Varun Mudra: What It Is, How to Do It, Benefits, and More

Water is one of the five elements the body is made up of and plays an important role in maintaining proper health. However, many people face water deficiency because they do not drink enough water. This can lead to poor health and a plethora of ailments. Many people are deficit of the water element by birth. Such people can benefit from the Varun Mudra or Varuna mudra.

What is Varun Mudra?

Varun Mudra

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Varun mudra is a hand gesture performed in yoga to enhance the water element within the body. Water represents fluidity and freedom. It flows on its own until it attains stability. This connotation indicates better mental stability when Varun mudra is regularly practiced. That is why this hand gesture is also referred to as a ‘seal of mental clarity’.

Varun Mudra Meaning

Varun mudra takes its name after ‘Varun’ – the God of Water mentioned in Indian mythology. That’s why it is aptly called the Jal mudra. The name translates to water mudra in English. The mudra helps unite and enhance the presence of water element within the body, which is why it also goes by the name Jal Vardhak mudra. When practiced, the mudra can help one get rid of ailments and problems related to the scarcity of water in the body. 

How to do Varun Mudra?

How to do Varun Mudra

To perform the water mudra, follow this step-by-step guide. 

  • Before you begin, assume a comfortable sitting posture. This could be any meditation pose like Easy pose (Sukhasana) or Lotus pose (Padmasana). It is not important to strictly adhere to these yoga poses to perform the Varun mudra. Being comfortable during the practice is essential. 
  • Now you need to focus on your breathing and the Third Eye chakra. You can keep your eyes open when you do this. However, it is easier to focus when the eyes are closed. So, if you are a newbie, you can keep your eyes closed. 
  • Slowly inhale and exhale with all focus on your breathing. Do this for a few breaths. This will help you become aware of various body sensations. 
  • In the next step, place your open palms on your knees. 
  • Gradually bend the little finger of both your hands and allow the tip to touch the tip of the thumb. 
  • Allow the other three fingers to be relaxed. 
  • Be in position and allow your mind to focus on nothing but OM. 

Release the Varuna mudra after 10-12 minutes and repeat thrice. You can also perform the mudra for 30-35 minutes to gain better results. 

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Benefits of Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra Benefits

As the Jala mudra helps increase water element in the body, it is highly beneficial for those who suffer from a deficiency of water in the body. Continued practice of the water mudra can yield many benefits such as:

  1. Hydration

Dehydration is a problem in many, especially in people who lack water element in the body or drink less water. Such people can receive Varun mudra benefits on regular practice. The mudra of water can increase water levels in the body so that cells and tissues always remain hydrated. As such, it combats conditions like dehydration, constipation, etc. 

  1. Skin moisturization

The key to healthy skin is to keep it moisturized. Creams and lotions can work externally to an extent, but the best way to keep the skin moisturized is to keep it hydrated. The Jala mudra ensures that all parts of your body receive enough water, including your skin. This prevents it from drying out and keeps it healthy. 

  1. Cholesterol reduction

High cholesterol is a problem that many people today face, thanks to our junk lifestyle. But the practice of mudra of water can help you combat the problem. An increase in water levels within the body helps clean the body better. As wastes leave the body along with water, cholesterol levels are reduced. Thus, one of the primary Varun mudra benefits is that it helps in cholesterol reduction.

  1. Skin disease prevention

The Jal mudra not only keeps the skin moisturized but also helps cure skin problems like rashes, itching, petechiae, psoriasis, wrinkles, scars, acne, etc. This happens because the pressure created by the mudra on the fingertips stimulates the circulation of fluid within the body. 

  1. Sacral chakra stimulation

Stimulation of the sacral chakra is one of the Varun mudra benefits that serious practitioners obtain. The chakra awakens when the body is optimally hydrated. This helps in the better expression of emotions, feelings, and sexuality. 

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It is natural to be overwhelmed by the long list of Varuna mudra benefits. But make sure that you take necessary precautions before performing the mudra. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Don’t perform the Jal mudra for too long. This can have adverse effects on the body by increasing water element beyond necessary. 
  • Don’t create too much pressure on your fingertips. Gentle pressure is enough to receive the desired results. 
  • Make sure that you are comfortably dressed. This way, your mind will not be distracted.
  • Do not control your breathing while performing the mudra of water. This could be counterproductive. 
  • Make sure that you are seated on a yoga mat. Sitting on the bare floor is uncomfortable. 

Side Effects

Varuna mudra benefits are too many to count. However, it does have its share of side-effects. So, before you include this mudra in your regimen, make sure that you are aware of the following side-effects:

  • Varun mudra increases the water element in the body. So, if you have problems like puffiness, bloating, sweating, etc., it is best to avoid this mudra. 
  • People with Pitta and Kapha disorders must restrain from practicing the mudra too often as it can aggravate the conditions.
  • It is best to avoid the Jala mudra if you are currently having cough and cold problems as the mudra can increase phlegm within the body.

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If you are suffering from ailments caused due to lack of water in the body, then the Varun Mudra can prove to be highly beneficial.  To obtain Varuna mudra benefits, one must devote enough time to the mudra daily and must continue the practice of mudra for at least a month. So, start today, and you will definitely see the changes as you master the mudra.