What Kind Of Tanning Beds Are At Planet Fitness?

Are you aware of the numerous services you can avail of off your Planet Fitness black card membership? For example, if you are a black card membership user, you get to use any Planet Fitness location around the world with the same membership.

Your membership at Planet Fitness would also allow you to avail of services like the use of hydro massage, and massage chairs, and would also let you get full-body tanning for free! Yes, you heard that right, you can get tanning at Planet Fitness using your black card membership.

Are you curious to know about the details of tanning at Planet Fitness such as the types of tanning beds at Planet Fitness? Then, you will most definitely have all your answers while going through this article.

What Kind Of Tanning Beds Are At Planet Fitness?

What Kind Of Tanning Beds Are At Planet Fitness
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As you may or may not be aware, there are generally three standard ways to get an indoor tan and Planet Fitness does provide tanning in all the three ways. However, it depends from one location to another and also on the club hours of each Planet Fitness.

Not all Planet Fitness locations operate 24 hours every day of the week. Some like the Planet Fitness club located in Manhattan(27th street), New York, are open all throughout the day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only. So, the time you can get a tan at your nearest Planet Fitness really depends on their opening and closing hours.

Just like how the Planet Fitness gym time varies from one branch to another, similarly, the types of equipment they have for tanning will also vary from one branch to another.

Now, I will be further elaborating on three standard ones which they will usually have to help you get an even better insight in order to help you decide on what would be best suited for you according to your concerns.

Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are usually the most common way to get yourself a tan at Planet Fitness since tanning beds are the most prevalent in almost all Planet Fitness gyms. Tanning beds are a great option if you want some relaxation while getting tanned.

All you have to do is lie on the Planet Fitness tanning beds after the time limit per person usage has been set and reposition your body from time to time to get an even tan all over your body with the UV rays.

If you are worried about the hygiene of the Planet Fitness tanning beds, then you can put your mind and heart at ease. Planet Fitness will have someone allotted so that they clean the tanning beds after each use. They also have cleaning solutions and tissues available right outside the tanning beds in case you want to be extra sure.

Stand-Up Tanning Booths

Stand-Up Tanning Booths

Stand-up tanning booths are also very common at nearly all Planet Fitness branches and usually the kind most people who get tanning at Planet Fitness generally opt for.

Planet Fitness Stand-up tanning booths are very convenient as well as hygienic in comparison to tanning beds after all you can get a tan easily while standing up and avoid getting someone else’s sunscreen lotion on your body.

The intensity of UV rays in stand-up tanning booths is much higher when compared to the intensity of tanning beds. The explanation is obvious. Booths are much more enclosed in comparison to tanning beds which noticeably occupy a larger space.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will be claustrophobic to use the stand-up tanning booths at Planet Fitness. The Stand-up tanning booths at Planet Fitness have ample space for you to extend to your hands or legs so that you can get an even tan on your creases and folds.

So it goes without saying that since the intensity is stronger, the duration for which you can get tanned inside a stand-up tanning booth also is limited. Stand-up tanning booths do the job much more quickly. People who have used the Planet Fitness stand-up tanning booths have claimed that you can get a full body tan in just 5 minutes!

Usually, stand-up tanning booths will have their durations set. The time from when they would be available for use is written somewhere near the stand-up tanning booths itself.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is the third and final way to get a tan at Planet Fitness. It isn’t the most common method but there are a few branches that do have it.

Spray tanning is pretty self-explanatory. It has almost the same mechanism as a stand-up tanning booth but instead of UV rays emission, the tanning product is sprayed onto your body. Thus, the results of tanning are instantaneous with Spray tanning. But it is not long-lasting. The bronzy look will last for a maximum of one week.

Spray tanning also does not have any benefits of the typical suntan that you get from tanning beds or stand-up tanning booths. But it serves the purpose if all you wish to achieve is getting that suntanned bronzey glowing look for a particular event or something of that sort.

It is also very safe to use when compared to tanning beds or stand-up tanning booths and will not burn your skin if used a little bit longer.

However, with spray tans, it gets a little difficult to ensure whether or not you are getting an even tan in places like your hands or elbows, feet, or any other part of your body that has folds.

Note: Please remember that for all these 3 methods, you must wear eye-protective goggles. Tanning beds and stand-up tanning booths emit UV rays. Usually, Planet Fitness branches sell eye goggles at their branches for very affordable prices but if you want them for much cheaper then you can get them from any convenience store.

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Final Thoughts

If getting a tan has been on your mind and if you already own a Planet Fitness black card membership, then now would be the best time to get yourself one.

Why spend extra money from your wallet to get a tan from somewhere else, when you can get one from Planet Fitness for free? Since there are so many Planet Fitness branches worldwide, you can be sure to find yourself any of your preferred tanning methods.