TWICE Jihyo’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

K-pop stars are the most popular artists in the current scenario. Their singing and dancing prowess never fails to entertain their fanbase. One such K-pop star is Jihyo.

She is the leader of the famous group called TWICE. Her singing and songwriting skills are simply exceptional.

But at the same time, she also has a physique that inspires many of her fans to get in shape. So without any delay, let’s throw some light on Jihyo’s workout routine and diet plan.

TWICE Jihyo's Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jihyo’s Workout Routine

There was a time when Jihyo was kind of trolled for her excess weight. Her body was quite chubby and due to this some people even went on to say that she must be a professional weightlifter.

Hearing such mean things about her body made Jihyo decide to transform her body completely. She followed a strict fitness regime for that purpose. In a few months, her body transformed so beautifully that it simply shut the mouths of her trollers.

So let’s find out what all training styles make TWICE Jihyo’s workout routine so effective:-


Dancing happens to be an important part of Jihyo’s exercise routine. Well, that’s where lies the secret of her jaw-dropping dance moves.

Her dancing sessions also enable her to burn a lot of calories, thus acting as a great option for cardio. This in turn contributes towards keeping her in great shape as well.

Jihyo’s dancing sessions last for about 2 hours. In those 2 hours, she practices her dance moves along with performing some exercises that facilitate flexibility.

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Resistance Training

Jihyo might look soft and sweet, but she is extremely strong as well. The credit for this goes to her resistance training regime.

Jihyo’s resistance training regime consists of exercises that can be performed with just one’s body weight. It is focused on giving her a strong, lean, and sexy body.

  • It includes exercises such as push-ups, free squats, inverted rows, hip thrusts, etc.
  • Jihyo’s favorite exercise happens to be the plank. She ups the intensity of her planks by performing the plank twisters.

She says,

“I do a plank for 1 minute and after that I move my hips to each side 30 times.”

And that’s how she maintains her flat and toned midsection.

Jihyo is also a big fan of circuit training. She swears about its effectiveness to burn a lot of calories in a relatively shorter period of time.

The high-intensity nature of circuit training makes it an ideal training approach for those who want to build muscle and lose fat.

Yoga and Pilates

At times, Jihyo even likes to perform yoga and pilates. Both exercise styles serve as a great option for working on core strength and stability. Yoga and pilates can also contribute towards making the body flexible and athletic.

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Working Out Twice a Day

Jihyo is pretty dedicated when it comes to working out. And owing to this reason, she trains twice a day.

Her morning sessions focus on perfecting her dance moves. On the contrary, her evening sessions involve performing resistance training.

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Jihyo’s Diet Plan

Jihyo's Diet Plan

TWICE Jihyo is well aware of the fact that any kind of workout routine goes hand in hand with a nutritious diet plan. After all, no matter how hard you train, if your diet is not on point you are not going to get the best out of your fitness regime.

To counter such a scenario, Jihyo ensures to eat in accordance with her fitness goals. TWICE Jihyo’s diet plan has numerous food items that fetch her body different essential nutrients.

When Jihyo was required to lose excess pounds, she had to stick to a strict diet plan. But this approach didn’t suit her quite well.

So instead of following a particular diet plan, she simply changed her eating habits. First and foremost she avoided having late-night snacks.

During her weight loss phase, Jihyo’s meal plan only had one big meal which she used to consume between 5 pm-6 pm. She avoided having breakfast and lunch. But at the same time she ensured that her body’s daily caloric requirements are met.

Following this approach not only promoted her weight loss but also eliminated the chances of feeding the body unnecessary calories. But this kind of dieting is not recommended. 

Now let’s have a look at Jihyo’s meal plan for the day:-


  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Bacon
  • Coffee (iced Americano)


  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • Salad
  • Yogurt smoothie


  • Soup
  • Veggies
  • Rice

Jihyo also drinks warm water many times a day. This assists her to flush out toxins from her system.

No Starvation

Jihyo doesn’t believe in the idea of starving oneself to get in shape. Instead, she focuses on eating nutritious food items and also trains her butt off twice a day to burn off excess calories.

Now she trains 4 hours a day, she has to eat 4-5 meals a day to fuel her body adequately. Therefore, starving doesn’t happen to be a thing in her diet plan.

Jihyo’s Supplements

Jihyo has never revealed anything about her usage of supplements. But taking into consideration her aesthetic body and insane fitness levels, you may include the following supplements in your nutrition plan:-

  • Whey protein
  • Multivitamin

Whey protein happens to be an excellent source of protein. Its rich amino acid profile makes it a suitable choice to be included in your post-workout meal.

A multivitamin supplement on the other hand is full of various micronutrients. Multivitamin also helps in countering nutritional deficiencies.

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Wrapping Up

Jihyo’s fitness journey is quite an inspirational one. She transformed her body by following her training program and nutrition plan with consistency.

And if you too are willing to change how your body looks, Jihyo is certainly gonna inspire you the most.

You can design a fitness regime for yourself based on Jihyo’s workout routine and diet plan. Just make sure to follow it with dedication. It will surely assist you in attaining a fitter and more aesthetic body.

Be patient and consistent with the process and don’t expect overnight results. This is what Jihyo did. And if you want your physical transformation to be the same as Jihyo’s, you will have to have that mental fortitude as well.