Why Don’t David Lloyd Publish Prices? Discover the Hidden Truth

What is the first thing that you do when you want to sign up for a new gym membership? You look for their prices online, of course!

But if you are a David Lloyd loyalist, you might not relate to that.

The exclusive and luxurious fitness chain has its hold on the entire United Kingdom, with thousands of members actively working out in 102 high-end gyms across the country.

If you want to get into a David Lloyd club, you will have to do more than just surf their websites to get the latest prices. You will actually have to contact the sales team of the nearest branch and get a quote according to your requirements.

But why is that the case? Why are David Lloyd membership prices so secretive? Fortunately, there are not one but nine explanations for this.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

Why Don’t David Lloyd Publish Prices
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Why Don’t David Lloyd Publish Prices?

If you’re out to get a David Lloyd membership and can’t figure out their prices, you have come to the right place.

Because we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know. You simply can’t get an accurate figure of what the nearest David Lloyd club charges its members on a monthly basis. They simply don’t reveal that sort of information.

We’ll give you 9 reasons why:-

Sales Tour and Upselling Opportunities

One of the main reasons why David Lloyd clubs do not give out their fixed prices is because they want to entice you into getting a sales tour.

The brand knows that there’s not a single fitness club in the United Kingdom that can compete with it in terms of facilities. So, they can charge you a high amount once you see the insides of the gym and look at all the amenities you will be enjoying.

If you simply go on their website and see that they are charging £80-£100 per month, it’ll appear very uncompetitive against other fitness chains like Pure Gym, where the monthly membership rates drop as low as £20.

The sales team of David Lloyd is specially equipped to design a tour package tailored specifically to your needs. So, they aim to entice you into getting a nice tour and then reveal the prices as per your requirements.

Pricing Flexibility

Many David Lloyd members have reported that you can actually negotiate the membership price and try to get a discount. If the brand had a rigid pricing model that was advertised on the internet, the sales staff would not be able to make these leeways.

However, by not publishing the prices, David Lloyd has smartly retained its ability to negotiate and offer personalised pricing options based on different circumstances like membership duration, additional services, promotions, and so on.

Regional Variations

David Lloyd clubs are not the same everywhere in the United Kingdom. Some of them are very exclusive and high-end. They offer greater facilities and amenities. As such, they also have higher membership prices compared to other branches that offer relatively lesser amenities.

Moreover, different countries and regions have different prices because of their economic factors, cost structures, market demands and so on.

By not publicising its membership prices, David Lloyd can retain its offerings and pricing to suit specific regions and demographics.

Dynamic Pricing

David Lloyd does not operate on a fixed-price model. They can have different membership prices throughout the year depending on various factors.

For example, if there is an increase in demand during a particular season or festival, the prices may increase. Similarly, if the local market conditions suffer because of some external factor, David Lloyd will decrease its prices to accommodate the circumstances.

Moreover, David Lloyd has one strict policy:

  • “We may increase membership fees automatically each year by up to either 1% above the rate of inflation according to the Retail Prices Index or 3%, whichever is higher.”

Following this policy would not be possible if the rates were fixed and advertised publicly.

As such, by not making their prices public, David Lloyd clubs reserve the right to change their prices and adapt to maximise revenue and optimise membership sales.

Market Competition

By not disclosing their prices to the general public, David Lloyd clubs have made it more challenging for local competitors to directly compare their offerings and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly.

This secretive, approach, therefore, benefits David Lloyd in the long run and offers them a competitive edge over its fitness-centric rivals.

Maintaining Exclusivity

One of the main USPs of David Lloyd is that it is highly exclusive. The members feel that they are part of a luxurious club after purchasing a David Lloyd membership.

So, by not openly advertising their prices, David Lloyd attempts to create a perception of exclusivity. Thus, potential members then start perceiving DL as a luxurious brand that is more premium, high-end, and exclusive. The strategy is great for advertising individuals who are out to get an exclusive experience and are willing to pay a premium for that.

Personalised Consultation

David Lloyd clubs offer a ton of facilities and opportunities to fitness enthusiasts. Thus, the sales team can benefit from getting one-on-one time with their clients. By having a personalised consultation session, they can understand the individual needs, preferences, and goals of the prospective members.

By using this approach, David Lloyd salespeople can showcase the full extent of the brand’s services and tailor membership options based on the client’s aspirations.

Complicated Pricing Structure

David Lloyd does not have a linear pricing model. Instead, they have several membership tiers and options that you can explore. These different add-ons, tiers, and payment options might be confusing when displayed publicly.

But when explained during the consultation process, the potential client might be more open to making the right decision by fully understanding the options before them. That’s why DL clubs prefer doing business this way.

Data Collection

One of the side benefits of inviting potential members to consultation processes and sales tours, David Lloyd can cultivate valuable data about the community’s preferences, interests, and budget constraints.

The chain can then use this information to refine its marketing strategies, retarget its target audience, and optimise its pricing models.

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Final Words

David Lloyd is one of the most luxurious and high-end gyms that you can find globally. However, the chain is also known for being very secretive about its pricing model.

If you want to know what the nearest David Lloyd club charges its customers, you will have to call them directly.