Victoria’s Secret Workout Routine

There are only two types of people, ones who like Victoria’s Secret models and others who envy them. It might be controversial whether you should be as lean as Victoria’s Secret models but you can’t deny that everyone would like to at least try to get closer.

So, is there some confidential Victoria Secret model workout that they follow to be in such a great shape?

The answer is no, there is no such secret. Most of the VS model workouts are available in videos or article forms on the internet. And if you don’t like scattered information, here is the piece where you can find all the useful information on Victoria secret angels workout.

You might find most of these Victoria’s Secret workout routines too tough to follow if you are just beginning, but still, you can utilize them to set and reach your fitness goals.

Agreed that most Victoria’s Secret models are genetically blessed. Now it is up to you to either leave it like everyone else citing excuses like genetics, or use this information to get in better shape.

Let’s dive into Victoria’s Secret training routine.

Victoria's Secret Workout Routine
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Victoria Secret Angels Workout Principles

It is true that their genetics, diet, and lifestyle help them but the credit also goes to VS model workout for their crazy fit bodies. All the Victoria Secret models may have workout routines that seem different at first look, but all of these routines are based on similar principles.

The first and foremost thing that separates these supermodel workouts is their frequency. Most of these routines involve working out six times a week or even every day of the week.

The intensity of the workout varies from session to session to keep it interesting and at the same time improve the outcome. The workouts are a mix of low-intensity exercises like walking to high-intensity kickboxing sessions.

The resistance training exercises in any training program for VS models involve no heavy weights. The models want to be lean and toned but not too muscular.

Among the things common in all Victoria’s Secret workout plans for their models is the high frequency of cardio sessions. There are always two to three fat-burning cardio sessions per week.

The exercises are mostly focused on shaping and toning the belly, bust, legs, and glutes, so they can be in the best shape to present in the fashion shows.

You can’t get a flat stomach and train almost every day avoiding injuries without a good core workout. Every workout routine for the Victoria Secret model is built to accommodate enough core workout sessions.

The central theme of the Victoria’s Secret training routine is minimal rest in between the sets.

Now, if you are looking for a new workout routine, you can start with utilizing the one described here or build one for yourself using these principles.

Victoria Secret Angels Workout
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Victoria’s Secret Workout Routine 

The VS workouts mentioned here are in fact the workout schedules for one session each. You can handpick a few of them and form your own weekly workout plan.

Depending on your fitness level, fitness goals, and the time you can spare you can choose the workouts and form a customized schedule that suits you in every way.

There are options to choose from a quick fifteen-minute workout or a full-body workout lasting more than an hour. You can also plan the workout split by fixing the work days of the week for focus muscle groups.

Remember to do enough warm-up before starting every workout and follow it up with full-body stretching.

Victoria's Secret Workout Routine 

Victoria Secret Workout Plans:-

The following tables describe the workouts most popular among the top Victoria’s Secret models. Most of these workouts can be performed at home with affordable exercise equipment like jump rope, yoga mat, resistance bands, small dumbbells, ankle weights, medicine balls, etc.

Victoria’s Secret Model Full Body Workouts

For anyone who can spare the time to work out three days a week, full-body workouts offer a great option to train all muscle groups within a short exercise session. Here are a few options to choose from for performing full-body exercises with minimal equipment. Each of these workouts is effective in helping you lose weight and strengthen all body muscles effectively.

Full body workout 1: 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

When it is a busy day and you can’t spare a lot of time for a workout you can try this 20-minute full-body workout. 

This workout can make you sweat, lose a lot of calories, and help your progress towards a toned lean body within twenty minutes per session. You can even schedule this workout in your plan on the days you are too busy for longer sessions.


