Why is OrangeTheory So Expensive? (Uncovering the Hidden Reasons)

OrangeTheory Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains around the world. With over 1,300 studios across the United States, it serves as the one-stop fitness destination for thousands of health enthusiasts.

The good thing is that OrangeTheory is not like your regular commercial gym. The chain follows its own science-based workout routines for maximum efficiency. The inclusion of certified coaches also adds to the unique experience offered by OTF studios.

While there are many positives to purchasing an OrangeTheory membership, some people believe that it might be a tad too expensive. This becomes especially true if you compare it to other commercial gym chains like Planet Fitness, where monthly membership prices start at as low as $10.

So, what makes OrangeTheory so expensive? Let’s find out.

Why is OrangeTheory So Expensive

Why is OrangeTheory So Expensive?

OrangeTheory offers several membership options with varied perks and pricing models. The cost also varies from one studio to another.

And while there are many options to choose from, the general verdict is that OrangeTheory memberships are comparatively more expensive.

But that’s not without reason. Here’s why OrangeTheory Fitness memberships cost so much:-

OrangeTheory Ensures Regularity

While trying to justify the price of something, you should always look at how much you are using it. If you’re paying $25 per month for a Planet Fitness membership but hardly show up at the gym, that’s money wasted.

On the other hand, if you’re paying $99 for 8 training sessions per week at OrangeTheory Fitness, the price will be worth it if you attend all the classes.

And that is why OTF studios are so popular. They schedule their classes beforehand. So, if you miss a session, you’re liable to pay a no-show fee. That alone drives all the members to remain regular with their classes at the gym.

Most OrangeTheory members say that the higher prices are justified because they are making full use of their memberships, as opposed to cheaper gyms where they could not motivate themselves to train regularly.

OrangeTheory Offers Personalized Attention

The cost of hiring a trainer in the United States is anywhere between $150-$300 per month. At OrangeTheory, you can purchase an unlimited membership at that price, and you get your own personal trainers as well.

One of the most unique features of OTF gyms is that all the training classes are led by certified coaches. The workout routine is clearly planned by these coaches to get personalised fitness results effectively.

In this way, signing up for an OrangeTheory membership will actually prove to be cheaper than hiring a personal trainer.

OrangeTheory Invests in Technology

OrangeTheory workouts are completely result-oriented. The chain uses Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) and different kinds of performance-tracking software to help members track their process and plan future workouts accordingly.

Investing in such technology does not come cheap. As such, membership costs are a little higher to cover the expenses.

OrangeTheory Only Hires Certified Trainers

All OTF coaches are completely qualified and undergo vigorous certification courses before they are offered the job.

OrangeTheory follows an exclusive certification plan where coaches undergo strenuous training to make them capable of leading result-oriented group fitness classes. Because of how high-intensity these training periods are, OTF actually pays its coaches for the time they take to earn this certification.

In this regard, OrangeTheory Fitness is one of the best employers of fitness professionals. So, you can rest assured that your workout routines are being planned by someone who really knows their stuff.

At OTF, the responsibilities donned by the coaches are immense – they need to keep track of dozens of people at once, keep them motivated, maintain and plan the training templates, and be personable, all at the same time!

So, you’re essentially paying higher rates for highly-qualified and experienced coaches. And if you look at it, these coaches would charge anywhere between $250-$300 per month outside OrangeTheory. So, you’re actually getting a pretty good deal.

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OrangeTheory Offers High-End Facilities

One of the main reasons why OrangeTheory is more expensive than a regular commercial gym is because the chain uses high-quality equipment and spends a lot on maintenance and rent.

Generally, all OTF studios are spacious, clean, and well-kept. Because of the size of these studios, we anticipate that the rent is pretty high as well.

With all these things in mind, the membership prices that OrangeTheory is asking for are not much. In fact, some Reddit users calculated the average costs incurred by an OTF studio on a monthly basis versus what they charge their clients. The conclusion was that the studio was not making a great deal of profits in the long run.

All things considered, OrangeTheory is not that expensive compared to what it offers.

OrangeTheory Has Showers and Lockers

If you like the idea of having a refreshing shower after your strenuous workouts, you will definitely love OrangeTheory.

The majority of OTF studios offer private bathrooms where you can change into your gym outfit, freshen up, and even take a post-workout shower to get rid of all the sweat and grime.

Most members reported that the bathrooms are spotlessly clean. But even so, we would recommend that you bring a pair of slippers to maintain your hygiene while using the gym bathroom.

Moreover, these bathrooms are well-equipped with cosmetics and self-care products like body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and even hair dryers.

Most OTF studios also have lockers. While they are not dedicated locker rooms, there are storage spaces where one can keep their personal belongings.

To enjoy such facilities, it’s fair that members are expected to pay a little more.

Semi-Personal Group Classes

The best way to describe an OrangeTheory class is to call it a semi-personal group training session.

That’s because OrangeTheory keeps the size of their batches small. Generally, they only allow up to 24 members in a single class.

Because of this, coaches are better equipped to divide their attention among different members and focus on everyone’s progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

So, apart from being one of the most affordable group-based fitness studios, OrangeTheory ensures that you don’t get lost in a huge crowd.

To make up for their small class sizes, the individual memberships cost a little more.

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Our Verdict

The belief that OrangeTheory Fitness is expensive is a popular misconception. While the chain is not as cheap as some commercial alternatives like Planet Fitness, it is definitely worth all the money.

From enjoying state-of-the-art facilities to keeping away from monotonous workout routines, OrangeTheory has it all. That being said, the chain offers several membership tiers to choose from. So, you can consider cheaper alternatives if the high-end packages seem too costly.