What is Gold’s Gym Famous For?

Also known as the Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s gym is arguably the most respected and loved Gym chain in the world. They currently have more than a whopping 3 million members across the globe, and are present in more than 740 locations.

So, what exactly made Gold’s Gym this popular?

Well, there are several reasons why they are this popular among fitness lovers, and why the history of Gold’s is also that of modern day bodybuilding and gym culture!

Through this article, we will take you through what made Gold’s Gym so popular, and what makes them so special among fitness lovers.

So, read along!

Gold's Gym
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Why Did Gold’s Gym Become So Popular?

Here are 5 key reasons why Gold’s Gym gained this much popularity:

Legendary Bodybuilders

No discussion about Gold’s gym is complete until we speak about the legendary bodybuilders who trained there. The craze for bodybuilding created by the likes of Arnold is perhaps unmatched in the entire fitness industry.

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, the list of greatest bodybuilders trained at Gold’s includes Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno, and many more. Not only professional bodybuilders, but celebrities also used to and continue to love this gym chain.

And, over time, more and more people started getting attached to the gym. In short, the phrase ‘great people make places great’ was indeed true in the case of Gold’s Gym!

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Workout Culture

If Gold’s gym managed to establish itself as the Mecca of bodybuilding and bring out the greats of the sport, there was a true reason for all these – their workout culture!

Gold’s gym has a great workout culture that motivates its members to always aim for greatness. They never let you compromise on your workouts, and will always be there to inspire, motivate, and support you all along the journey.

This was also the case in early days, and words spread among aspiring gym goers, about the excellent workout culture at Gold’s Gym. This motivated those with serious fitness goals to join the gym!

They Pioneered Modern Bodybuilding

While Golds Gym was starting out in 1965, bodybuilding was yet to emerge as a trend among people. Without any doubt, the effort taken by the gym over the years had a crucial role in making bodybuilding this popular.

Besides inspiring the bodybuilding trend, Gold’s Gym also brought revolutionary fitness concepts. For instance, they were the ones who started gym group classes for the first time. These days, group classes are gaining immense popularity across the fitness industry.

Presence Across the Globe

Of course, a gym can’t gain immense popularity despite its big reputation, unless it’s accessible to many. In the case of Gold’s gym, the growth was rather quick especially in the early days.

Currently, Gold’s gym is present in more than 740 locations, across 26 countries around the globe. In the United States itself, they are present in close to 40 states!


While it’s true that the workout culture offered at Gold’s had a crucial role in making it popular, it is also a fact that they put a fair amount of effort into marketing and branding.

However, that doesn’t mean they made fake ad campaigns. They had everything they needed to establish their brand, and the extra effort was to impress more people across geographies, races, genders, etc.

For instance, most Gold’s gym studios used their own members as models for ads, showing the public how that particular person improved through working out in the gym. Such natural branding campaigns helped Gold’s grab the public’s trust.

What is Gold’s Gym Famous For?

Here are the three key features of Gold’s Gym that made it Famous.

Workout Culture

Each gym has its own workout culture. For instance, Planet Fitness has a more of a casual approach, and its goal is to promote people maintaining general fitness along with socializing. At Gold’s on the other hand, the primary goal is to encourage people to work hard and improve.

Each Gold’s gym would have several certified trainers. These trainers would keep on helping the members, be it by teaching the proper form, motivating them to lift heavy, running a few more miles on the treadmill, etc!

Equipment and Facilities

If you have already been to a Gold’s gym studio, there is one thing you should’ve noticed, the club has a massive collection of equipment and workout facilities.

Even the smallest Gold’s gym club would have multiple Racks for weights, several stations for every kind of exercise, and of course, large floor space.

When Joe Gold started the first Gold’s Gym in 1965, he spent almost all the money he received from members for buying new machines. That went on to continue and almost all their clubs didn’t even have air conditioning until they brought all key machines.

In short, Gold’s Gym spends huge amounts on improving workout facilities instead of making studios fancy. This approach is well appreciated by hardcore fitness lovers.

Bodybuilders It Has Produced

Stating the obvious, Gold’s Gym is quite famous for the long list of great bodybuilders it produced.

In fact, perhaps no other gym in the whole world has such prestigious alumni.

What is So Special About Gold’s Gym?

Among all gym chains, Gold’s Gym is always special. And almost every pro bodybuilder does admire this gym brand.

The greatest thing about Gold’s gym is the workout culture and facilities they offer. Hardly any other gym would motivate its members to do big things as much as Gold’s does.

For instance, most Gold’s Gym clubs have the habit of picking a ‘best performer’ every month. The best performer here will not be a pro lifter, but someone who made the best progress in that month. This is a great motivation for beginners who just started their fitness journey, and is enough to debunk the myth that Gold’s gym is bad for beginners.

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If you have serious fitness goals and have a Gold’s Gym near you, then maybe, you won’t have to look further. Almost all of their clubs guarantee a minimum quality workout experience.

So, let you be a beginner trying to start out or an experienced lifter planning to resume or change gym, Gold’s gym is perhaps the answer!