Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Program Spreadsheets

The desire for a beautiful and hot body is never-ending for any woman. Believe it or not, the flaunting beautiful dresses do come with a hidden message of “applicable on a good figure”.

Despite trying tons of exercises and those weight loss programs, many women are unable to get leaner. Well, now you can lose body fat without going for crash dieting and those nasty machine workouts​ in the gym.

Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Program Summary

It’s an amazing fitness workout program designed especially for women. This program aims at developing a gracious and stunning body for the females. The ultimate goal of this program is helping out in fat loss, making muscles leaner and hypertrophy of the muscles, that is, increasing the muscle mass.

This program was created by Micheal Matthews, an expert trainer dedicatedly​ working on nutrition and aesthetics for males as well as females.

This program is designed​ keeping inexperienced or beginners in mind. The training style of this workout program is split type. The program length is indefinite, that is, a person can continue this workout program till the desired weight is achieved.

The program aims at developing a sense of discipline and motivation to all the females out there in the desire of a beautiful and well-sculpted body.

There are no cardio or gym machines needed to perform this workout program besides crash dieting and spending hours in the gym.

This program is not a tough program, this can be easily incorporated into your routine activities. This program is even applicable to people with genes of obesity and creates a positive vibe among the followers with astounding results​. This is even noticeable on the very first page of the book-

“No matter how bad you might think your genetics are, and no matter how lost you might feel after trying and abandoning many types of diets and workouts, you absolutely, positively can have the lean, sexy body that you dream about.”

This program also looks into the common mistakes committed by the trainers along with the myths surrounding them. The program is an eye-opener for the people following​ these age-old myths and produces the facts that are actually relevant and more working.

Thinner Leaner Stronger Workout Program Spreadsheets

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  • These templates are designed by different Reddit users and are made available for the people to track the progress effectively. These are not intended for teaching you about the TLS workout program. For that, you should read the book.
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Thinner Leaner Stronger (TLS) 3 Day Split Spreadsheet

This workout template has been designed by Reddit user u/parkourdeer, inspired by the book of Micheal Matthews thinner leaner stronger.

This one year 3-day split workout template is divided into different weeks and includes Push & Butt & Calves, Pull & Abs, and Legs & Butt workouts.

Push & Butt & Calves Workout includes​ amazing exercises like incline barbell bench press for warm-up, side lateral raise, barbell hip thrust, and many more. In the spreadsheet, you will find the number of repetitions and/or weight inclusion.

In Pull & Abs Workout, you will find exercises like barbell deadlift, barbell row, abs circuits, and many other exercises.

In the Legs & Butt Workout, there are exercises like barbell squat, Romanian deadlift, barbell hip thrust, and many more.


Thinner Leaner Stronger (TLS) 4 Day Split Spreadsheet

 This template is designed by the Reddit user u/endlesscupcakes and includes exercises for chest, triceps, calves, back, butt, biceps, abs, and shoulder workouts.

The Chest & Triceps & Calves Workout includes exercises like incline barbell bench press, flat dumbbell bench press, seated calf raise, and many more which can be seen in the spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, you can also see the number of repetitions along with the rest in between sets and the weight with the corresponding number of sets.

The back, butt, biceps & abs workout includes exercises like barbell deadlift, dumbbell row, 3 to 6 abs circuits, and others.

The spreadsheet is simply amazing because it not just tells you about the exercises but also the repetitions along with the weight and the rest in between sets.


About The Book And The Author

The book “Thinner Leaner Stronger” is written by a renowned trainer Michael Matthews. This book not just includes the exercises but also nutrition and diet. The workout programs designed in this book are prepared by keeping all the novices in mind, thus it begins with the basics.

The book unfolds the various facts about weight and fat loss and busts the myths surrounding these. Thus, it is truly an eye-opener for the trainers.

The amazing experiences and testimonials of various users of this workout program are also mentioned in the book. Thus, this book is a good solution for all the females looking out for shredding the stubborn body fat.


The TLS workout program is simply great for getting rid of the stubborn fat, building muscle mass with a well sculpted body.


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