What Does No Commitment Mean at Planet Fitness? A Detailed Look

Are you tired of your habit of buying gym membership plans and never visiting the place again?

How much money have you already wasted purchasing gym membership plans and switching your gyms before the completion of the membership.

If you relate to this issue, I am sure a lot of you would do, you need to know about the Planet Fitness no-commitment plan.

Brought to you by Planet Fitness, the no-commitment plan has everything you have been looking for to keep your workout expenses fit the budget. In this article, we will discuss about Planet Fitness and its no-commitment plan. We shall shed light on what no commitment plan exactly means and how much fees this gym company charges.

Keep reading because this piece of information is going to blow your mind.

What Does No Commitment Mean at Planet Fitness
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What Does No Commitment Mean at Planet Fitness?

Planet fitness is a fitness club that advertises itself as the most affordable workout destination in the fitness industry. They charge relatively lesser fees and keep adding attractive promotional schemes to motivate their members and attract new clientage.

Planet Fitness is known for its discounts, promotional schemes, and the biggest of them all, its “no commitment” offer.

Now, you might be wondering what exactly the “no commitment” offer means.

Well, the “no commitment” offer brought to you by Planet Fitness means you can cancel your membership plan anytime.

By canceling the membership anytime, we mean that you don’t have to stay a member of the brand for any pre-determined number of months. Thereby, you don’t have to be tied up with Planet Fitness until your membership gets over. Instead, you can cancel your membership anytime you change your mind without having to pay the cancellation fees.

Suppose you get transferred from one place to the other, or you do not like the services offered by a fitness brand; you can conveniently cancel your membership and move on.

Isn’t it interesting and unbelievable at the same time? It indeed is.

Keep reading to understand more relevant details associated with this offer.

What Fees are Included in Planet Fitness No Commitment Plan?

Planet Fitness is one of the most affordable gym brands curated with the aim to make fitness accessible at the lowest prices. Let’s take a look at the different fees charged in Planet Fitness no commitment plan.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee structure varies from one membership to another. At Planet Fitness, there are two kinds of memberships, namely;

  • Classic Membership
  • Black Card Membership

The no-commitment plan is occasionally offered or is even sold individually. The start-up and monthly fee of the no-commitment plan are usually higher and the services are the same as Classic membership. For instance, in Planet Fitness, Brooklyn, (East New York) NY branch, the monthly fee is $15.

The Classic Membership is advertised as the most affordable format, costing you as low as $10 plus taxes.

Sign-up Fee

As the name suggests, the sign-up fee is the start-up or enrollment fee, which also varies according to your membership and the rates applicable in your home gym.

For instance, in Planet Fitness, Brooklyn, (East New York) NY branch, the start-up fee for the no-commitment plan is $59. Similarly, the start-up fee for the Classic membership plan with no-commitment in Birmingham, (Roebuck) AL branch is $39. Therefore, you will have to do your own research to find out the charges applicable in your home gym.

Notably, Planet Fitness has partnered with various companies to offer discounts for corporate employees. In addition, for classic corporate members, the enrollment fee is waived.

Annual Membership Fee

This fee is claimed to be used to maintain and repair the gym equipment and other facilities. It costs $49, depending on the terms and conditions of your home gym.

The annual membership fee is usually the same for Classic, Black Card, and no-commitment members. However, the annual fee is waived only for Black Card corporate members. Besides, if you are opting for a yearly contract, you don’t have to pay any annual fee.

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Final Words

Planet Fitness comes up with various discounts, promotions, and offers at different steps to make gyming affordable for its targeted clients.

The no-commitment plan is one of the most popular gym membership programs offered by this brand, where you don’t pay the cancellation fee and get an opportunity to cancel your membership anytime. However, you need to know that even if you opt for the no-commitment plan, you’ll still have to pay the sign-up and annual fee charges.