Vin Diesel’s Diet Plan

The name Vin Diesel has now become synonymous with action movies. With successful franchises like xXx and the Fast and Furious series under his belt, this man seems unstoppable and extremely fit and athletic even at 54. So how does Vin Diesel keep himself so fit and active? Well, the answer to this question lies in Vin Diesel’s diet plan.

If you are here, we are pretty sure that you must be curious to know about the nutrition plan that keeps Vin Diesel in awesome shape. Well, this post will be throwing light on the same topic. Here we will be discussing Vin Diesel’s diet plan.

Vin Diesel Diet Plan

Vin Diesel Diet
Vin Diesel in an Instagram Photo (Vin Diesel / Instagram)
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When it comes to building a muscular and athletic physique like that of Vin Diesel, what all food choices a person is making are of great relevance. Your intense training sessions will only be fruitful if you feed your body with all the essential nutrients that it requires for recovery and growth. Vin Diesel’s diet plan includes all the food items that fuel his body with the nutrients that keep his physique in tip-top shape throughout the year. He even claims,

“My diet, like my weight regimen I suppose, is very much your typical diet for people who want agility, low body fat, and higher muscle mass.”

When it comes to Vin Diesel’s eating choices, he makes sure to include all those food items in his nutrition plan that caters to his fitness goals. He takes around 3000-5000 calories in a day to maintain his muscular physique. A major chunk of his daily caloric intake comes from various sources of healthy carbs.

Vin Diesel‘s breakfast is primarily focused on feeding his body with ample amounts of healthy carbohydrates. It provides his body with slow-burning energy that it utilizes to go throughout the day. To get a fair share of healthy fats from his breakfast, Vin Diesel likes to add chia seeds to his breakfast. He also prefers to have whole grains instead of relying on the processed type of oatmeal.

Vin Diesel’s next meal of the day is lunch. His lunch has a greater proportion of proteins and a relatively lower proportion of carbs. Vin Diesel likes to further minimize his carb intake when he is in his cutting phase. Fish serves to be a great source of protein in Vin Diesel’s diet plan. It also has adequate amounts of solid fat. This further makes it a great food item that aids muscle building. It helps in keeping his muscle to fat ratio low which allows Vin Diesel to acquire a lean and muscular physique. Vin Diesel also includes chopped veggies especially spinach in his lunch to fulfill his carb requirement.

On the contrary, when Vin Diesel is required to perform plenty of strenuous activities for the day including weight training, acting, stunts, etc. he increases his overall carb intake on those days. He also does so when he is in his gaining phase.

Dinner happens to be the last meal of the day for Vin Diesel. It primarily comprises sources of lean proteins and complex carbs. This approach allows his body to get all the essential nutrients it requires to promote muscle building. To make sure that his body is in a fat-consuming phase while he is sleeping, his dinner has a lower proportion of fats. To satisfy his sweet tooth, Vin Diesel likes to consume a mango smoothie at night which also feeds his body with adequate amounts of vitamins and fibers.

The following table will present before you a more elaborate overview of Vin Diesel’s diet plan. You will get an idea about the food items that he eats in each of his meals. Let’s have a look at it:-

Vin Diesel’s Meal Plan

Meal 1- Breakfast

A cup of porridge, raisins, chia seeds, cranberries, apples; or 2 slices of rye bread, almond butter, and a banana

Meal 2- Lunch

Tuna (2 fillets), 2 cups of vegetables; or 2 cups of brown rice, 2 slices of turkey breast, a cup of green beans, and 1 sweet potato

Meal 3- Dinner

2 slices of chicken breasts, 1 bell pepper, a cup of brown rice, asparagus, mango; or a cup of quinoa, broccoli, mixed salad, and 2 fillets of salmon

What to Eat?

Vin Diesel has a pretty hectic daily schedule. To make sure he stays energetic throughout the day, he feeds his body certain whole food items that are dense in different nutrients. He claims,

“When you’re doing long days…you want to feel good and engaged. Eating well does that for me.”

Some of the most preferred food items in Vin Diesel’s diet chart are:-

  • Lean Meat (including chicken and turkey breast, tuna, salmon, etc.)
  • Brown Rice
  • Veggies
  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Rye Bread
  • Chia Seeds
  • Mangoes
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Almond Butter

Vin Diesel also ensures to keep himself hydrated throughout the day by consuming plenty of water.

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What to Avoid?

Even though Vin Diesel consumes around 3000-5000 calories on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean he relies on junk foods to compensate for his caloric requirements. Vin Diesel has always been strict regarding his dietary choices. The following food items have no place in Vin Diesel’s diet plan:-

  • Processed Foods
  • Junk foods
  • Sugar
  • Hydrogenated Fats
  • Refined Foods
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Soft Drinks

Vin Diesel’s Supplements

A major part of Vin Diesel’s everyday nutritional requirements comes from whole food items. However, Diesel also includes certain supplements in his diet plan to make it more complete and nutritious. Vin Diesel’s supplements stack includes the following:-

  • Whey Protein: Whey protein acts as a fast-digesting protein that quickly gets assimilated into one’s bloodstream. It serves as a great source of protein to be consumed after an intense workout session. It fuels the muscles with all the essential amino acids that are required for recovery and growth. Supplementing one’s diet plan with whey protein also helps in avoiding hunger pangs.
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): When the body is subjected to intense training sessions, it tends to break down muscle fibers. Excessive breakdown of muscle fibers can lead to muscle catabolism. To counter such a scenario, BCAA supplementation is required. BCAAs minimize muscle damage. They fuel the muscles with all the amino acids that are required for their repair and growth.
  • Multivitamins: Vin Diesel’s diet plan contains plenty of food items that feed his body with all the essential vitamins. But he also supplements it with a good quality multivitamin. Multivitamin supplements help in boosting one’s immunity. It also helps in maintaining muscle strength.

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Final Words

Now you must be knowing the secret behind his muscular and athletic physique that Vin Diesel maintains year-round. Isn’t it? We are pretty sure that if you too follow such a strict nutrition plan you will be making the gains that you have always wanted to experience. Even though they won’t come up overnight, they will certainly come up over time.