Why Cyclists Are So Skinny? (Let’s Investigate)

Everybody wants to be blessed with a great-looking physique. If you are new to cycling, or are looking forward to entering the world of cycling, you must be curious about the kind of effect that cycling can have on your body. Does cycling make your legs big? Does cycling help you slash down your body weight? The questions can be many.

Our society paints a distinct picture of sportsmen who are associated with different kinds of sports. While people have assumed that swimmers are bound to have long limbs, a lean body, broad shoulders, and thin abdomen, cyclists are usually believed to have a lean stature and most importantly, an underdeveloped upper body.

However, there is no specific spot from which the cyclist will lose weight. Spot reduction is a myth, when weight is lost from the body, it is lost from the whole body which is treated as a unit, not just from targeted areas.

This article will give you an insight into the different factors that contribute to the thin bodies of cyclists. Read on to find out.

Can cycling make you skinny?

Can cycling make you skinny

Yes, if you are looking forward to shedding the excess fat off your body, cycling can be a great activity to indulge in. It is a fun, efficient, and effective way to lose weight. No matter how packed your day is, you can easily squeeze some time in between your activities to hop onto your cycling seat.

Not only this, but there are a number of physical and mental benefits that are associated with cycling.  A bicycle is also an efficient mode of transportation. You can either go to fetch your morning milk on your bicycle, or commute to work. It will not only reap benefits to your body, but will also help you contribute to the environment by slashing down the CO2 emission.

Studies have shown that cycling for even half an hour per day can help you lose a lot of weight. Not only this, but cycling also helps to boost the creativity, concentration, and memory abilities of individuals.

Why are cyclists so skinny?

Why are cyclists so skinny

Have you ever wondered why cyclists are so skinny? There are a number of reasons why cyclists are skinny. Unless a cyclist maintains a lean body, it will be difficult for him to cut through air swiftly. Listed below are some of the reasons that will justify the lean and skinny figure of the cyclists.

A cyclist’s lifestyle is full of activities

Bikers have a very active lifestyle. Cycling does not refer to leisurely involvement in the sport, but it refers to those who are professionally involved in the sport. Cycling is a great cardio exercise which helps in easy burning of fat.

As a cyclist begins to pedal, his body slips into a state of motion. It is the lower body that is more involved in cycling as compared to the upper body.

As the body enters a state of motion, it starts to burn fat. Therefore, cyclists appear skinny. Nevertheless, since their muscles undergo wear and tear during cycling, they appear toned.

Cycling does not involve the upper body

Cyclists do not count on their upper body strength. The sole purpose of the upper body of cyclists is to hold the bodies to stay upright at the time of cycling. Hence, they do not pay much attention to upper body strength. As a result, it remains mostly underdeveloped.

If a cyclist wishes to develop buff upper body muscles, he will have to indulge in strength training that will target the muscles particularly.

They do not train their upper bodies

As has been mentioned above, cycling does not require much involvement of the upper body. Therefore, cyclists do not spend much time in weight lifting or training their arms.

Their diet choices impact their body shape

Those who are involved in active cycling, need to maintain a high level of nutrition in order to withstand the challenges that are associated with cycling. Having the right kind of diet before, during, and after cycling helps in determining their body shape.

Before a biker starts biking, he has to take in food that will release carbohydrates slowly and steadily. Adding a source of protein and a fruit or vegetable will prove to be an added benefit.

Post biking, bikers need to go for food items that will make up for the energy that is lost. Hence, the diet should contain items like vegetables, chicken, and other food items which will contain lots of carbohydrates and protein.

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A cyclist is very cautious about the calories he is putting on his plate

If you are willing to attain a specific kind of body, you need to make sure that you are careful about the number of calories you are putting on your plate. It is important that you adhere to a strict diet.

Any up and down in the weight will impact your ride and slow you down when you are on the bike. You may also face difficulty in climbing up a difficult terrain. Therefore, to remain swift, it is ideally suggested to slash down the calorie intake.

They need to keep their weight low to ensure optimum performance

Weight can be a cyclist’s biggest enemy. Every ounce of fat that a cyclist carries in his body is sure to affect his riding. Disregarding the kind of terrain to ride through, or the distance covered, the body weight of the cyclist is sure to affect his performance. The performance and power of cyclists determine their weight.

Therefore, if a cyclist wants to move swiftly, he has to develop stronger, powerful and lean muscles, which can only be done by getting rid of unwanted fat. Cycling helps to burn calories and leads to a skinny-looking appearance of cyclists.

Heredity is an important factor

Some cyclists may be naturally skinny. It has often been noticed that individuals involved in a sport have similar kinds of physical traits. This may either be attributed to the kind of training they undergo, or genetics.

Do cyclists have to be skinny?

Do cyclists have to be skinny

If a cyclist is skinny, it definitely gives him an edge. A lean body makes it easy for the cyclist to cut through the air.

If a cyclist has broad shoulders and a developed upper body, it will definitely pose resistance and restrict the swift movement. Hence, we can vouch that a buff body is a major disadvantage for cyclists.

Skinny cyclists are always at an advantage as compared to those who are slightly well-built.

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On an ending note

Therefore, we can conclude that cycling helps in building physical endurance and weight loss. It helps to burn calories. It is also beneficial in improving the cardiovascular fitness of a cyclist.

However, it is important to note that cycling cannot be a substitute for strength training.

If you want to size up your muscles, you will have to incorporate strength training into your training schedule.