Will Smith’s Diet Plan

Willard Smith was his original Christian name, but the world embraced him affectionately as Will Smith. Will Smith was a success story from his early days.

He took decisions which an average American would hesitate. Will chose to be a rapper after his school days, sacrificing his advanced studies in college. He formed his hip-hop group along with his co-musician, and everyone appreciated his musical talent. He progressed to act in a Television Sitcom’ which was a success. 

The Sitcom was the perfect launch board for Will, and he was soon into more action-oriented movies. Such action-based films warranted a good physique, and Will Smith hit the gym.

Soon enough, his movies were a big hit worldwide and grossed several million. Will Smith accepted projects that required demanding muscular physique, and he became a trendsetter.

He is a confessed Junk food addict, and he sacrificed them to achieve more meaningful goals in bodybuilding and a diet plan which would take him towards it.

He did try fasting at one point and failed at it. His high blood pressure became a problem, and he took steps to bring it back to normalcy. He chose fresh foods and decided on his calorie intake every day. Typically, he consumed four meals a day but did not have inhibitions increasing to five.

Will Smith stands tall at 6 feet and 1and half inches. He generally weighs 82 Kg but could raise it beyond that to 100 Kg for projects like ‘ Ali.’ He won the Cesar Award and has won several Grammy‘s and TV Awards, including Oscar Nominations.

So, what is Will Smith’s secret to his success in bodybuilding and health? The following would illustrate that.

Will Smith’s Diet Plan 

Will Smith Diet
Will Smith / Instagram
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Smith did not have issues with his health in his early days. Movie roles brought various challenges to his physical alteration. The perfect example was when he acted in ‘Ali.’ He had to put on weight and touched 223 lbs.

To shed his fat, he fasted for ten days which caused his blood pressure to rise dangerously. On the other hand, he had to develop muscles, which required a five times a day meal. Will Smith developed a diet that would regulate his blood pressure to normalcy and stay away from his addiction to junk food.

Here is Will Smith’s Meal plan

Will Smith’s Meal Plan


Eggs and Oatmeal


Protein Shake –Optimum Nutrition


Chicken breast with Broccoli


Sweet potato and Beef

Will Smith adapted a specific approach towards bodybuilding and fitness. It largely depended on the film he was to embark on soon. Certain films required him to bulk up without many muscles, and the others needed a ripped physique to suit his character.

What Will Smith Eats

Will Smith maintained a slim physique during his early days. His idea was to be more athletic, but all that changed when he hit stardom. He needed to bulk up for his roles and throw in excess fat to suit the character or appear with ripped, lean, and rigid muscles.

His diet was essential to accompany his tough workouts. Will Smith hit on a four-meal-a-day diet plan and carefully planned his nutritional plan. He had low blood pressure problems, and his fasting plans also had to be on the dot.

These issues do not face a typical gym-going bodybuilder, but Will Smith often had to change his plans. Bearing that in mind, he devised a diet chart that contained all the foods he considered essential to promote muscles and fitness.

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Steak
  • Vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Broccoli
  • Water (at regular intervals)
  • Meat
  • Muffins (in moderation)

Will Smith has worked on his diet to have all macronutrients on board with medium – High Protein 20 % higher than medium carbs and fat. When he works out intensively, he eats five times a day which totals 3500 calories.

His diet – plan encompasses over the following major food categories, which are

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Whole Grains
  • Green vegetables
  • Meat
  • Albumen
  • Baked foods (only Muffins)

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What Will Smith Avoids:

His experiments towards dropping weight by fasting had dangerous results and developed blood pressure issues.

With all this at stake, Will Smith devised his plan on foods to avoid.

  • Junk and sugary food.
  • Refined Sugar
  • Processed Food items
  • Excess eating or Over- Indulging in food.

Will Smith’s Supplements

Will Smith relies upon Supplements, too, in addition to his diet. His meal plan gives him nutrition, and he makes up with supplements in case there is a gap in his food. You can find his list of preferred supplements.

  • Protein Powder for muscle building
  • Beta-Alanine, an amino acid not produced internally. It enhances his stamina and lean muscles.
  • Pre-workout helps him keep off fatigue when working out intensively.
  • Omega- 3s helps regulate his low blood pressure and prevents inflammation
  • Arginine to increase his blood circulation due to the presence of nitric oxide in it. It also stabilizes his low blood pres
  • Magnesium: Perhaps the most vital supplement to many gym-goers. Magnesium aids Will Smith in the following ways:  It is Anti-inflammatory, it brings down high blood pressure and boosts performances during workouts
  • Cocoa contains Polyphenols and flavones. These reduce inflammation, regulate blood flow, blood sugar levels, and improve Nitric oxide levels.
  • Potassium can regulate muscle contractions which help bodybuilders like Will Smith. It regulates body fluid too.

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Will Smith has turned 51 now but still works out in his gym. The combination of his diet and nutrition plan helps him achieve his goals quickly. He resists his junk food and concentrates on achieving his fitness goals. One can say that the ‘ Will’ Power in Will Smith can never fail!