8 5×5 Workout Programs

If you have a passion towards lifting and fitness, you must have surely heard about the 5×5 workout plan. It is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. 5×5 programs use rest, recovery, and nutrition in the most efficient manner. Based on simple and basic training principles, this training system aids in building lean muscle mass, burning off excess fat, and making you stronger as you progress through it. The 5×5 workout plans surely stood the test of time. This training protocol has been used by both professional bodybuilders and weightlifters to build up a firm foundation. 5×5 workout programs can take your overall performance to newer heights.

As the name “5×5 workout plan” implies, following this training system, you are required to perform five sets of five reps for certain compound movements three times a week. So what will you be doing on the remaining four days of the week? The answer to this is simple. You will be resting and focusing more on your recovery. The principle of “less is more” gels perfectly well with this training plan. The compound movements that you perform while following the 5×5 training routine are bench press, deadlift, overhead press, barbell rowing, and squat. You just need to make sure that you perform these movements with barbells and not machines, no matter how advanced your gym is.

5x5 Workout Programs

Brad Gillingham 16 Week Squat + Deadlift Program with Spreadsheet

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Bill Starr 5×5 Spreadsheet

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Bill Starr’s Big Three Workout Routine

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Bill Starr 5×5 Advanced Program

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Bill Starr’s 5×5 Intermediate Routine

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Bill Starr’s Beginner 5×5 Program

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StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Program [with Spreadsheet]

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Madcow 5×5 Program

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Jason Blaha’s Ice Cream Fitness 5×5 Novice & Intermediate Workout Program

You might have been through the experience or you may know someone who has started lifting weights with enthusiasm but have quit within few months or a year. Mostly the reason behind quitting is lack of motivation and slower results ...
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You must be knowing that compound exercises are basically multi-joint movements that target different muscle groups. For instance, when you perform the deadlift, your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, trapezius, and many other smaller muscle groups get trained. Similarly, when you perform the bench press, your pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids, and tricep muscles get adequately trained. This is the prime reason that you don’t need to worry about performing isolation movements like curls, raises, shrugs, or extensions for smaller muscle groups while being on the 5×5 training program.

The 5×5 training plan requires you to perform the compound movements with heavier weights and fewer reps. This proves to be taxing and stressful on both your muscles as well as the central nervous system. This is why provisions of rest and recovery are made in this workout plan that allows you a day of rest in-between two consecutive training sessions. This also helps in gaining strength along with contributing to greater muscle mass.

The progression that is followed under this program is quite basic. When you are able to perform five sets of five reps on a certain lift with a certain weight, then in the next training session you add up weight to that particular lift and progress in the same manner throughout your training period.

When you follow 5×5 training plans, your body demands huge amounts of energy to progress through the training sessions. Hence, this program requires you to eat like a horse and maintain a caloric surplus. This also helps you in filling your skinny frame with lean muscle mass and upping your strength levels.

The 5×5 workout program has been used by numerous lifters including Reg Park, Bill Starr, and many others to pack on muscle size and gain strength in the most basic and efficient manner. You can also get the same results as they got by following the classic 5×5 training plan.

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