Virgin Active Prices & Membership Cost 2023

With more than 200 world-class clubs located in multiple countries across the globe, Virgin Active is one of the most popular premium gym chains in the world. And beyond typical weight training and cardio equipment, they offer countless other facilities to their members.

So, if you are looking for a top-end gym membership with non-monotonous workout sessions, Virgin Active comes as a considerable option.

But how costly is Virgin Active? Well, Virgin Active prices depend on several factors such as club location, facilities they offer, management policies, and obviously, in which country they are located.

Through this article, we will guide you through Virgin Active membership cost and other prices in different countries

So, read along!

Virgin Active Prices & Membership Cost
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Virgin Active Membership Fees in UK 

Given below is a quick table of Virgin Active prices that you can expect at most locations in the UK for different types of memberships.

The membership options are categorized based on age groups, viz. minors, teens, early youth, adults, senior citizens, etc. 

So, go through the entire table. 

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in UK

Individual Memberships

Normal Virgin Active membership (12 month commitment)

Joining Fee 


Monthly fee


Normal Virgin Active membership (Rolling monthly)

joining fee


monthly fee


12 month Virgin Active off peak membership

joining fee


monthly fee


16-17 year age group (Rolling Monthly)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


18-21 year age group (12 month commitment)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


18-21 year age group (Rolling Monthly)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


22-25 year age group (12 month)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


22-25 year age group (rolling monthly)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


65+ membership (12 month)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


65+ membership (Rolling Monthly)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


Besides these usual plans, Virgin Active clubs in the United Kingdom offer additional corporate, family, and vitality packages. These plans are basically discounted membership options.

Get in touch with your local club to learn more about such additional plans and their prices. 

Also, those were the average prices that you can expect at different Virgin Active clubs across the UK. Final pricing may vary from club to club. 

Virgin Active Membership Fees in South Africa

Virgin Active prices vary in South Africa too for different types of memberships. Given below is a quick table of expected monthly fees for different membership types. 

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in South Africa

Virgin Active Kids Membership

Kids Club-V Monthly Fees


Kids Club-V max Monthly Fees


Virgin Active Club Membership

Off Peak (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees

R320- R860

Anytime (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees

R380- R1140

Anytime (24 month commitment) Monthly Fees

R320 – R930

Virgin Active Premier Membership

Premier Membership (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees


Premier Membership (24 month commitment) Monthly Fees


Premier Select (12 month commitment) Monthly Fee


Premier Select (24 month commitment) Monthly Fee


Youth membership (12 month commitment)


Youth membership (24 month commitment)


Virgin Active Collection Membership

Monthly Fees (12 month commitment)

R1900- R2700

Monthly Fee (24 month commitment)

R1320- R1820

Do contact your nearest club to learn about the exact prices. Membership cost varies from location to location depending on certain factors such as town size and club facilities.

Virgin Active Membership Fees in Singapore 

Virgin Active membership cost in Singapore can be, as you might expect, more expensive than in UK, South Africa, or Australia.

Given below is a table of prices you can expect for a Virgin Active membership across the city/ country.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in Singapore

Individual Memberships

Virgin Active Flexible Weekly Membership

Weekly Fee (14 days commitment)


Virgin Active Long termer Membership

Weekly Fee (12 month commitment)


Weekly Fee (24 month commitment)


Virgin Active Goal Getter Membership

Weekly Fee (12 Weeks commitment)


Virgin Active currently has 7 clubs in different parts of Singapore. All clubs offer world-class facilities, and have almost the same pricing at all locations. 

Virgin Active Membership Fees in Australia

Virgin Active has several clubs in Australia, mostly in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Here are the Virgin Active prices that you can expect for different types of memberships in these clubs.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost

Individual Memberships

Virgin Active Flexible Weekly Membership

Weekly Fee (14 days commitment)


Virgin Active Long termer Membership

Weekly Fee (12 month commitment)


Virgin Active Goal Getter Membership

Weekly Fee (12 Weeks commitment)


Those were the weekly Virgin Active prices. You won’t have to pay a joining fee, if you are in Australia and wish to grab a Virgin Active membership. 

How Much Does Virgin Active Cost?

Virgin Active prices vary not only from nation to nation but also within a nation from location to location. But you can expect most clubs in a country to have comparable prices. 

The United Kingdom has one of the highest numbers of Virgin Active clubs. The pricing there can start from as low as £30 per month for teenagers, to as high as more than 110 pounds at some clubs for adults.

Between these extreme ends, comes the membership prices at most Virgin Active clubs.

On average, the monthly cost for a 12 month commitment Virgin Active membership in the UK comes around £81.99; and if you are not interested in the commitment, you can opt for the ‘rolling monthly’ plan that will cost you £87.99 per month.

If you can sacrifice a bit, and are ready to visit the club on non-peak hours, your fee will be a discounted £69.9 per month. 

