Why Is CrossFit So Addictive? (3 Real Reasons)

Founded in the early 2000s, CrossFit managed to grow in popularity all across the globe. It now has close to 5 million participants, making it kind of a cult among fitness lovers.

Of course, CrossFit is a great way to stay fit. But one problem with this revolutionary exercise regime is that it can be addictive. CrossFit addiction is in fact very common among its members, due to three major reasons.

Through this article, we will guide you on why CrossFit workouts can become addictive. So, read along!

Why Is CrossFit So Addictive?

Why Is CrossFit So Addictive

The main objective of CrossFit is to motivate the members to do several high intensity functional movements. Functional movements are the kinds of movements that we do in our daily life activities.

Overall, when all such movements like squats, pull movements, and push movements are combined along with faster paced progress, your body can get the benefit of doing a wide variety of exercises like weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, etc.

Overall, engaging in CrossFit-like workouts can be good. But if you do it too often, you might get addicted to it, for the following reasons:

You Will Be Curious About The WOD, Every Day!

The best way to keep someone addicted or attached to something, is to bring uncertainty or unpredictability. The most unique feature of CrossFit compared to other forms of fitness activities is the ever changing WOD.

WOD, which stands for Workout Of the Day, is what you’ll be doing that day in your CrossFit studio. The WOD is rarely the same as what you did last day.

That means, you will be keen to know what new challenge they will give you each day.

Also, as each day is different at CrossFit, missing one day’s workout might bring regret to some. Some CrossFit lovers are so addicted to the workout, that they think missing one day’s task is a grave mistake on their part.

This curiosity about the WOD can make you addicted to CrossFit easily.

Competitive In Nature

Unlike regular gym workouts, CrossFit can become extremely competitive. No, we aren’t yet speaking about the annual competition they conduct, but about the competitive nature of even daily CrossFit workouts.

For instance, trainers will be putting forward a task you need to do, and doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) will be your goal in most cases. This competitiveness will act as fuel for you to keep on doing this.

While such motivation has its own positive sides, it can cause some other problems. The most serious threat of such excess motivation is that you will start ignoring injuries and work out even when you’re not fit.

Overall, this competitive nature not only makes you addicted to CrossFit, but may also bring constant, or even long lasting injuries.

‘Intensity’ Matters; Causing Dopamine And Endorphins To Surge

CrossFit is all about doing a certain workout with the maximum possible intensity. Here, even the proper form sometimes becomes irrelevant.

Doing as many reps as possible, will cause the release of chemicals like Dopamine and Endorphins.

Endorphin is a chemical that the human body produces when we engage in intense physical activities that cause stress or pain. The very role of this chemical is to relieve us from pain and to impart a feeling of happiness.

So, you’ll eventually get addicted to excessive strain on your body.

The second chemical is Dopamine, which can be even more dangerous in certain cases. Dopamine is basically a chemical our body produces while we engage in activities that make us happy. That may include sex, spending time with loved ones, buying new stuff, watching one’s favorite game; the list may go on, and working out can also create a Dopamine Surge in some.

The excess production of Dopamine is more common in CrossFit lovers, thanks to several factors listed above.

So, when you are not doing a specific activity, your CrossFit WOD being the case here, you will feel a sense of deprivation. This will make you go back to the activity with much more addiction.

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The Bottom Line

Once again, we are never against CrossFit. Doing any kind of exercise is a good way to stay fit in this modern Era of constant stress, junk food culture, and other factors.

But keep in mind that too much of anything is bad for you, and the same applies to CrossFit. If you are a CrossFit lover and are already ignoring injuries to participate in WODs, maybe it’s an indication that you are a CrossFit addict, and perhaps it’s time to bring things under control!