Tom Brady Workout Routine

Tom Brady is a renowned quarterback who plays for the New England Patriots of the NFL. If you are an avid American Football fan, you might be well aware of his accomplishments. He is known for winning numerous accolades, including six Super Bowl Championships, four Super Bowl MVPs, and three NFL MVPs.

Tom Brady is 43 years old, but his fitness levels, even at this age, can put some youngsters to shame. He is quick, explosive, and agile. Over the years, his fitness levels have improved a lot. He credits all this to his unique method of training known as TB12. He had founded this method alongside his trainer Alex Guerrero. This method is unique in its approach and doesn’t involve traditional weightlifting exercises.

So what is this TB12 method all about, and how does Tom Brady utilizes it? This athletic workout guide is going to elucidate about the same.

Tom Brady Workout

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Program Overview

When it comes to the workout program of Tom Brady, it is quite different and unique from that of other NFL players. The whole credit of Tom Brady’s physical longevity goes to his trainer Alex Guerrero. His training methods are unconventional, but the results that they bring truly speak for themselves. Alex Guerrero is also the co-founder of TB12, which is Tom Brady’s wellness company.

The workout routine of Tom Brady favors the use of resistance bands for strength training as opposed to using a traditional approach to lifting weights using dumbbells and barbells. Working with resistance bands helps in improving agility, ensuring core stability, and it also focuses on developing speed. Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero also claims that using heavy weights for training might make muscle fibers vulnerable to any kind of tearing. This kind of injury can have an adverse impact on the overall performance of an athlete. Moreover, it also requires a greater period to get completely healed.

When it is the playing season, Tom Brady’s daily workout routine is marked by a higher degree of intensity and complexity. It targets to work on enhancing skill, strength, recovery as well as conditioning. The exercise routine includes 9 exercises. Those exercises are performed solely with resistance bands. Resistance bands aid in inducing muscle fatigue which is referred to as ‘pliability’ by both Brady and Guerrero.

If you intend to follow Tom Brady’s workout routine, which you surely do, you must keep in mind that his style of training won’t get you jacked or super muscular. It is not designed to serve those purposes. The Tom Brady training program is quite suitable for maintaining a physique that has a strong and firm foundation. You can utilize his workout plan in-between your other workout programs. If you are looking out for an active rest protocol, his workout program can work effectively for you in that case as well.

Tom Brady Workout Schedule

Like every other athlete, discipline and consistency happen to be the cornerstones of Tom Brady’s workout plan. Tom Brady’s daily routine is not only confined to performing certain exercises. It also includes other stuff as well. He goes through a pre-workout massage to stimulate the different muscle groups. Then he performs a 40-minute exercise routine using resistance bands. Afterward, he performs some movement drills that aid in enhancing his sports performance which is followed by a post-workout massage. Along with paying great attention to his body, he also makes sure to exercise his brain to work on visual and auditory processing. He also practices mindfulness.

Tom Hardy’s daily workout schedule looks like this:-

  • Waking up at 5:30 AM
  • Four-minute of the pre-workout message. It hits 20 different muscle groups for around 20 seconds each.
  • 40-minutes of workout performed with resistance bands.
  • Performing some movement drills like squats, planks, lunges, shoulder exercises, etc.
  • Post-workout massage targeted towards increasing blood flow, flushing out lactic acid build-up, and speeding up recovery time.
  • 15 minutes of online brain exercising by Posit Science BrainHQ. It is aimed towards improving visual precision as well as cognitive function.

Tom Brady Workout Routine

Tom Brady follows the TB12 workout protocol. Before letting you know what his workout routine looks like, we present before you some points that you must consider before trying out the TB12 workout protocol. Here are those:-

  • You must start the exercises in a biomechanically neutral position. Keep your knees over feet, hips over knees, and shoulders over hips. It optimizes your form and helps in activating your core.
  • You will be using three different types of resistance bands during your workouts: handle bands, long-looped bands, and short-looped bands.
  • If a certain muscle group is completely drained and exhausted or close to it, stop the exercise for that muscle group.
  • By using high-intensity resistance band workouts, you can combine strength-building and cardio exercises.
  • You must emphasize ground force production.

Before starting his main workout, Tom Brady performs a pliability session using a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere. It helps in preparing up the muscles and nervous system for the upcoming workout stress.

Tom Brady’s workout routine includes various exercises that are performed with resistance bands. The following table will elucidate about the same. Let’s have a look at it.

Tom Brady Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Banded Standing Rows

1 set to failure

Banded Push-Ups

1 set to failure

Banded Core Rotations

1 set to failure (both sides)

Banded Deadlift

1 set to failure

Banded Bicep Curls

1 set to failure

Banded Tricep Extensions

1 set to failure

Deceleration Lunges

1 set to failure

Banded Shoulder Press

1 set to failure

X-Band Squat

1 set to failure

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After completing his workout, Tom Brady again goes through a pliability session using a TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere, which aids in improving recovery and stimulating the nervous system.

Final Words

From this workout guide, you must have got a comprehensive idea about how a set of resistance bands can provide you with a great full-body workout. Such workouts are effective and have little to no chances of injury. Moreover, they also help in building a better mind-muscle connection that you can further utilize while performing other styles of workout. We would suggest you to try out the Tom Brady workout routine, and we can assure you that your body will thank you in both the short- and long-terms.

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