Besides the standard adult plans, individuals from different age groups get certain discounts on their monthly fees.

Given below is the discounted membership cost for different age groups:

  • 16-17 year olds: £40 per month for the ‘rolling monthly’/ month-to-month plan
  • 18-21 year olds: £47 for the 12 month commitment, and £56 for the month-to-month plan.
  • 22-25 year olds: £59 for the 12-month commitment and £69 for the month-to-month plan.
  • 65+ year olds: £51 for 12 month commitment and £61 for month-to-month.

For all 12 month commitment plans, there will be no membership activation fee; but for the rolling monthly’ or the ‘month-to-month plan’, there will be an initiation fee. The initiation fee can be anywhere between £10 and £25. 

In South Africa, Virgin Active prices are a bit less than that in the UK. The prices there start at R320 per month for off-peak 12 month commitment memberships, and can go all the way up to R2700 for the topmost plans.

Those were the extreme ends, and most prices come in between.

The most basic membership plan available at Virgin Active clubs in South Africa is the ‘Club Plan’, and then comes the ‘premier’ and ‘collection’ options.

Given below is how much these plans usually cost:

Virgin Active club membership ZA: 

  • R320-R860 for off-peak membership
  • R320-R960 for anytime 24 month commitment 
  • R30-R1140 for anytime 12 month commitment

Virgin Active premier membership ZA:

  • R1250 for 12 month commitment
  • R1020 for 24 month commitment
  • R900 for premier select 12 month commitment
  • R750 for premier select 24 month commitment.

Virgin Active collection membership ZA:

  • R1900- R2700 for 12 month commitment
  • R1320- R1820 for 24 month commitment

Besides these plans, Virgin Active South Africa also offers youth memberships (up to age 26) at R750 and R610 for 12 month and 24 month commitments respectively. 

To learn about how much you would have to pay, contact the club you wish to join, and enquire about final prices. 

Coming to Singapore, Virgin Active prices can get costlier than in other countries. Instead of charging monthly, Virgin Active Singapore has weekly fees. 

  • The most basic membership plan at Virgin Active Singapore is the Flexible plan that demands only a 14 day minimum commitment. You will have to pay only $30 per week for this plan, but your membership perks will also be limited.
  • Up next is the long-termer membership which costs $51 and $61 weekly for 24 month and 12 month commitments respectively. 
  • The highest membership available at Virgin Active Singapore is the ‘goal-getter’ plan that has a commitment period of 12 weeks and costs $75 per month.

Similar to Singapore, Virgin Active Australia also bills on a weekly basis.

The average prices are:

  • $20 per week for 14 day commitment flexible plan
  • $41 per week for 12 month commitment long-termer plan
  • $75 per week for 12 week commitment ‘goal-getter’ plan. 

Those were the recurring fees that you will pay monthly/weekly for Virgin Active membership in different countries. Further, you can avail of great discounts through family, corporate memberships, vitality membership, etc. 

To learn about more deals and discounts, do contact the club either through their customer care number or by visiting the club in person. 

Also, keep in mind that if you wish to cancel your membership before the commitment period ends, there will be some early cancellation fees. 

Overall, as you can see, Virgin Active membership cost is comparatively higher in Singapore and lower in South Africa; which is to the difference in living expenses.

But no matter which country it is, Virgin Active offers fantastic facilities to its members. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Virgin Active?

The cost of joining Virgin Active, just like the monthly fee, depends on which country you are in.

While in the UK, you will have to pay £20, if you are getting the month-to-month membership; and there will be no joining fee if you are opting for a 12 month commitment. 

This is the standard Virgin Active joining fee in the UK. For other special memberships, there will be certain discounts. Also, only the month-to-month membership requires a joining fee, not the long term commitment ones. 

Coming to Virgin Active in South Africa, from what we’ve learnt, there are no initiation fees for any kind of membership. 

So is Australia, where you will not have to pay any fee to activate your membership. It applies to clubs in both Sydney and Melbourne. 

In Singapore as well, only the flexible membership has an initiation fee, which you can expect around $100. For other longer term plans, no activation fee is there. 

Virgin Active Monthly Cost

Virgin Active Monthly Cost
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The monthly cost of a membership in each country depends on various factors such as club facilities, town size, and management policies. 

However, we can give you an approximate idea of Virgin Active prices in various countries.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost in UK

The standard Virgin Active monthly cost, if you opt for the 12 month commitment, is £81.99; whereas if you have the rolling monthly membership, your monthly fee will be £87.99. 

Those were the highest Virgin Active membership plans. And for other special age groups, monthly prices are even lower.

For instance, the monthly fee for 16-17 aged individuals is only £40. Similarly, there are discounts for persons of the age of up to 25 years, and above 65. 

For the exact monthly cost, contact your home Virgin Active club.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost South Africa

There are 3 different types of memberships offered in Virgin Active South Africa. 