Victoria's Secret Model Full Body Workout

20-Minute Full-Body Workout


Sets x Reps

Standing torso twist

8 x 2

Forward full body stretch

5 x 2

Forward monster walk with bands and dumbbells

3 – 6 rounds

Sideways monster walk

3 – 6 rounds

Mini band rotation and half squat each side

8 x 2

Lunge to leg raise, each leg 

10 x 2

Single leg deadlift to leg raise, each leg

10 x 2

Squat reach to leg raise, each leg

10 x 2

Butt lift – pointed foot, flexed foot 

10 x 2

Straight leg cross kickback

10 x 2

Leg pulse – pointed foot, flexed foot – inside, outside, center – each leg

10 x 2

Child pose


Full body workout 2: Full Body Workout With Dumbbells And Ankle Straps

This full-body workout will show you a glimpse of what it takes to train like an angel. At the first look, the exercises may look too easy to some, but when you perform them in sequence with proper form, they are going to leave you all sweaty and sore.

With warm-up and stretching this would last around 45 minutes. You can choose to perform these moves with or without ankle straps and dumbbells.

Victoria's Secret Model Full Body Workout With Dumbbells And Ankle Straps


Full Body Workout With Dumbbells And Ankle Straps

Light dumbbell arm movements, multi-direction

10 x 2 / each move

Light dumbbell punch moves

10 x 4

Sideways arm extended hip thrusts with kick out with ankle weight, each leg

10 x 2

Body twist kick back towards the ceiling, each leg

20 x 2

Plank knee tuck to side plank knee tuck, each leg

20 x 2

Side high plank with knee bent knee twisting, each leg

20 x 2

Arm extended up the bridge into leg extension outwards, each side

20 x 2

Side plank with knee tuck and kick out

20 x 1

Full Body Workout 3 – Barre Based Full Body Workout

Have you seen how those ballerinas have such lean bodies and how they move so easily on their toes? You too can mimic some of their moves and lose some fat in the process by performing this barre-based full-body workout.

The number of moves is lesser in the workout, so if you wish, you can raise the reps and sets as per your fitness and time available for working out.

Barre Based Full Body Workout

Lying leg extensions

8 x 2 / each leg

Full body extensiosn and holds

4 x 4

Extension and holds with swan arms

4 x 2

Leg scissors with swan arms

8 x 2

Full Body Workout 4: Strength and Stability Full Body Workout

This workout utilizes resistance bands and a trampoline to work on your strength and stability. The resistance bands are cheap, available easily, available in different tensions, and with these, you can work eccentric as well as concentric contraction simultaneously.

The trampoline cardio included in this workout offers an option to shed some pounds without pounding on your joints. It also helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles.

Victoria's Secret Model Strength and Stability Full Body Workout


Strength and Stability Full Body Workout

Bicep curls using resistance bands

20 x 3

Front raises with bands – single arm and both arms

20 x 2

Lateral raises

20 x 3

Side lunge to curtsy 

40 x 1

Sliding side lunges

12 x 2 each leg

Curtsy with arms

40 x  1


60 sec x 1

Plank position window washers with discs

10 x  2 each leg

Plank position knee tuck-ins

6 x 3 each leg

Trampoline cardio and balancing moves

5 – 15 minutes

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Victoria’s Secret Model Core Workouts:

You can’t perform intense or long-duration workouts without getting injured if you don’t have a strong core. Also, you won’t get flat and toned abs without proper core workouts.

Here are some Victoria Secret modes core workouts for you to refer to and follow.

Core Workout 1: 15-minute Ab workout – Two supersets

Built around the most popular core exercises with a little twist, this is the most easy-to-understand VS models core workout. It is easy to understand but not so easy to perform. If done with minimal breaks between the sets you can perform these two superset workout in about 15 minutes.

Victoria's Secret Model 15-minute Ab workout


15-minute Ab workout – Two supersets


60 sec x 1

Jack knives

30 sec/ each side

Flutter kicks

45 sec

Leg raise 30-degree hold

45 sec


30 sec x 2

Mountain climbers 

30 sec x 2

Side plank

30 sec/ each side

Side plank pulse

30 sec/ each side

Core Workout 2: Train The Core Like VS Angel

There are just four exercises with some variations in this core workout. These exercises are not so well-known so you might have to get some help from the training videos to understand the moves.

