UFC Gym Prices & Membership Cost 2023

UFC is a name that needs no introduction among fitness lovers and martial art enthusiasts. The gym is internationally famous for its top notch martial art training facilities. But at the same time, UFC Gym is also a great place for weight training, cardio workouts, and many more.

And for individuals with different fitness goals, UFC Gym offers a wide variety of memberships. You can grab the plan that suits you the best, and be on your fitness journey.

UFC Gym prices start from as low as $39 per month, and can go up to $129 or beyond. Therefore, picking the perfect membership plan is indeed crucial.

In this article, to help you with learning about UFC Gym membership cost, we have compiled UFC Gym pricing and other details for different types of plans.

So, read along, and decide which plan you should pick. 

UFC Gym prices
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UFC Gym Prices & Membership Cost

Given below is a quick table of UFC Gym membership costs and other prices.

UFC Gym  Prices & Membership Cost

UFC Gym Limited Membership

Enrolment Fee


Processing Fee


Monthly Due


UFC Gym Fitness Membership

Enrolment Fee


Processing Fee


Monthly Due


UFC Gym Ultimate Membership

Enrolment Fee


Processing Fee


Monthly Due


UFC Gym Champion Membership

Enrolment Fee


Processing Fee


Monthly Due


UFC Gym Virtual Membership

Monthly Fee


Those were the general UFC Gym prices that you can expect throughout the United States.  But always keep in mind, those were only the usual prices, and final rates may vary from club to club.

How much does UFC Gym cost?

UFC Gym membership cost
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When it comes to grabbing a membership, one attractive feature of UFC Gym is that they offer multiple options. They have plans for everyone- for those looking for a not-so-costly membership at a premium gym, for those who are into martial art MMA training, and even for those who travel a lot.

First of all, when you register for a UFC Gym membership, you need to pay an enrolment fee along with a processing fee. The enrolment fee at UFC Gym is $25, and the processing fee is $49. Both these fees are applicable for all kinds of plans.

Usually, UFC Gym offers 4 different types of plans, namely:

  • UFC Gym limited plan
  • UFC Gym fitness plan
  • UFC Gym ultimate plan
  • UFC Gym champion plan

Their most basic membership plan is the ‘UFC Gym limited’, which has a monthly fee of $39. This plan can suit you if you are looking for an affordable gym membership at a comfortable workout environment.

But as the name suggests, your membership perks will be limited to some facilities. Surely, you can use their weight training equipment and cardio facilities. But you can’t do things like group fitness classes and conditional training.

Just above the limited plan is the UFC Gym fitness membership. This plan will give you access to even more facilities like group classes. As the name suggests, this plan is a better choice for those looking for advanced training.

You can grab the UFC Gym fitness membership at a monthly fee of $89 after you pay their initiation fee ($25 enrolment fee + $49 processing fee).

Above the ‘fitness’ plan is the UFC Gym ultimate membership. This plan gives you access to more facilities like skill/technique improvement classes and kids club. That means, if you plan on bringing your kid to the gym, then the UFC Gym ultimate may be the plan for you.

The monthly rate for the UFC Gym ultimate membership is $99.

But unlike what the name suggests, the ‘ultimate’ plan isn’t actually the ultimate membership option available at UFC Gym. The highest membership option at UFC Gym is the ‘champion membership’.

You can grab the UFC Gym champion membership at a monthly price of $129. With this membership, besides all those ultimate plan perks, you can also go to any UFC Gym club.

For all these types of UFC Gym memberships, you will have to pay an enrolment fee as well as a processing fee. The enrolment fee is usually set at $25, and the processing fee is usually $49.

There is one more type of membership available at UFC Gym. That is their virtual membership. This membership won’t give you physical access to any UFC Gym club.

Instead, they will give you video classes and other facilities. You can use these classes and work out on your own. The monthly cost of the UFC Gym virtual membership is $14.95.

But not all UFC Gym clubs offer the Virtual membership. To learn whether a particular club offers the Virtual membership, you can either contact them directly, or visit their website.

Another mentionable expense you can expect at UFC is the membership cancelation fee. In order to terminate your membership, you will have to pay some fees.

The usual fee of canceling a UFC Gym membership is the minimum one among ‘$250’ and the ‘minimum membership balance amount’.

But keep in mind, different UFC Gym clubs may have their own membership cancelation policies. So, contact them and learn about such additional prices.

As always, final prices may vary from club to club. Hence, always consider contacting them directly to learn about final pricing details. Also, inquire about special deals and discounts. Sometimes, you can grab amazing offers.

How much does it cost to join UFC Gym?

The cost of joining UFC Gym is:  $25 enrolment fee + $49 processing fee. That is, a total of $74, unless they offer some discounts.

This fee is applicable to all kinds of plans.

