spreadsheet to remind you what to do next and to track the progress. To help you through this issue, many enthusiasts have created such sheets for these workout programs. On our portal, we have included links to these sheets along with the programs to make it easy for you to find them.


As you will be putting in a lot of physical efforts following these advanced workouts, we know you won’t like to make more efforts to find the new programs or to do the weight calculations. Keeping that in mind we have sorted the workout routines based on goals and included the link to planning sheets that can be easily personalized. This is to make it easy for you to find the right workout plan for you and to ease up the process to track the progress.

Every program that made to the list of advanced workout routines on our website is made by renowned powerlifters, bodybuilders, and coaches. Almost all these programs have been tried and tested by the athletes who compete on the world stage. We have taken an effort to include the information about the lifters who have benefitted from the particular programs.

The workout programs on our website are intended to provide you with all the information you need to understand each detail about the most popular and most effective advanced level workout programs. Each workout program is a complete guide in itself, and it also has links to the references, schedules, technical backing to the exercises, equipment data, and other useful information.

Get in now and get access to every workout routine that has even been a talk of the town in the powerlifting and bodybuilding world.