What To Wear In A Tanning Bed? (Best Results!)

Are you a first-timer who wants to go get a tan from a tanning salon and have everything prefigured except for the clothing specifications? Are you unsure about what is usually worn and what you should be wearing to a tanning place?

Then, you are in the right place because this article will provide you with all the necessary details on what you should wear when opting for a tan at a tanning bed.

Also, for anyone who has already experienced tanning beds but would still like to hear what other people usually do or to check if you’ve been doing it right, then this article will be a good read for you as well. 

What To Wear In A Tanning Bed?

What To Wear In A Tanning Bed
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Honestly, there isn’t a fixed universal rulebook on what should be worn to get a tan from tanning beds. There isn’t one fixed answer and that is mostly because clothing is subjective.

Sometimes people want to get a full-body tan so that they can look good in swimsuits at the beaches and sometimes it can even be because some people feel they are too pale and wish to get that bronzy look that tanning can help them achieve. For some, the purpose of getting a full body tan might just be so that they can good look in certain dresses and clothes.

So, everyone has their own concerns when it comes to getting a tan done which results in the variation of clothes that one can opt for when getting tanned.

Plus, it also depends on the kind of attire your preferred tanning place allows for. Not every tanning place has a tanning bed facility. Some may have tanning booths.

Wear Nothing In The Tanning Bed

If your tanning place has a tanning bed, there is a great possibility that they would allow you to get tanned in the nude. And no, this is not something you have to get alarmed over. Numerous people who do not want those harsh tan lines that result from wearing clothes while tanning prefer to get tanned in the nude.

Also, if hygiene is something you are greatly concerned about when tanning in the nude, then do not have any worries. Tanning places are supposed to keep their tanning beds clean after each use as per the health laws that prevail in the country.

There will most probably be a person assigned to clean the premises after each use of the tanning bed. However, even when someone is not designated then also cleaning solutions and paper towels will be available nearby for you to clean it yourself.

So do not worry about catching any infections if you wish to get tanned in the nude. Our advice would be to ask your tanning place about their cleaning measures before heading to get tanned in the nude.

However, if getting a tan while being nude is not something that you prefer or feel comfortable doing, then there are a few clothing options you can choose from. Here’s the list:


Swimsuits are one of the most popular choices when it comes to tanning bed attire. Even if beaches are not something you are targeting to go to, either way, swimsuits are still a great option.

Swimsuits are designed in such a way that they absorb minimal water and also tend to dry very quickly. Usually, when you get tanned on a tanning bed the UV rays cause quite a lot of sweat on your entire body, hence wearing a swimsuit would be a great fit.

Plus the swimsuit will also act as a protective covering for the sensitive areas of your body like the chest or the lower regions.

If you are getting a full-body tan to rock a particular swimsuit, then our advice would be to wear that swimsuit itself. Wearing such a swimsuit will prevent you from missing out on any leftover place which could have been left out under some other swimsuit.


Wearing your underwear is definitely the most favored choice when it comes to getting tanned on tanning beds. It is what most people opt for and you can too.

No need to bring any fancy swimsuit or bikini when your regular underwear can also serve the same purpose. The only drawback is that your regular underwear will not be able to prevent sweat absorption.

Underwear is a greatly handy option. You can just stop by your tanning place while running some other errand and get tanning done. No one carries a swimsuit with them always anyways.

Wearing underwear is also a great option for first-timers who do not own or are perhaps uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. You can just get a tan in your regular underwear.

However, make sure that your underwear does not cover up the portions you wish to get tanned in the first place.

Note: Wearing both a swimsuit and underwear will cause tan lines but if it isn’t something you are concerned with, then go for it.

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Tanning Goggles

One thing that is mandatory to be worn while tanning is eye-goggles. Tanning eye goggles are an unavoidable part when it comes to getting tanned, be it on a tanning bed or a stand up tanning booth. Simply keeping your eyes shut won’t serve the purpose.

While tanning you are exposed to high-range UV rays which will greatly damage your eyes if you do not protect your eyes in any manner. Hence it is one of the primary rules to wear eye goggles which will protect you from red light damage.

Tanning eye goggles are in fact very cheap and can be bought from anywhere. Sometimes even the tanning places themselves sell tanning eye goggles.

Note: If you have sensitive skin on your face as well, then we would recommend covering your face with a light face towel. However, please keep in mind that doing so would create stark color contrast between your face and the rest of your body.

Body Lotions

Do you step out of the house without wearing sunscreen? Do you not wear sunscreen when you are trying to get that natural tan while sunbathing? Then, how can you go without one when exposed to such a high level of UV rays while tanning? 

Make sure to wear sunscreen on your entire body especially places you are going to get tanned. There are also lotions available like tan enhancing creams which not only protect the skin but also give that bronzy glowy look when getting tanned.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, we hope that by now you are completely aware of the essentials you need to wear while tanning and won’t shy away any further from getting that tan done asap.