UFC Gym membership price

How much is UFC Gym per month?

The monthly cost of your UFC Gym membership depends on the plan you choose.

Given below are the usual monthly fees for different types of memberships at UFC Gym

  • UFC Gym limited membership- $39
  • UFC Gym fitness membership- $89
  • UFC Gym ultimate membership- $99
  • UFC Gym champion membership- $129

Additionally, some clubs may also offer virtual membership at a rate of $14.95 per month.

How much is UFC Gym limited membership

The monthly fee for UFC Gym limited membership is $39, which is perhaps the cheapest plan available there. The final cost may also vary from club to club, depending on multiple factors, like facilities available.

Besides the monthly fee, when you join the gym, you will have to pay an enrolment fee of $25 and a processing fee of $49.

How much is UFC Gym fitness membership

For the UFC Gym fitness membership, your monthly fee is usually $89. And to grab your membership, you will have to pay an enrolment fee of $25 and a processing fee of $49.

How much is ufc gym ultimate membership

You can grab the UFC Gym ultimate membership by paying an enrolment fee of $25 and a processing fee of $49.

Your monthly cost for a UFC Gym ultimate membership is $99.

How much is UFC Gym champion membership

The UFC Gym champion membership is the highest plan available at most clubs. For this plan as well, the enrolment fee is usually set at $25 and the processing fee, at $49.

Thereafter, the monthly fee for the UFC Gym champion membership will be $129, which is perhaps the highest pricing for any plan there.

How much is UFC Gym virtual membership

With $9.95 per month, you can grab the UFC Gym virtual membership. It usually doesn’t have any enrolment or processing fees.

How much is UFC Gym initiation fee?

Generally, almost every plan at UFC Gym has the same initiation fee. Your overall membership initiation fee will be $74, which is a combination of $25 enrolment fee and $49 processing fee.

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UFC Gym fee

How much does a personal trainer cost at UFC Gym?

The cost of dedicated personal trainers at UFC Gym generally ranges between $65 and $100 per hour.

But personal trainer pricing depends greatly on the club location and other factors.

Also, with some plans, UFC Gym does offer specialized trainer consultation at no extra cost. Contact your local club for more details.

UFC Gym Deals & Discounts

UFC Gym deals and discounts vary greatly with respect to location and time. However, you can always find them either by visiting their website or by contacting them directly.

Most of the special deals and discounts on UFC Gym memberships come in the form of coupons and vouchers. Finding such coupons is perhaps the best way to bring down your UFC Gym membership cost.

Additionally, UFC Gym does offer great discounts for military persons, students, etc.

Besides these offers on membership fees, you can grab some other offers with your already existing UFC Gym membership. For instance, if you have their ultimate membership, you can get a 10% discount on gym sales. 

Does UFC Gym offer military discounts

Yes, UFC Gym clubs often offer military discounts.

For instance, military personnel, either active or veterans, can attend free UFC Gym classes for 30 days. This is not a discount, technically. Rather, a token of respect.

Additionally, some clubs offer certain discounts on monthly membership fees. Mostly, UFC gym price for military personnel will be discounted by 10%. 

For more details, you can contact them directly, and enquire about live discounts for military personnel.

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Does UFC Gym have student discounts?

Yes, although UFC Gym doesn’t have a regular student discount, they sometimes come up with attractive deals. These discounts are not necessarily available at all clubs. Instead, individual clubs offer discounts on their own.

Therefore, contacting your local UFC Gym club is the best way to learn about student discounts.

UFC Gym pricing

Can I go to any UFC Gym with my membership?

If you have the UFC Gym champion membership, you can go to any of their clubs.

However, with their Limited, Fitness, or even the Ultimate membership, you can usually visit only your home club.

Can I freeze UFC Gym membership?

Yes, you can freeze your UFC Gym membership due to both medical and non-medical reasons. Membership suspending policies may vary from club to club.

How much does it cost to cancel UFC Gym membership?

The usual cost of canceling a UFC Gym membership is $250, or 50% of the minimum membership due; Whichever is fewer.

However, if you wish to cancel your membership before the cooling off period, you will not have to pay any cancelation fee. The cooling off period is usually 7or 15 days and depends on your membership plan and club policies.

Is it hard to cancel UFC Gym membership?

The hardest part about canceling a UFC Gym membership is that you will have to go there and submit the request in person. Usually, they don’t accept membership cancelation requests via mail, telephone or website.

Also, you need to submit your UFC Gym membership termination request at least 28 days in advance.

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Bottom Line

UFC Gym is never the cheapest gym that you can get a membership in. But if you have big fitness goals, then it is totally worth spending some bucks there. And considering all those facilities and a comfortable workout atmosphere, UFC Gym membership prices are fairly reasonable.