Tavi Castro’s Diet Plan & Supplements

“What you eat in private, reflects in public”

True indeed, your diet plays a very crucial role in shaping you. No, we are not body shaming! Every person, every shape matters. But we can’t resist looking at someone with gorgeous looks and a terrific body, isn’t it? That is purely instinctive and natural. Even men look at other men with muscular bodies and a flat tummy of course.

But do you know that abs are made in the kitchen rather than in the gym? I mean look at our muscle hulk “Tavi Castro”. According to him, eating a well-balanced diet with ample nutrients and the right supplements can lead to a better body. Tavi has always been interested in sports and athletic activities. Born in Mexico, our champ moved to England to pursue his interest in sports and played soccer for the Canadian Youth National soccer team.

Later he pursued aerospace engineering as his academic career. This is when he developed an interest in bodybuilding. To support himself financially​, he started training people and hey, that’s not it, he went on to win many awards and that’s how we know him, a macho man with a perfect body and a strong personality. Want to know his diet secret? Read on to know more!

Tavi Castro’s Diet Plan

Tavi Castro Diet

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It’s a known fact that Tavi Castro is a world-known bodybuilder. While we are perhaps reading this article by munching on some calorie-filled potato wafers, he is out there working out and eating healthier!! So you see, what a difference a diet can make.

Eating healthier is what everyone wants, but staying on a healthy diet requires perseverance and guts. But I’m sure, if you are here, you are already half motivated, the rest we will do. Here is the Tavi Castro’s Meal plan. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up (virtually) after revealing his secret meal plan.

Tavi Castro Meal Plan


8 Egg Whites, 2 Scoops Protein, ¼ Cup Oats, 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon, 1 Teaspoon Cacao powder


2 Scoops Protein, ¼ Cup Oats, 1 Tablespoon Coconut oil or MCT

Afternoon Snack

2 Scoops Protein, 2 Ounces Dextrose


11 Ounces of Lean Protein, 9 Ounces Yams, 9 Ounces Spinach, 1  Teaspoon Black pepper,1 Teaspoon Chilli Powder


1-2 Tablespoons​ Peanut butter, 1-Ounce Almonds, 2 Slices Bread

So, it is very safe to conclude that Tavi focuses well on his diet and takes every nutrition in the right proportion. He never misses out on his daily protein intake. For bodybuilding, it is very important to inculcate protein in your diet which are the building blocks of your body. Besides this, to maintain energy levels, it is important to take carbohydrates in your body.

For enabling essential metabolic activities of the body, you should not miss out on microelements. If you will scrutinize closely, you will observe that Castro focuses equally on every nutrient- macroelements as well as microelements.

However, sometimes natural food doesn’t fulfill your protein requirements. Here is where the supplements play a very important role to give you the appropriate protein requirements.

Tavi Castro's Diet

What to Eat?

Here are the foods that you should consider while going for a bodybuilding diet chart

  • Always intake real foods​ like whole foods.
  • Always prefer lean meat.
  • You must inculcate nuts and veggies for your energy requirements.
  • In seeds, Chia seeds and flax seeds are considered very nutritious, try to take them.
  • You can consider taking whey protein for fulfilling your protein requirements before and after heavy workouts.
  • Dairy food can be included in the diet such as yogurt, cottage cheese, and low-fat milk.
  • You can also munch on fresh fruits like oranges, bananas, apples, watermelon, strawberries​, grapes, etc.
  • Try to switch olive oil with your other cooking oils.

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What to Avoid?

To get a dream-like body like that of Tavi, you are required to be properly disciplined​. You should be persistent enough to maintain a healthy diet. You must also avoid certain foods such as-

  • Processed foods- A big No to these, as these slow down your metabolism.
  • Alcohol- This does not only damage your liver but also makes you unhealthy. Try to avoid that when you are on a bodybuilding meal plan.
  • Added sugar is not considered healthy, so try to avoid cookies, cakes, sodas, etc. that you really like! (Once in a while is okay but once a while, not once every day).
  • Deep-fried foods are considered unhealthy for your body. This includes French fries, onion rings, chicken strips, etc. Do not indulge in them.

Tavi Castro’s Supplements

As mentioned, not all of your protein requirements can be fulfilled by just eating regular food. You have to take supplements along with the diet to maintain a healthy composure. Our bodybuilder focuses on the following supplement

  • Pre Workout Stimulant – To train real hard.
  • Protein – For your building blocks requirements.
  • Dextrose (Good sugar).
  • Glutamine -Good for digestion.
  • Fish Oil- For your Omega-3 requirements.
  • Fat Burner- To get rid of fat from your body.
  • Multivitamin
  • Casein- Helps in boosting muscle growth and recovering after exercises.
  • ZMA- A combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Aspartate minerals.
  • GABBA- It helps in increasing muscle mass when taken in combination with whey protein.


Thus, we can safely conclude that diet definitely plays a very important role in any kind of meal plan. It is the most important part of a body shaping plan. If you want to lose weight, focus on your diet. If you want to gain weight, focus on your diet.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing will work right if you aren’t eating the right food. So, to maintain a healthy body and to keep yourself,fitter, you should maintain a good diet.

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By following Tavi Castro’s Meal plan, you may or may not become exactly like him, but there is one thing that we can assure you of- you will become a better version of yourself​. You will feel proud of yourself to have started eating healthy.

It all depends upon you and your mindset. We are pretty sure, you are inspired by Tavi, then follow the above-mentioned diet chart and work out very hard.