Tom McCullough 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Program (with Spreadsheet)

Peaking at powerlifting requires proper training and a well-rounded routine. You cannot expect to overtire your body and still perform to your maximum potential during competitions and events.

Thus, for powerlifters, the objective of the training is slightly different. The goal is to achieve maximum preparedness; giving your body the necessary workouts required to enhance strength while also having enough rest and recovery time.

In short, powerlifters need a well-planned peaking program to max out their performance.

Problem is, there are so many powerlifting programs that people have a hard time choosing the right one for themselves. The issue becomes even more complex for intermediate lifters.

There are programs for advanced powerlifters and there are programs for beginners and amateurs. Intermediate lifters, on the other hand, find it difficult to overcome their training plateaus because they do not have a plan programmed specifically for their needs.

Fortunately, we have a 14 week powerlifting program that might help them.

Tom McCullough 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Program

Program Principles

Tom McCullough is a powerlifting legend. He has been in and out of the competitions since 1980, participating and dominating in various categories. He developed his own 14-week powerlifting peaking program to help intermediate lifters achieve peak preparedness.

The best thing about his powerlifting program is that it is simple to follow and easy to understand.

The schedule only requires one lifting session per week. The routine follows the block periodization pattern, where different stages of the module are divided into specific blocks. Each block adjusts intensity and volume on the basis of achieving set targets.

For instance, the first block is the accumulation period, where volume is high and intensity is relatively lower. Then comes the transmutation block where intensity increases and training volume gradually decreases. Finally, the realization period is where training intensity is at its peak and volume is at its lowest.

The advantage of using block periodization is that it allows powerlifters to focus on three core aspects of peaking: achieving maximum strength, having enough recovery time, and using the right technique.

In this 14-week powerlifting peaking program, the initial weights are determined based on the lifter’s 1-Rep Maximum. Ultimately, the goal at the end of the fourteenth week is to increase the 1RM performance by at least 5-10%,

The Tom McCullough’s peaking program is suitable for any powerlifting lifts. You can either use it as a sole training program or combine the powerlifting program with other routines.

To summarize, these are the principles that back Tom McCullough’s 14-week peaking program:

  • Use of block periodization to derive maximum results.
  • A steady increase in training intensity and decrease in training volume to achieve peak preparedness end of the routine.
  • Use of 1RM percentage to determine the starting weights and tracking progress.

Tom McCullough’s 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Program

The Tom McCullough peaking program only requires one training session per week. As such, powerlifters are free to combine the training module with different routines catering to other exercises.

It is best suited for intermediate lifters as the concept is not too challenging, nor is it so easy that it won’t derive any results. The tapering pattern of training indicates that the module can also be used as a meet prep program.

So, if you have a competition lined up in fourteen weeks and you want to train for peak preparedness, the Tom McCullough 14 week peaking program can do the job for you.

At the end of the program, lifters are expected to improve their 1RM in squats, deadlifts, and bench presses by 10%.

Tom McCullough’s 14 Week Peaking Powerlifting Program Spreadsheet

Tom McCullough’s program is effective and easy to understand. But you’ll only get the best results if you understand every aspect of the powerlifting program.

To do that, you can simply download his 14 week powerlifting program template from here.



After downloading, you can consult the Spreadsheet while you are at the gym directly from your phone, or get a printout for convenience.

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Final Words

Following Tom McCullough’s peaking program is like getting trained by the legend himself. By the end of the fourteenth week, you are bound to get massive results if you are doing everything right.