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Your workout goals mean nothing if you don’t have a plan in place to achieve that. If your workout goal is the destination of your fitness journey, the workout plan is the map to reach there.

A workout program provides you with a detailed action plan to follow in order to accomplish your fitness goal in the most efficient, safe, and time-bound manner. Choosing the right workout regimen would not only accelerate your growth but also ensure that you won’t get injured in the process.

There are hundreds of free workout programs available here. You can choose the suitable program out of these workout routines based on the expected end results, your current fitness level, available equipment, duration of the program, the intensity of the program, and your personal preferences.

Best Workout Programs

Best Workout Routines

Georges St. Pierre’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Georges St-Pierre who is commonly known as GSP and Rush amongst his fans has made a name for himself in the world of mixed martial arts. His fighting prowess is simply unmatchable and his fitness levels have always been at ...
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Gerard Butler’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

If there has to be one Hollywood actor who went on to take the embodiment of a Greek God physique to a whole new level, that man would be Gerard Butler. The kind of body that he sported in the ...
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Michael Phelps’ Workout Routine & Diet Plan

MICHAEL PHELPS, the name that needs no introduction whatsoever. Regarded as one of the greatest competitive swimmers of all time, Phelps has made records that seem pretty insurmountable. Here, the question arises how was Phelps able to take his fitness ...
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Joe Manganiello’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan 

Standing tall at an incredible 6’5”, Joe Manganiello owns such a physique that we all desire to have. Besides being blessed with good genetics, this Hollywood actor works really hard to be in shape. Besides being a versatile actor, Manganiello ...
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Jennifer Garner’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

A Grammy winner and a brilliant multi-talented celeb, Jennifer Garner is also known for her fitness sense. Even in her late forties, this prolific actress from Houston is maintaining a fit physique that still gives her the charm she had ...
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Cillian Murphy’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Cillian Murphy has established his own identity in the acting world through his impeccable performances in peaky blinders and several Hollywood movies like Dunkirk and Dark Knight.  Of course, this Irish actor is famous for his excellent acting skills but ...
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Tristyn Lee’s Workout Routine

Tristyn Lee has become a social media sensation in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. From renowned bodybuilders to regular gym rats, everyone gets surprised and impressed on seeing the lean and ripped physique of this teenager who seems to ...
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Victor Richards’ Workout Routine

Weighing a massive 330 pounds, Victor Richards, in his prime, owned one of the biggest physiques in the world of bodybuilding. He won several competitions in his early days as a bodybuilder before retiring from competitive sport. Victor Richards’s workout ...
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Andrei Deiu’s Workout Routine

When Andrei Deiu grabbed his bodybuilding pro card in 2011 following the MP teens victory, he was one of the youngest bodybuilders to achieve the feat.  Andrei used to be a fat kid in his early teens and was often ...
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Here are a few examples of different types of workout plans based on different parameters;

  • Goal specific workout programs: Weight loss programs, Weight gain programs, Muscle growth programs, Strength gain programs, Hybrid programs, Sports conditioning programs, Powerlifting programs, etc.
  • Based on fitness level: Workout plans for beginners, Workout plans for intermediate level lifters and enthusiasts, Advanced level workout plans.
  • Based on how you progress: Linear progression plans, Undulated progression routines, Block progression, etc.
  • Equipment specific plans: Dumbbell only workout programs, Barbell only programs, No equipment program, etc.
  • Duration of one cycle: Programs range from one-week cycle to more than 24-week cycles.

A good workout program provides you with a detailed account of the process to follow to reach your desired goal. It consists of a detailed workout schedule that indicates work days and rest days for the complete cycle of the programs.

The programs provide a detailed guideline about the range of exercises to perform on particular work-days along with the recommended sets and reps for the respective moves.

In a workout program, you would also get guiding instructions about weight selection for the exercises to be performed. Weight selection in the beginning, progression, and deloading weights can be computed for your custom requirements using the guidelines provided in the programs.

Most of the workout programs already have customizable spreadsheets or templates developed for that specific plan, which can be downloaded and used as a schedule to follow the program to the T and can also be used to track your progress in terms of archived reps, and the rep max weights.

While some workout programs look like a general guideline, the advanced level programs tend to be very specific in nature. But almost all the programs can be tailored to suit your needs.

The workout programs not only act as a guide instructing you with the steps to reach your desired fitness goal but also increases your chances of getting there faster. The right workout routine optimizes the time and energy you spend in the gym through strategically arranging the exercises, rest periods, weight progression, etc.

A detailed workout program can be instrumental in improving your confidence in the process. It can be an encouraging factor ensuring that you adhere to the plan and keep putting in the efforts.

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