Texas Method Workout Program [with Spreadsheet & PDF]

A typical push-pull-leg split or 3 sets of 10 reps of full body workouts can surely up your strength and size but it also tends to hit plateau soon. If you want to break your lifting plateaus and be brutally strong like Superman or gain size that can even make Mount Rushmore envy, the Texas Method workout can surely be for you.

Following the Texas Method program, you are required to hit the gym thrice a week, but those days would be punishing enough to give you thoughts about skipping your next session. Real men don’t fall prey to such temptations. In those three days, there would be one volume day, one recovery day and one intensity day.

Although the recovery would provide you with some relief, the other two days will demand 200% from you. As far as the results are concerned, by following the Texas Method workout plan you are going to set up new 5 RMs almost every week.

Texas Method is tried and tested over the years by various lifters. The Texas Method workout routine is famous for its ability to up your strength gains, setting new PRs and packing on dense muscle size. So if these are the things that you have mentioned in your bucket list, following the Texas Method will ensure that you strike them off sooner than you expect.

Texas Method Workout

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What is the Texas Method?

The Texas Method was brought into existence by the Wichita Falls Athletic Club Olympic Weightlifting Team. You might be surprised to know that this workout program was designed with the purpose to avoid or minimize “work”. Don’t you find it to be ironic?

It was implemented in a very unique manner. All the lifters that were not desirous to complete their squat sets, were permitted to do skip it, but on one condition. The condition was that they should set up a new 5 rep max on their squats every week.

Gradually, lifters found that the lifters who were performing 5 RMs each week, were experiencing greater progress than other lifters following the conventional protocols. And this marked the emergence of the Texas Method.

Basically, the Texas Method represents a linear progression model that is followed on a weekly basis. It has a volume day, a light day, and an intensity day done on an alternate basis. Or you can consider each week as a separate block.

This workout program is renowned for its volume day. The volume day is characterized with 5 sets of 5 reps of squats followed by an upper body lift and a power variant pull. The next day known as the light day is designed to promote recovery and eliminate the chances of detraining. On this day, the lifter lifts up 80% of the weight on squats that he had lifted on volume day.Again he is required to perform an upper body lift and a power variant pull.

The final day or the intensity day brings with itself a new 5RM on all three basic compound lifts that are the bench press, the deadlift and the squat.

Lifters tend to get challenged by this program especially on the volume and intensity day. The weight being increased each week provides the lifters with progressive resistance to up their strength and muscle gains.

The Texas Method is famous for its flexibility. In a single week, you get to follow a high volume approach, a low volume low intensity approach and a high intensity approach. If you use it efficiently, you can make progressions for a long period of time.

If you strictly follow the Texas Method, forget about any other physical exercise or activity. This workout system pushes your body to its limits. The four days off that you get in a week should be utilised with minimal physical activities.

Don’t use your rest days for doing cardio or going for hiking or cross country cycling. Your off days are provided to give recovery and recuperation to your stimulated muscles.

  • This program is certainly not recommended to beginners. Intermediate, advanced and elite lifters can gain the most from it.

This program requires a decent level of strength that one might acquire overtime following upper and lower body splits or a traditional push-pull-leg split. 

Also, if you looking to build a ripped body in the coming summer season or want a beach body, you must choose to go with a different workout program. The Texas Method won’t be giving you washboard abs. This workout routine is designed to make you big and strong.

If you are following this workout program, it is advisable to fuel your body accordingly. Don’t follow fad diets, and don’t stick to maintaining single digit body fat levels. You would be required to fill your system with at least 4000-5000 calories everyday. Then only you can expect your recovery to be on point and get the most out of the Texas Method.

Texas Method Workout Program

A detailed and descriptive Texas Method workout program will look like this:-

Texas Method Workout Plan

Monday- Volume Day






90% of 5RM

Bench press or overhead press


90% of 5RM



90% of 5RM

Following this 5×5 protocol with 90% of the weight lifted on intensity day provides you with a great combination of both volume and intensity. Neither it provides you with an easier workout nor it is too heavy to cause structural stress. This 5×5 method used in Teas routine is known for providing long-term progress.


You should go with a weight that lets you complete 5 sets of 5 reps taking 8-10 minutes of rest between sets. An ideal number for this is 90% of your 5 RM. Deadlifts, on the contrary, works in a different principle. One heavy set of deadlift performed with proper form is more than enough.

Don’t chase volume while doing deadlifts. It would completely mess up your rest and recovery. The program prescribed in the table will make sure that you up your deadlift strength in the coming weeks. In Texas Method, Mondays are perceived as brutal and this brutality is countered with a recovery day on Wednesday and an intensity day on Friday.

Assistance work

You can do some basic arm work like barbell curls and dumbbell tricep extensions after the workout. Even performing few sets for calves and forearms can be done.

Recuperation and Recovery

When you lift up heavy weights in the gym, muscle fiber breaking takes place. To get increased strength and muscle size, rest and recovery is crucial which facilitates growth. If you are not focussed on the recovery aspect of the Texas Method you can easily get overtrained following this protocol.

Wednesday- Recovery Day






80% of Monday’s work weight

Overhead press( if you bench pressed on Monday) or Bench press (if you did overhead press on Monday)


90% of the prior week’s weight




Back extension or Glute-Ham raise


A weight that is challenging enough to get you through the prescribed sets and reps.

