What Are Bumper Plates?

“Gym fails” can sometimes prove to be fatal. Imagine failing to maintain the overhead position while you are lifting weights. You drop the weight plates and boom!

While buying gym equipment, especially for your home gym, it is essential to consider several things. When you exercise in your home gym, you have to make sure that you are not interrupting your spouse’s office meeting or disturbing your parents’ sleep.

Iron weight plates are extremely noisy to work out with. The iron is also exposed to moisture and humidity. This paves the way for rust to accumulate on the plates.

On the other hand, bumper plates are covered with a rubber coating and made jerk and shock-proof. As a result, they are broader and better insulated. They are also much easier on your flooring.

This article will give you a brief insight into what bumper plates are and how they can make your workout experience safer and better!

What Are Bumper Plates

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What Are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates, also known as ‘bumpers’ are weight plates that consist of a rubber sheath encompassing an iron or steel core. The thick rubber coating reduces the impact of the drop on the floor and keeps the bumper plate from being damaged or posing any damage to the flooring or the barbell.

If you are indulging in intense weightlifting, competitive weightlifting, bumper weights are a safe option. The dense rubber coating acts as an insulation and forms a protective layer to make sure that the plates bounce back if the athlete accidentally drops them. These plates also make your workout sessions a lot less noisy.

Depending on your strength and tolerance level, you can add weight plates of any weight you desire when you lift a barbell. They are safe to be used on any kind of flooring.

What Is The Purpose Of Bumper Plates?

What Is The Purpose Of Bumper Plates

A bumper plate is an ideal choice for competitive lifting, where athletes usually push themselves to their extremes and might have to drop the weights from overhead. The main purpose of bumpers is to ensure that the weights do not come down with a rattling thud and leave a crack on the floor.  

Olympic weightlifters practice lifts such as snatches, clean and jerk, and squats. When you are lifting hefty weights, bringing the barbell down from overhead might be pretty challenging as it puts a lot of strain on your wrist.

Therefore, these lifts often end by allowing the barbell and the weights to be dropped from overhead. An iron weight plate, when dropped from such a height, might cause havoc. Therefore, bumper plates become a safer option to resort to.

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When Should I Use Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are very quiet when dropped, so people usually prefer using them over iron weight plates that make a loud rattling noise and might even damage the floor.

Professional as well as inexperienced athletes can use bumper plates. If you are a beginner who has recently started working out using plates, you should consider using bumper plates. They will be a savior and prevent injury or damage in case of an accidental fall!

When experienced athletes indulge in high-intensity power-focused exercises, the movements are quick, and athletes usually push themselves beyond their limits and lose control over the equipment they are using. In addition, as seen in Olympics and CrossFit movements, the lifts typically end with dropping the barbell and the weights on the floor.

Therefore, it is ideal to use Bumper plates. A weight plate is a piece of equipment that repeatedly touches the ground. A bumper plate reduces the impact and safeguards the floor as well as plates and the barbell against any damage.

Are Bumper Plates A Good Choice For A Home Gym?

If you work out using bumper plates, you will not have to worry about damaging your floor if you accidentally drop them. Although your home gym floor might have proper and insulated flooring, a bumper plate comes with an extra layer of protection.

Mentioned below are a few benefits of using a bumper plate in your home gym:

  1. They have a quirky appearance: The bumper plates come wrapped in beautiful and vibrant rubber sheaths. They are thicker than your usual iron plate. With the kind of appearance they sport, they are a great thing to add to your home gym.
  2. They safeguard your floor: You do not have to worry about your floor cracking when you drop a bumper plate once you have maxed out. Alongside your insulated flooring, the rubber insulation acts as an additional layer of protection that safeguards against any damage.
  3. They last longer than iron plates: Bumper plates are not exposed to atmospheric conditions like humidity and moisture, unlike iron plates. As they are wrapped in rubber, the iron remains protected underneath. It does not catch rust and remains unaffected for a long time. People, therefore, opt for bumper plates due to their durability and longevity.
  4. Less banging and clunking noises: You probably do not want your workout regime to scare other people out of the house. Bringing home a set of bumper plates allows you to work out in a quiet atmosphere.

In a nutshell, you do not have to bite your lips if you accidentally drop your weight-loaded barbell while working out. Even if you are not preparing for competitive weight lifting, a bumper plate will last longer and save you from the hassle of investing in a new set of plates every once in a while. 

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Do I Really Need Bumper Plates?

Do I Really Need Bumper Plates

You can secure your lifts with bumper plates so that any accidental mishap does not injure you or damage the floor or any of the gym accessories. Nevertheless, you can still do just fine without bumper plates.

As has been mentioned above, if you are training for competitive weight training, which will require dropping the weight from a height, bumper plates are a must for you. Additionally, if you are not confident about the durability of your gym flooring, you can mitigate the effect of a weight plate on the floor by opting for a bumper plate.

Similarly, if you are new to weightlifting and do not have control over lifting the barbell and putting it back on the ground and want to ensure complete safety while exercising, a bumper plate may be the right choice.

Whether you wish to invest in a bumper plate or remain content with iron plates is a decision that is solely at your discretion. You don’t necessarily need bumper plates.

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Apart from all the factors mentioned above, another aspect you might want to consider before buying a piece of gym equipment is the pricing.

Although they are a safer and more comfortable option to work out with, bumper plates are slightly more expensive than iron weight plates.

Nevertheless, considering the fact that they last longer than iron plates, they are worth the money spent.