  • The price for the Virgin Active ‘club’ membership comes in the range of R270- R1140. 
  • For a premier Virgin Active membership in South Africa, it will cost somewhere between R750 and R1250 a month.
  • Their ultimate membership, the Virgin Active ‘selection’ plan, has a monthly fee of R1320 – R2700.

The final prices depend on your commitment duration and other club factors. 

Virgin Active Monthly Cost Australia

In Virgin Active Australia, you will be paying a weekly fee instead of paying it monthly. And there are a total of 3 types of membership options.

The most basic Virgin Active membership in Australia is the flexible, 14 days commitment membership. It has a weekly fee of $25, which, if you continue for a month, will cost $100 per month.

Up next is the long termer membership which will cost you $51 per week or effectively, $204 per month. This is a 12 month commitment and obviously, offers more perks than the flexible plan. 

The highest membership option available at Virgin Active Australia is the 12 week commitment, ‘goal-getter’ plan that costs you $67 per week or $268 per month. 

Virgin Active Monthly Cost in Singapore

Singapore has perhaps the highest Virgin Active prices. The ‘once a week’ flexible membership costs $30 per week, which, if you continue for a month, will be $120.

The long termer plan costs $51 and $61 per week for 24 month and 12 month membership respectively. Their respective monthly rates will be $204 and $244.

Now, the ultimate ‘goal getter’ Virgin Active plan in Singapore costs $75 per week, or $300 a month. The plan has a 2 week commitment requirement. 

Virgin Active 12 Month Commitment Cost

Given below is the Virgin Active 12 month commitment cost in different countries.


  • £81.99 (normal membership)
  • £61.99 (off peak)
  • £47 (18-21 age group)
  • £59 (22-25 age group)
  • £54 (65+ age group)

South Africa

  • R320- R1140 (Club membership)
  • R1250 (Premier membership)
  • R900 (Premier select membership)
  • R750 (Premier Youth)
  • R1900- R2700 Collection


  • $61 per week (Long Termer Plan)


  • $41 per week (Long Termer Plan)

You will be paying monthly in Virgin Active in the United Kingdom and South Africa. In Australia and Singapore on the other hand, it will be weekly payment. 

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Virgin Active Deals & Discounts

As you may have already noticed in our Virgin Active price tables, the gym offers several deals and discounts to its members.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, persons up to the age of 25 and those above 65 will have significant discounts on membership prices. 

They also offer a discount of up to 10% for corporate memberships. There will also be great deals for families and vitality subscribers. 

In addition, Virgin Active offers great deals like a certain percentage off on the monthly/weekly fee for the first few months, total waiver of the initiation fee, etc. You can grab such offers on special occasions like the New Year and other seasons.

To learn about current or upcoming deals and discounts, you can either visit their website or even better, contact the club near you.  

Virgin Active Vitality Discounts

You can avail great discounts at Virgin Active through vitality. There will usually be a 50% discount, and the maximum discount on monthly/weekly fees can go up to even 100%. 

But the exact discounts will depend on your vitality subscription type and gym policies. So, contact your club and have a conversation with them. 

Can I Go To Any Virgin Active With My Membership?

That depends on your membership. With some memberships, you can visit only your home club whereas, with most other memberships, you can visit literally any Virgin Active club. 

For instance, if you are in Australia, the flexible membership will give access to only one club per week. But with the long term or goal getter plans, you can visit any of their clubs. 

Similar is the policy of Virgin Active in UK, South Africa, and Singapore. 

Can I freeze virgin active membership?

Yes, you can, in most cases, freeze your Virgin Active membership from 1 to up to 6 months a year. Membership freezing facility is available for long term commitment members, and not for flexible, no-commitment members.

But as always, contact your club and learn about their membership freezing policies. Also, you can expect some fees to freeze your Virgin Active membership. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Virgin Active Membership?

If you have a long term commitment membership and wish to cancel your membership before your commitment period ends, you will have to pay an early cancellation fee. 

The usual early cancellation cost comes around $300; and the exact cost depends on your country, club location, and management policies. 

Is It Hard To Cancel Virgin Active Membership?

No, compared to other commercial gyms, cancelling a Virgin Active membership is not that hard. 

Usually, there are two or three methods to cancel your membership. The first method is to submit the cancellation request via your online portal. To do so, simply visit the website, log on to your account, go to the cancellation tab, and submit your request.

Another method is to dial their customer support number, which can be different for different countries. Call them, and inform them that you want to cancel your membership. They will guide you through the process. 

You can also try speaking with your home club front desk executives. 

That being said, most Virgin Active memberships are for shorter terms and hence, continuing your membership for a little longer may be a better option than cancelling it before the commitment period ends; as the cancellation fee can be a bit higher. 

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The Bottom Line

Those were the cost of Virgin Active classes in four different countries- UK, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Considering the world-class facilities they offer, we think Virgin Active pricing is certainly reasonable.

But in the end, it is all up to you to decide whether or not to spend some big bucks there.