On Wednesday, you are required to train with weights that can be stimulating but not that much that they start interfering in your recovery. On this day you train with weights that are lighter than the ones you trained with on your volume day. If you are performing overhead presses on Wednesday, they will be somewhat little heavier as compared to the recovery day bench press. The recovery day bench press weight will be lighter than its volume day counterpart in any case.

Performing 3 sets of chin-ups or pull-ups with as many reps as possible is recommended. No matter how strong your chin-up or pull-up game is, you should not add weight performing them on recovery days. 5 sets of 10 glute/ham raises are also recommended to provide  your lower body with some assistance work. You must rest for at least 5 minutes between sets while performing your chins and Glute-Ham raises on recovery days.

Friday- Intensity Day


Setsx Reps




After warm-up you will set a new 5RM

Bench press (if you did OHP on Monday)

Overhead press (if you did bench press on Monday)


After warm-up you will set a new 5RM

Power clean/Power snatch

5×3 /6×2

A weight that is challenging enough to get you through the prescribed sets and reps.

 The workout that you did on the previous two days gets you to attempt a new 5RM on the intensity day. But hold your horses before you jump into testing your new 5RM as soon as you step into the gym. Proper warm-up should be done with an empty bar. Afterwards you can load the bar upto 135 lbs and then proceed taking doubles or singles up taking you to your one work set. This work set will give you your new 5RM.

You should ensure that the weight you are lifting on Friday is heavier than the one you lifted on Monday. But it should definitely not be too heavier to compromise with your form in the last few reps. If it happens, then you should lighten up the weight.

Prior to ending your intensity day training some power cleans or power snatches are recommended. Afterall, how can you call yourself a weight lifter if you can’t perform these movements.They provide you with more explosive power and aids in overall development of your physique.


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Texas Method spreadsheet

If you have reached here reading about the efficiency of the Texas Method, we are sure you might be too excited to try out this routine. The spreadsheet that we are going to present before you will aid in tracking your progress throughout the program with minimal effort from your side.

By using this Texas method template, all you need to do is to enter the values of your 1 RM pertaining to various lifts, and the spreadsheet will do the math work for you.

By using the Texas method Google sheet presented to you in an Excel format, you can always have a personalized workout on your way. Even what accessory work you should cover in each session is mentioned in the spreadsheet along with their recommended sets and reps. The whole credit of creating this spreadsheet goes to u/materialdef.

Following this spreadsheet will ensure that you don’t encounter the probability of under-training. This spreadsheet will provide you with weights that you will be lifting in your next session. Those poundages will neither be too heavy to put unnecessary stress on your muscles nor will it be too lighter to get you through the workout without breaking a sweat. In one word, the weights to be used by you following this workout will be ‘optimal’ that can facilitate both growth and recovery.


Texas Method PDF

Click on the button to download Texas Method template PDF file


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How to Keep Progressing in Texas Method?

If you are a beginner or novice lifter who has hit a plateau sticking to conventional workout split, the Texas Method can surely come to your rescue in that case.

But what if you hit plateau at certain lifts following the Texas Method program? Is there a way out? Of course there is. As you proceed with the program, your physical limitations determined by your genetics may obstruct your progress. In economics, it is called the Law of Diminishing Returns. As you begin working out following the Texas Method approach, you will be experiencing great improvements but as you start getting stronger and stronger overtime, your improvements will be slower.

Gradually you will be experiencing improvements but at a slower rate. This happens because gradually you become stronger enough that the stress applied by each workout is the one that takes longer than usual to get recovered from. Believe us, this is a sign of progress too. Following the Texas Method, you increase your work loads every week itself. This program can be followed for a longer time period. It not only increases your strength levels but also your body recovery capabilities. It enables you to use more weights at a higher intensity.

If you start missing reps or a 5 rep set becomes too difficult for you to complete (usually happens on the Intensity day), you can choose to go for 2 sets of 3 reps with the same weight. As soon as this approach becomes difficult to complete, you can go with 2 sets of 2 reps with either the same weight or a heavier weight. Now when this approach gets stalled you can choose to do 5 sets of 1 rep and finally you can go with 3 sets of 1 rep. Now when you start getting diminishing returns doing 3 sets of 1, use that particular weight as your new 1 RM and again get started with sessions of 5 reps.

Peaking in Texas Method

If you are eager to adapt the Texas Method to a competitive schedule, it can be easily done. To be honest, you can even compete without making any changes altogether. You just need to make one modification. Choose to skip your Friday workout and carry it out on Saturday.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Texas Method Build Mass?

Surely it does. It is designed to pack on more mass and enhance your strength levels simultaneously. If you want to put on a massive size, the Texas Method is for you.

Is The Texas Method Good?

It is good for those who want to make size and strength gains. Its dependency on the basic compound lifts makes you stronger and bigger overtime.

How Does The Texas Method Work?

The Texas Method works by balancing up the stress caused by heavy workouts of varied volumes with proper time given to recovery as well. Following the Texas Method, intermediate and advanced lifters progress over the weeks for an extended period of time.

Is Texas Method A Full Body Workout?

Yes, in a way the Texas Method may fall under full body workout. In its workout sessions you can hit the bigger muscles in a single session and can do some accessory work for the smaller muscles.

Is The Texas Method Effective?

Surely it is. But at the same time it is hard as well. To make this program effective enough to suit your size and strength gaining goals, you need to effectively manage your calorie intake, sleeping patterns and other lifestyle choices as well. The recovery part of this program can prove to be challenging for people with higher aspirations.