Triple H Diet Plan & Supplements

Triple H, less commonly known as, Paul Michael Levesque, is a popular figure in the World Wrestling Entertainment world. Standing tall at 6 feet 4 inches, he has a huge fan base which has continued over the years.

He ventured into movies over time and gained a lot of attention and popularity there as well. Keeping this in mind, we can get an idea of how fitness plays an immense role in his life.

A super-strong physique he possesses and is well known for his strength, his fans across the world would surely want to know the secret behind this.

Apart from training intense in the gym, Triple H follows a strict diet plan as well. He pays a lot of focus on his diet, which needs to be nutritious.

Triple H Diet
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Triple H’s Diet Plan

HHH’s diet consists of eating consistently every few hours throughout the day. This helps in boosting his metabolism and also keeps the energy levels high.

He prefers to eat wholesome, nutritious foods which include more of proteins. This helps in keeping his body bulky with muscles and prevents wasting away of muscle.

He keeps a check on the ingredients that are used to prepare his meal. So, if it contains a good amount of fiber, protein and other nutrients, he would definitely add it to his diet chart.

What to Eat

Triple H’s diet contains a lot of healthy foods which would sustain the energy and give an overall strength to work on the fitness training.

Apart from ‘what to eat’, one should also focus on ‘when to eat’. The best way to do this is to space out your meals every few hours. It would boost up your metabolic rate and would prevent fatigue and lethargy during the day.

Some of the foods that Triple H includes in his meal plan are:

  • Fruits: Triple H loves apples and peach and makes sure he adds them to his nutrition plan. It satiates your hunger pangs and prevents you from gorging on unnecessary junk food.
  • Vegetables: He recommends eating vegetables in every meal, as it adds up on your essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Fish: An excellent source of protein while low on fats, this is a must-have in Triple H’s diet plan.
  • Chicken: A good source of protein which is required for maintenance of muscle and providing bulk to the body.
  • Protein shakes: It is necessary for keeping your energy levels high while preventing muscle loss during workouts.

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What to Avoid

His first and foremost rule on what to stay away from is junk food. He does so because they are simply just empty calories.

Nutrition is something that Triple H always stresses on, and the foods that do not make it to Triple H’s meal plan includes:

  • Potato chips
  • Packaged snacks
  • Junk food
  • High carbohydrate food: They are difficult to digest and simply add onto the unhealthy fat portion.
  • Sugars: This is best avoided as it contains no beneficial nutrients and causes ill-health. It may increase your energy level but also leads to weight gain in the form of fat.
  • Saturated fats: This is known to increase cholesterol and is harmful for health. Common foods with saturated fats are butter, cheese, cream.


Triple H follows a clean diet avoiding most of the unhealthy foods, yet he adds some supplements to his diet to replenish any missing nutrients.

Following are some of the supplements this bodybuilder uses in his diet:

  • Whey protein: This is recommended for a boost in protein intake. It helps during the workout sessions and helps in muscle recovery after training.
  • Fish oil: It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are help fight inflammation in the body, aids a healthy heart, and provides focus.
  • Protein bar: An easier form of ingesting protein while you are having a busy day. It helps in sustaining the bulk of muscle and prevents the burning of muscle.
  • Creatine: It helps in providing an energy boost and strength during an intense workout. It also helps in post-workout recovery of muscles.

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Nothing comes easy, and a physique like Triple H would definitely not. However, a persistent focus and discipline on eating clean and healthy would surely bring you the desired results.

All those fans who are eager to build a body like his, here is your chance to make your dream come true with the Triple H’s diet plan!