Train The Core Like VS Angel

Aerobliques with bar

60 sec x 3

Plank to inverse crunch

8 x 4

B sits – four variation set

8 x 4 per variation

Aerobliques on floor

60 sec x 4

Core Workout 3: Sexiest Core Workout

This might be the most interesting and sexiest core workout you have ever come across. With many exercises and too few repetitive sets, this workout lets you work on your abs for a longer duration without being burned out.

Victoria's Secret Model Sexiest Core Workout


Sexiest core workout

Aerotwist with a light dumbbell

60 sec x 1

Aerotwist with light dumbbell tilted

60 sec each side


60 sec x 1

Around the world plank

60 sec x 1


30 sec each side


25 x 3

The seated twist with a medicine ball

30-60 sec x 3

Cobra stretch

30 sec x 1

Standing backbend

30 sec x 1

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Victoria’s Secret Model Booty Workout

These butt workouts are designed to tone the butt by burning the fat around glutes and thighs and toning these muscles. Both of these workouts don’t involve the use of heavier weights as these are not focused on building big muscle.

Booty workout 1: 15-minute butt workout

You can perform this butt workout anywhere. Having some bands, ankle weights, and a mat may improve the ease of doing this workout and its effectiveness, but you can surely perform all these exercises without any equipment.

Victoria's Secret Model 15 Minute Butt Workout


15 minute butt workout

Jump squats


Reverse lunges

20 each side

Donkey kicks 

20 each side

Donkey kicks pulse

20 each side

Fire hydrants followed by pulse

20 each side

Corner kicks followed by pulse

20 each side

Up and over leg cross in plank position

20 each side

Spider kicks followed by pulse

20 each side

Bridge with butterflies followed by pulse

20 x 1

Clams using bands followed by pulse

20 each side

Band walk – forward and backward

20 each way

Band side-walk

20 each way

Step outs with resistance band

20 each side

Booty workout 2: runaway butt workout

This is the preferred workout of Victoria’s Secret models for getting their butt runaway ready. This will help you tighten up the glutes faster and give your butt that toned look.

Victoria's Secret Model Runaway Butt Workout


Runaway butt workout

Extended leg fire hydrant – outwards, center, and inwards

15 x 1 each variant

Press-ups in fire hydrant position

15 x 1 each leg

Sideways lying leg extensions

15 x 1 each leg

Lying hip rotations

15 x 1 each leg

Sideways lying bent knee butterflies

15 x 1 each side

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Victoria’s Secret Model Arm Workout

Arms do need special attention. They need to be trained separately even if you are doing full-body workouts. Here are some VS models arm workouts.

Arm workout 1 – Two Supersets

A pair of small dumbbells and a fitness bar is all you need to perform this amazing arm workout. This will help you tone your biceps, triceps, forearms, and also have an effect on improving your delts.

Two superset arm workout

Standing left jabs with small dumbbells

60 sec

Alternate punches, feet parallel

60 sec

Arms extended wrist half twists

60 sec

Mix boxing punches

60 sec

Tricep kickbacks

60 sec

Alternate tricep kickbacks

60 sec

Arm workout 2: Boxing and Jump Rope

Boxing is a great exercise to reduce the fat around your arms and tone your arms without adding too much bulk to them. This workout which can be done in 10-15 minutes may be the fastest way to work on your arms.

Boxing arm workout

Jump rope with heavy handles  straight and crossover

6 – 10 min

Boxing punches in the air

2 – 4 min

Boxing punches with sparring partner

2 – 4 min

The workouts mentioned in the table above are not just theories proposed by some random trainer. These are the real Victoria secret model workouts used by the models to stay in perfect shape.

If you are already working out for a significant period, then you can use these workouts to improve your fitness level and get in the perfect shape at a faster pace. If you are just starting out, you can modify the intensity or the frequency of the workout suitable to your needs.

Warming up

All the Victoria Secret training routines are intense and demanding. If your boy is not warm and ready to perform these from the start you may end up getting injured.

Before starting any VS model workout, you should perform warm-up moves to wake up the muscles and get the blood pumping.

The warm-up routines are different for different workouts. Most of these are lighter versions of workouts to follow.


You can see that there are a few workouts that last only ten to fifteen minutes if performed all the exercises just one set each of them with minimal breaks. If you wish to make it longer and more effective you can repeat the whole workout again like a superset.

