Tim Cook’s Daily Routine

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since 2011, the brain behind the extraordinary success of Apple products.

Tim does not live in the spotlight like other business people like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Still, this man is charming with a sharp, outspoken personality and humble nature.

Tim had raised the bar for Apple since he gained the full Authority over Apple in 2011 when Steve Jobs resigned and elected Cook as the CEO. Since that time, Tim has helped Apple conquer the market sales and took it to unlimited heights of recognition and abundance of success.

Tim Cook’s daily schedule revolves around his work at Apple and then spending family time. So today, we have come up with information about Tim Cook’s daily routine and actions that makes him one of the most extraordinary men.

Tim Cook’s daily routine

Tim Cook's daily routine
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Tim Cook is a man with a disciplined daily schedule and time management. He is an early riser who focuses on building the surroundings to create massive impacts on the economy.

Tim Cook’s daily routine consists of watching the sunrise and working out in the gym to being at work for 11-12 hours at Apple Park.

Tim is a good listener, unlike the big leaders who like to scream motivational quotes or speak dialogues on success. Tim likes to sit back, relax, listen, analyze and judge people to develop stronger points of view and properly hire candidates for his company.


Tim Cook is a morning person who gets out of bed at 3.45 and starts his day productive by reading 700+ emails.

After the early morning work ritual has ended, Tim heads to his workouts and hits the gym by 5.00 am.

Tim likes to spend alone time with himself in the morning, doing the workouts and figuring things out in his head. Apple has a well-equipped gym. Instead, he prefers to work at a private gym away from the people and chaos.

Tim likes to give his best in the early workout sessions and seriously takes his health and body’s well-being. His workouts last upto 30-45 mins.

After completing his early morning rituals, like reading emails and gym sessions, Tim heads home, bathes, gets dressed up, and leaves for work.


During the noontime, Tim is present in his office at the Apple park carrying on his work activities.

Being the CEO of Apple company, Tim is all focused on his work during the daytime, implementing the decision and managing key aspects of the company.

Tim also communicates with his employees in the daytime, cooperating and asking them questions to know their intelligence and brainpower. This helps him determine whether they are worth their position. Thus ensuring strong and intelligent management.

In case of any free time during the afternoon, Tim gives himself some time and space for hiking or bike rides, giving his mind the time to feel good and relax.


Tim Cook is a cool-minded person as opposed to his predecessor. He gives all his time and energy to work from morning to afternoon and directly comes back home in the evening at 6.30 without any outside distraction.

Being a private person with no outside expectations other than work, Tim comes home, spends time with his family, and prepares for an early sleep.

Tim Cook’s sleep schedule

Tim Cook believes in sleeping well for 7 hours and waking up early in the morning. This has a lot to do with the health and success of Tim Cook’s schedule.

How many hours a day does Tim Cook sleep?

Tim Cook, the CEO of a Trillion dollar company, admits that waking up early in the morning has helped him in many ways to become more efficient and productive.

Hence, Tim prefers to sleep 7 hours and wake up before sunrise in the morning.

What time does Tim Cook go to bed?

Tim comes straight home after his daily working activities, enjoys dinner with his family, and heads to sleep.

Tim sleeps early, around 8.45, gets a deep sleep of 7 hours, and starts off fresh and efficient the next day. This shows that Tim is a believer in the theory that an early bird takes the worm.

What time does Tim Cook wake up?

Tim wakes up early in the morning, around 3:45, reads emails, and goes through customer feedback on Apple products. He then analyses what changes they can make in their next products.

After completing the early morning work, Tim gets ready for his workout session and admits that regular exercise keeps him stress-free and his brain functioning properly.

Tim Cook’s work schedule

Tim Cook's work schedule
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Tim is extremely passionate about his work as he is the first to enter the office and the last person to leave. Tim is the kind of person who raises his level bar, supports his employees to reach their higher potential, and uplifts them.

Therefore, Tim Cook’s daily schedule includes reading employees’ minds and getting the best version of themselves at work. Additionally, he also focuses on ensuring that his company is on track to launch newer technologies to be a market leader.

How many hours a day does Tim Cook work?

Tim Cook starts working early in the morning. After waking up, he starts checking customer feedback and 100 plus emails. Hence after completing for his workouts and having breakfast, he leaves for his work as early as possible.

A day in the life of Tim Cook includes being the first to enter the Apple office and spending all his noon and evening in the office. Then Tim leaves for home around 6.30 in the evening. All of which accounts for 11-12 hours of work every day.

How many hours a week does Tim Cook work?

Tim Cook has a next-level focus in his work as he admits that he is always thinking about new ideas and better ways for Apple and keep the growth moving high.

Tim Cook works daily upto 11-12 hours which stands around 80-90 hours a week.

Tim cook’s habits

Tim Cook has no bad habits. He has a very humble and calm behavior that makes his employees love him. According to his employees, Tim Cook’s thoughts and influence have changed their lives.

Tim admitted in 2018 that he realized he was spending too much time on his phone and would like to give up this habit. Hence it’s 2022 now, and we assume that Tim has quit the habit and is focusing more on the outer world than on his phone screen and swiping notifications.

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Final Thoughts

Tim is a generous man with a simple concept of living life. He is very fortunate with huge wealth. But he does not like to spend on expensive materialistic things. Tims’s effort to raise his surroundings is exceptional as he believes if you want to achieve greatness, you have to be with the best ones first.

We also witness how Tim likes to spend time with himself and exercise in his active working lifestyle, which gives his brain the dopamine and freshness to think and invest better ideas.

Tim’s creative and disciplined approach to work has made him one of the leading men in the history of technological growth. We are all grateful to Tim Cook for motivating the youth to create better and more efficient technologies. Thus making life fun, easy, and reliable with Apple products and gadgets.