Two Peloton Bikes & One Subscription: All you need to know

These days, in the wake of the pandemic, the concept of indoor workouts has become very prevalent. Peloton is a brand that has been associated with the world of fitness for a long time.

Bringing home a Peloton bike will provide you with the opportunity to indulge in a full-body workout without having to step out of the comfort of your house. However, it is important to note that you will require a membership plan. Now, what does a membership plan equip you with? Who can be called a “Member”?

One who purchases a Peloton membership can use one account solely for personal use. Peloton has two kinds of membership plans: an All-Access Membership and a Peloton App Membership.

Many people share a common concern: is it possible to run two Peloton bikes while having one subscription? This article deals with this concern. Read on to find out.

Two Peloton bikes & one subscription

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Can you have two Peloton bikes on one subscription?

Ideally, no. You will require two Peloton bike membership subscriptions for two different Peloton bikes.

If you look at the policies of the “All-Access Membership” on the Peloton website, you will know that this membership grants you and your family members, who share the same residence with you,  full access to the features, content, and classes offered by Peloton.

You can attach the membership to one Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread simultaneously, but you will not be able to link the membership to a Peloton Bike and a Bike+ at the same time.

Nevertheless, many people run two different Peloton bikes using the same subscription. Here, the catch is that you will not be able to log into two devices simultaneously at the same time.

If you have two Peloton bikes and there is no overlapping of people riding them at the same time, then you are good to go with a single subscription. The subscription will run on only one bike at a time.

Can I use my Peloton account on a different bike?

Can I use my Peloton account on a different bike

Yes, of course! You can use your Peloton Account on a different bike if you purchase a new Peloton Bike.

As has been mentioned above, the main catch is that you should not be operating the membership on two devices at a time. When you buy a new bike, the screen of the bike will offer you a choice as to which membership plan you wish to tie the bike to.

If you already have a subscription on your old bike, you will be given an option to choose the “In Use” subscription. If you opt for that option, your new bike will be connected to that subscription, while your old bike will be deactivated.

However, if you opt for a new subscription for your new bike, your new membership plan will be activated and you will be billed twice. This way, you will be debarred from limitations and multiple bikes can be used at the same time!

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How do I use my Peloton membership on two bikes?

You can use your Peloton membership on two bikes, but not at the same time. When you connect your Peloton account to one device, the other bike automatically gets disconnected. You have to repeat the process back and forth every time you switch between your Peloton bikes.

If I purchase a second Peloton bike, do I need a second subscription?

You may or may not require a new subscription when you purchase a second Peloton bike. It all depends on whether you want to use both the bikes together.

Having a single membership limits your option of using two bikes simultaneously at the same time. Imagine wanting to have a workout session together with your partner at your residence on two different bikes.

If you have a single membership plan, it will cause a hindrance to your workout plan, as only one Peloton bike will be functional. To operate the other, you will either have to log out of your former device, or you will have to purchase a new membership plan.

Similarly, if you and your family members, dwelling in two different locations, use two different Peloton bikes but share a single membership subscription, before starting your workout, you will have to ensure that the other device at the other location is not in use.

Therefore, whether you wish to purchase a new membership for your new Peloton bike, is completely your call.

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Final Thoughts

If you abide by the guidelines laid down by Peloton support, it always encourages having separate subscription plans for different devices and not one Peloton subscription for multiple devices. Although there is an option of using two Peloton bikes in a single membership, it is ideal to go for two separate subscription plans for two bikes.

Given that the membership plans do not cost a huge amount of money, go for a new subscription plan when you bring home a new Peloton bike. This is not only ethical but is also convenient as it enhances your chances of working out independently without having to think that someone else might be using your membership on his device.