Tristyn Lee’s Workout Routine

Tristyn Lee has become a social media sensation in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. From renowned bodybuilders to regular gym rats, everyone gets surprised and impressed on seeing the lean and ripped physique of this teenager who seems to love the art of bodybuilding and trains like a freak.

Owing to all this, Tristyn has garnered a massive follower base on his social media handles.

We presume that you must be willing to know about Tristyn Lee’s workout routine that keeps his body aesthetic and athletic. Well, if that’s the case then you have found the right post for that matter.

Stay with us as we give you a detailed overview of Tristyn Lee’s training routine. We can assure you it will motivate your lazy self to start training.

Tristyn Lee’s Workout Principles

Tristyn Lee's Workout
Tristyn Lee in an Instagram photo (Tristyn Lee / Instagram)
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When Tristyn had started his bodybuilding journey, he was quite excited about it just like most of us.

He used to train twice a day, both in the morning and evening. But he found out very soon that following such a kind of training schedule will be too hectic for him. He also had to go to school and perform numerous chores throughout the day. Hence, he subsided his everyday training sessions from twice a day to once.

Tristyn Lee’s workouts are not just confined to performing weight lifting and cardio. He also practices soccer three times a week. All these contribute towards enhancing his athletic prowess along with making him look lean and muscular.

Tristyn has always been quite disciplined about following his training program and ensures to leave no stone unturned in deriving the most out of his workout sessions.

He aspires to be a soccer player and the intensity with which he trains has surely laid a firm foundation for him on which his sports career can blossom.

Tristyn Lee’s Workout Schedule

Tristyn Lee Workout
Tristyn Lee in an Instagram photo (Tristyn Lee / Instagram)

Tristyn Lee workouts for 6-days in a week. He follows the conventional ‘bro-split’ training protocol in which he hits each of his muscle groups only once a week.

This approach provides his muscles with sufficient time to recover from his intense workouts and serves him in his best interests.

Tristyn Lee’s workout split for the week looks like the following:-

  • Monday- Chest
  • Tuesday- Arms
  • Wednesday- Legs
  • Thursday- Shoulders
  • Friday- Back
  • Saturday- HIIT Cardio
  • Sunday- Rest

To ensure that his body recuperates well from his intense training sessions, he stays away from any kind of sports or training-related activities on his rest days. Instead, he prefers to play video games with his brothers on such days.

Tristyn Lee’s Workout Routine

Tristyn Lee’s workout routine comprises numerous exercises that he performs to hit each of his muscle groups adequately. His exercise routine incorporates both compound and isolation lifts. He relies on following a high-volume training approach. 

In order to facilitate greater muscle gains, Tristyn follows the progressive resistance approach. He keeps on increasing the weight with each set and decreasing the number of repetitions. He performs each of the exercises in a rep range of 8-12 reps.

After each of his training sessions, Tristyn makes it a point to perform cardio. His cardio workouts extends for around 15 minutes. Along with that he also performs HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) once a week. He claims that his cardio workouts not only allows him to maintain a low body fat percentage but also contributes a lot towards enhancing his endurance levels. This in turn keeps his body well-prepared to go through 90 minutes of activity in a game of soccer.

Before getting started with his exercise routine, Tristyn performs some warm-up exercises to prepare his muscles for his main workouts. He also performs some stretching movements at the end of his workouts to get rid of any kind of muscle strain that often arises out of intense training sessions.

The following table will let you know in detail about Tristyn Lee’s workout routine. It enlists the exercises that he performs for training each of his muscle groups along with their respective number of sets and reps. Let’s have a look at it:-

Tristyn Lee Workout Routine


Tristyn Lee’s Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Chest

Incline Barbell Bench Press

3 x (8-12)

Incline Dumbbell Press

3 x (8-12)

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

3 x (8-12)

Machine Decline Press

3 x (8-12)

Machine Incline Press

3 x (8-12)

Pec Deck Flyes

3 x (8-12)

Tuesday- Arms

Machine Preacher Curls

3 x (10-12)

Straight Bar Extensions

3 x (10-12)

Barbell Bicep Curls

3 x (12-15)

Incline EZ-Bar Skull Crushers

3 x (10-12)

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

3 x (8-12)

Wednesday- Legs

Leg Extensions

3 x (8-12)

Leg Press

3 x (10-12)

Barbell Squats

3 x (8-12)

Standing Cable Hamstring Curls

3 x (12-15)

Thursday- Shoulders

Machine Side Lateral Raises

3 x (8-12)

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press

3 x (8-12)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 x (10-12)

Dumbbell Rear Delt Flyes

3 x (8-12)

Front Raises

3 x (8-12)

Friday- Back

Bent-Over Rows

3 x (10-12)

Lat Pulldowns

3 x (10-12)

Seated Rows

3 x (10-12)


3 x (10-12)

One-Arm Rows

3 x (8-12)

Saturday- HIIT Cardio

With Kettlebells (take one-minute rest between the exercises)

Single-Arm Cleans

3 x (10-15)

Double-Arm Front Swings

3 x (10-15)

Goblet Squats

3 x (10-15)

Single-Arm Overhead Press

3 x (10-15)

Reverse Lunges

3 x (10-15)

Floor Crunches

3 x (10-15)


Ten yards sprint- walk back to the beginning- 20 yards and walk back to the start

5 Sets

Thirty yards sprint- return to start with backward running

7 Sets

Bleacher run-walk back down to restart each set

10 Sets

Circuit (Rest for one minute after each exercise)


45 Seconds

Butt Kickers

45 Seconds

Squat Jumps

40 Seconds

Mountain Climbers

35 Seconds

Side Lunges

45 Seconds


30 Seconds

Walking Planks

45 Seconds

Leg Raises

45 Seconds

Sunday- Rest

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Fasted Workouts

Tristyn prefers to go through his morning workout sessions on an empty stomach. He claims that this allows him to burn off more fat from his frame which provides his physique a lean and aesthetic appearance.

Lower Body Training

Tristyn abhors his leg training sessions. Nevertheless, he goes through them as they fetch him the maximum returns. He even claims,

“Legs day at 6 am is the worst pain but the best results.”

Even being a teenager he is capable of lifting more than his body weight and he acknowledges the effectiveness of his brutal lower body workouts for his strength and size gains.

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Final Thoughts

So this was all about Tristyn Lee‘s workout plan. For Tristyn age is just a number especially when it comes to the dedication and commitment that he shows towards his goals. Not only does he set his goals high but he also puts in 100% of his efforts to attain them.

We expect that this post would have motivated you to follow suit.