There are also workouts that have 2 or 3 sets for almost all exercises. You can choose to perform all sets of one exercise and move on to the next one, or you can complete one set of each and then repeat the superset for the desired count. This way, you can add variety to your workout with an existing set of equipment and familiar exercises.

Victoria Secret Angels Workout Routine
Image: kathclick/

Create your own program

Victoria Secret workout routines can be followed as they are or can be used to create your own workout routine that is more suitable to your fitness goals using the principles and combination exercises.

To form a custom workout program for yourself you can combine exercises from two different ab workouts, or can make a combination workout focused on two different muscle groups.

How long do Victoria Secret models work out a day?

The duration of workouts for Victoria Secret models is not fixed as a thumb rule. The workout duration varies anywhere from a fifteen-minute quick session to as long as three hours a day.

Most of them workout for sixty to ninety minutes on a regular day, if they have any show coming up that duration might go above two hours. On a busy day, it can even be just a twenty-minute workout.

What do Victoria Secret models do for a workout?

The range of exercises Victoria Secret models do for a workout is vast. The exercises range from brisk walking to kickboxing.

Some of the favorite VS model exercises are running, cycling, dance cardio, pilates, yoga, boxing, ballet, and circuit training. These exercises are more of cardio moves and there is no heavy lifting involved.

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How do Victoria Secret models lose weight fast?

There are certain principles on which Victoria models workout is based on, which helps them lose weight faster.

The models work out for six days a week or more. Most of their workouts last an hour or more, their cardio workouts are intense, the rest periods between the sets are minimal.

How much cardio do Victoria Secret models do?

To lose weight and stay as lean as the models one needs to do a lot of cardio. The models do at least 2-3 cardio sessions per week. Some of them even go up to six sessions per week.

Their cardio sessions are either singular exercises like running or a mix of a bunch of cardio moves. Each of these cardio sessions lasts more than 45 minutes.

VS Model Workout
Image: Fashionstock/

Do VS models do HIIT?

HIIT sessions are a good way to mix some anaerobic exercise with your cardio routine to burn the calories faster and improve the metabolic rate.

The varying intensity of the exercise brings benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in a short time. Thus many Victoria Secret models do incorporate HIIT sessions in their routine.

How small are Victoria Secret models waists?

Waist size is what defines the overall shape of the body. The most desired hourglass figure can not be achieved without a well-defined slim waistline.

Victoria’s Secret models have waist sizes ranging from 23 inches to 26 inches maximum. The average size of the waist is approximately twenty-three and a half inches. The hip size on average is around 34 inches.

Do Victoria Secret models do Barre?

Based on ballet moves, the barre exercise helps strengthen and tone different muscles without bulking them up. Making it a perfect fit for all women.

The combination of bodyweight exercises and dance moves make barre one of the most suitable exercises for Victoria Secret models. Most of the models do incorporate barre in their routine.

Do Victoria Secret models do yoga?

Yoga helps you with flexibility, strength, balance, and improvement in metabolism. All things are necessary for any model.

Most of Victoria’s models perform yoga on regular basis. Some Victoria Secret models workout routines include full yoga sessions and some incorporate yoga combined with other exercises.

What body shape do Victoria Secret models have?

The classic hourglass figure with a little less diameter can be an apt description for the body shapes of Victoria Secret models.

Though it is not a standard but their average body measurements are 33 inches bust, 23.5 inches waist, and 34 inches at hips.

How do Victoria Secret models get their bodies?

We can’t credit a single factor for the amazing shapes and sizes of the Victoria Secret models.

They get their looks and body shape from their genetic makeup, exercise routine, diet, and overall way of life.

The Secret Is Out

Though it was not much of a secret anyway. You already knew it takes a lot of effort and the right kind of approach to achieve such a leaner body shape as Victoria Secret models.

Now you know exactly what it takes to be in good shape as these models. The intense workout regime described in this article needs to be combined with a disciplined lifestyle and strict diet.

Following these workouts only may not make you as lean and toned as these models but it is a start, and it would help you get stronger and in better shape.