Warren Buffett’s Daily Routine, Sleep Schedule, Habits & More

Who does not like a life full of luxury and money? Well, everyone does. You all may have read articles on getting rich and making millions, but what use are those articles if not inspired by a real-life person. Today, we present the story of a man who made millions and billions through his sheer knowledge and wisdom. Yes, we are talking about none other than Mr. Warren Buffett.

Also known as the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett is famous for his investments, businesses, and stock trading. The man who started investing at eleven has brought many successful companies into existence. One may begin wondering from where did the kid know about stocks and shares. The answer is hidden in the daily routine that he has been following and the healthy habits he has incorporated into his lifestyle from a very small age.

This article will give you a beautiful guide to the daily routine of the billionaire, and also some tips that will help you build your empire. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Warren Buffett’s Daily Routine

Warren Buffett Daily Routine
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The philanthropist has the most bizarre routine. It will be a bit hard to follow if you have been living a night owl life. But a trial is worth the effort! The billionaire wakes up at 6:45 am and goes to bed at sharp 10:45 pm. The day of the investor is occupied by his office work, reading most of the official reports, and newspapers.

He has given most of his time to reading and sleeping. Let’s have a brief look at what a day in the life of Warren Buffett looks like.


The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway loves to begin his day early at 6:45. Unlike the traditional advice of starting your day with a warm glass of water, Mr. Buffett begins his day with a cold can of Coca-Cola. For his breakfast, he loves to order his meals at Mcdonald’s.


Right after having his breakfast, he sets off for his office. Here he spends most of his time reading office reports, and financial journals. He also takes out time to stay updated with news and reads books and novels. Within this time only, he may go back to his house for another meal.

He dedicates most of his time to reading. Whether it be about his investments or digging into a company’s past, he prefers reading everything and keeping himself updated with the happenings in the market.


At around 5-6 pm, the philanthropist returns to his house. The investor is very particular about his time and is very punctual. He values his sleep the most. At around 10:45 pm, he retires to bed and completes his eight hours of sleep. This is a brief overview of Warren Buffett’s daily schedule.

Warren Buffett’s sleep schedule

The billionaire has a strict sleep schedule. He follows his rule to take eight hours of sleep every day. Sleeping is important for the businessman to function to his optimum level. It keeps his energy in check throughout the day. He goes to bed early at 10:45 pm and wakes up early at 6:45 am.

We all have heard of the importance of proper sleep in one’s life, Warren Buffet’s health is clear evidence of the benefits of having a proper sleep schedule.

How many hours does Warren Buffett sleep?

He sleeps for at least eight hours a day. This sleep schedule is even recommended by most doctors, and many scientific studies have also proved the benefits of sleeping for eight hours.

What time does Warren Buffett go to bed?

The investor retires to bed at 10:45 pm. He reads for at least half an hour before sleeping and then retires to bed.

What time does Warren Buffett wake up?

The billionaire wakes up at 6:45 am. He is an early riser and loves to wake up at the same time every day.

Warren Buffett’s work schedule

The philanthropist has worked extremely hard for creating his empire. He has put many hours of knowledge and hard work to create billions. Warren Buffett emphasizes having a proper balance between work life and personal life. Let us have a brief overview of Warren Buffett’s work schedule.

How many hours a day does Warren Buffett work?

He works for around eight-nine hours a day. He usually reaches his office by 9:30 am right when the markets open. And leaves the office by 5-6 pm.

How many hours a week does Warren Buffett work?

He works for around 56-63 hours a week. The investor is a strong believer in working hard and he loves to work. He is passionate about his work and gives a lot of importance to his work.

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Warren Buffett’s habits

We have had a look at Warren Buffett’s daily routine, let us now take a look at the habits that he has been following throughout his life. Getting a piece of firsthand advice from the investor is the best life advice. Let us have a look at some of his habits.

Keep yourself surrounded by the right people.

Mr. Buffett advises you to build around yourself a group of people who are doing better than you. This way you are going to be motivated to become better than what you have been living as.

The right people will help you, guide you with many decisions and give you a better perspective on life.

Read a lot

While addressing a group of students in a university, he disclosed the formula for his success, contributing it to mostly reading. He advised the students to read at least 500 pages a day. The entrepreneur spends most of his time in his office reading project journals, studying, and doing other office work.

Right before sleeping, he spends a half-hour reading books or other novels. We have heard a lot about the benefits of reading books, but when someone as successful as Warren Buffett assures us then, there is some real truth behind those claims.

Have a simple lifestyle

The philanthropist is humble and follows a simple lifestyle. He does not have any fancy breakfast, and his frugal spending habits have helped him cut down on many unnecessary expenses.

Polish your soft skills

The CEO had often stated in his interviews that he had taken multiple soft skill courses during his college. He took up the public speaking course because he felt that he wasn’t very good in that field. He believes in finding your weaknesses and taking proper training to overcome them.

Invest in bettering yourself

The main goal of a human should be to better oneself as that is the best investment that a person can make. Investing in yourself assures that you get benefits from it for the rest of your life.

Take swift decisions

Warren Buffet is praised throughout the world because of his amazing decision-making skills. His predictions about stocks and the market have been very accurate. The key to such decisions has been his impeccable understanding of their decisions and the impact that they will create.

He advises you to have a proper overview of how your decisions are going to be impactful and then take the right decision and not decide anything hurriedly.

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The Bottom Line

We believe that this article did justice to your search for Mr. Warren Buffett’s schedule for a day. Mr. Buffett has had an illustrious career and is even today contributing to society through his philanthropic actions. This article is surely a recipe for success, but only until you implement his principles and habits in your life.

This is just a piece of advice. Remember, that we all have been built differently, and what works for Mr. Buffett may not work for you in the same way. So you do your judgments and calculations and come out with your personalized daily routine. But do not forget to refer to this article. Who knows maybe you end up becoming a billionaire just like Mr. Buffett.