Victoria Beckham’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The name ‘Victoria Beckham’ doesn’t need any introduction. She was a member of the famous music group Spice Girls and then went on to marry one of the greatest and the most stylish footballers of all time David Beckham.

Fitness has always been an important part of Victoria’s lifestyle. And that’s how she has been able to maintain her sexy physique over the years.

So if you are interested in knowing about her fitness secrets, stay with us as we give you a detailed overview of Victoria Beckham’s workout routine and diet plan through this post.

Let’s get started.

Victoria Beckham's Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Victoria Beckham’s Workout Principles

Victoria is blessed with an ectomorphic body. She naturally has a lean and slim build. But still, she trains like someone who is extremely out of shape.

Victoria Beckham’s workout plan focuses on building up her strength levels and cardiovascular endurance. By focusing on those two aspects, she gets the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of her overall physique as well.

Being a fitness freak, Victoria trains 6-7 days a week. And on certain days she even workouts twice a day. So let’s get to know more about her daily workout routine in the next section.

Victoria Beckham’s Workout Routine

Victoria has always been pretty dedicated when it comes to keeping her body fit and healthy. And the regularity with which she goes through her training sessions speaks volumes about that.

Being an early riser, Victoria goes through her workout sessions at around 6 in the morning. So let’s throw some light on the exercising styles that she includes in her training program:-


Running is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of Victoria’s exercise routine. She runs on the treadmill for about 1 hour and covers 5-7 km every single day.

Running enables her to keep her cardiovascular endurance in check and also helps her to stay lean by burning off huge amounts of calories.

So if you too intend to have a slim body just like that of Victoria Beckham, consider including running into your workout routine.

Strength training

After finishing her running session, Victoria completes a few daily chores and then goes through another strength-oriented training session that extends to about one hour.

Victoria’s strength training sessions are divided into two halves of 30 minutes each. In the first half, she trains her lower body muscles with exercises like squats, lunges, reverse lunges, calf raises, hip thrusts, etc.

Talking about the other half of her strength training sessions, it is targeted towards building up the strength in her upper body muscles and core. It includes exercises like curls, raises, extensions, etc.

To work on enhancing her core strength and stability, Victoria performs different variations of planks and other static ab exercises.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

On weekends, Victoria usually likes to perform HIIT. Her HIIT sessions are a combination of her strength training and cardio regimes.

HIIT gives her an intense workout in a shorter period and also keep her body agile and athletic.

Change is the ‘key’

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Victoria tends to often switch up her exercise routine. She does so by incorporating new exercises into it which challenge her body.

For instance, at times, instead of running, she prefers to go for boot camp training or SoulCycle classes.

Victoria is also a big fan of going through one-on-one training sessions, especially when she needs to strengthen a certain muscle group. Those sessions optimize her regular exercise performance and also keep her away from any training-related injury.

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Victoria Beckham’s Diet Plan

Victoria Beckham's Diet Plan
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To ensure that her beautiful body doesn’t go unhealthy and out of shape, Victoria sticks to a clean and nutritious diet plan. Even though being an ectomorph gives her the liberty to not be excessively strict with her eating habits, she ensures to not take this blessing for granted.

Victoria Beckham’s diet plan includes plenty of whole food items that are known for their high nutritional content. She consumes 3-4 major meals a day.

Let’s find out what all food items are included in Victoria Beckham’s meal plan for the day:-

Meal 1- Pre-breakfast

Right after waking up, Victoria takes two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar. It assists in boosting her digestion along with keeping her gut healthy.

Meal 2- Breakfast

Victoria loves having a green smoothie for her breakfast. It consists of a chopped apple, lemon, kiwi, spinach, and broccoli. To ensure it doesn’t lack antioxidants and other vital nutrients like Omega-3s fatty acids and fiber, she also adds chia seeds into it.

During winter, Victoria prefers to go with a sprouted grain bowl as her breakfast. She prepares it by mixing millet, lentils, beans, barley, and spelt. It is quite high in its carb and fiber content which keeps her stomach full for a longer period.

Meal 3- Lunch

Due to her hectic schedule, most of the time Victoria prefers to have short yet nutritious lunches. On some days she likes having sushi and if she has less time to spend on her lunch, she simply chooses to go with a green juice or smoothie.

On days when Victoria gets the time to relax, she likes to enjoy a decent lunch that consists of numerous fresh vegetables. One of her favorite lunch meals is a large salad topped with smoked or grilled salmon. She dresses it up with vinegar.

Meal 4- Dinner

Victoria’s dinner is just like her other meals, tasty and nutritious. Her husband David Beckham cooks her dinner and on days when they plan to eat out, they usually go to a sushi restaurant.


To keep her body adequately hydrated, Victoria makes it a point to drink adequate amounts of fluids every single day. When she is at work, she prefers drinking sparkling water. At times she even adds lime juice or lemon to it.

Victoria also likes having green tea and black coffee which keeps her energized.

Victoria Beckham’s Supplements

Victoria Beckham’s nutrition plan is so perfect that it doesn’t require supplements. It already has all the nutrients that her body requires to stay in tip-top condition.

However, she likes to include only one supplement in it, and that supplement is:-

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Consuming ACV assists in improving digestion. It also facilitates weight loss along with lowering cholesterol and keeping blood sugar levels in check.

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Final Words

Dedication towards staying fit and healthy happens to be the bottom line of Victoria Beckham’s fitness regime. And if you too are dedicated enough to healthify yourself, use the info mentioned in this post to structure your fitness regime and then follow it with consistency.

If you stay patient and consistent with the process, you will certainly reap the benefits that you are looking for. So get started now and see how doing so works wonders for you.