14 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

Ways of Making Exercising Fun

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To be in shape, we need to watch what we eat and exercise more. Exercising helps lower anxiety and stress levels, reduces the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, prevents and manages weight gain, improves muscle function and helps you to sleep better among other major benefits. Well, exercising doesn’t have to be torturous and with all that in mind, we are going to highlight 14 ways to make your workouts more fun;

1. Pump up the volume 

To make your workouts more fun, do them while listening to some music. You may choose to listen to fast-paced music such as hip-hop for your cardio sessions and some slow jams when stretching and cooling down. Ensure that your playlist is interesting and shuffle it once in a while to avoid boredom. Many fitness centers also have dance classes designed to help tone up your body.

2. Work Out with a Friend 

 It’s more fun exercising with a friend than when alone. This is because when you are a team you have motivation and encouragement. You also tend to commit to the exercising routine which will enable you to get into shape faster. You could also opt to take up a yoga class with friends.

3. Watch some television 

To make exercising more interesting, you can move your exercise bike or any other workout gear to your TV room and catch up on your favorite show. You can choose to take breaks during a commercial break. This way you get to enjoy your program and get fit at the same time.

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4. Exercise outside 

When one gets into a similar routine, doing the same workouts with the same machines day in day out, it may lead to boredom and you may end up giving up. Get out of that gym, go outside and play while soaking in some vitamin D. You could engage in the morning run, swimming, take a walk or cycle in the park, play frisbee with your children or dog or swing. The world is a playground so why not go out there and enjoy!

5. Join a class 

Find a fitness club that offers additional classes. It could range from dancing, yoga, tai-chi, karate, aqua aerobics or Zumba. This way you could have a lot of fun and make new friends as well.

 6. Relax 

Your body needs to recover in between and after workouts in order to function well. So you need to give yourself some relaxation time after exercising. Nothing beats being a couch potato for about an hour to feel the effects of a rigorous workout. The harder you exercise, the more you’ll look forward to the deep relaxation that comes follows.

 7. Get yourself a fitness App 

There are thousands of fitness apps available to help you keep track of and monitor your workouts, meal plans and gives you tips and advice on how to go about your exercising routines. Most apps have reminders and timers to get and keep you on the move.

8. Eat healthily 

Food acts as a fuel to give you more energy when you are working out. So it is very important to feed your body with the right food in the right quantities. Proteins are energy givers and will take you through the rigorous workouts. Avoid carbs as they only give you sugar rush which lasts for a short time and leaves you exhausted merely halfway into your routines.

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9. Have the right gear 

You don’t have to be stylish or fashionable at the gym but hey, looking good doesn’t do any harm either. However, comfort should be your first priority in order to make your sessions more enjoyable. Uncomfortable workout gear can make you lose the spirit to work out pretty fast and you might end up quitting altogether.

10. Play 

Exercising doesn’t mean running on the treadmill or lifting weights. You can consider come fun activities with friends such as playing soccer, tennis, fishing, snowboarding, go hiking or relive some childhood games like police and robber, or “cheerobics”, which is a combination of cheerleading and aerobics. You can opt to compete in the games with friends to make it even more enjoyable.

11. Take it slow 

You should start off slowly and steadily then work your way up adding difficulty to your workouts. This is to avoid injuries and demotivation when you work out too tough and fast only to realize that you are not at the fitness level you thought you were.

12. Set goals 

Whether you want to cut down some weight or tone up in readiness for the summer, you need motivation. Setting and chasing attainable goals is one of the ways to keep you motivated towards fitness. Write down your goals and stick the paper on a prominent place like on the kitchen wall or bathroom mirror.

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13. Get Professional Help 

Consider working out with a professional trainer to give you an effective workout plan to suit your needs. Although it’s cheaper working out by yourself, a personal trainer will give you motivation and increase workout intensity while watching the clock for you.

14. Reward yourself 

Set a reward system to motivate yourself for the time spent in the gym working out and lifting weights. The reward could be putting a dollar in a piggy bank after every workout, whereby you could use the savings to treat yourself to a massage, get those trainers you’ve been eyeing at the store or that dress you can’t wait to try on when you tone up!


Dedicate some time to exercise in order to keep fit and better your health. You don’t have to enroll at a membership gym, you can simply take the stairs, let the inner child out to play by skipping rope, playing the hula-hoop, jumping on the trampoline, or go skateboarding. Remember to keep a journal and photos of before and after to document how far you’ve come. Just don’t sit there, do something!